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My most recent addiction is online shopping.  This all started 2 months ago when my sister and I were looking at shoes on YesWalker.  There, I found the perfect pumps, ordered them, and am now in love with those shoes~

Now, I’ve been eyeing YesStyle items for awhile now, but I never actually looked into them… If you don’t know what YesStyle is, it is an Asian online retailer that sells everything from jewelry to clothes.  I like this site because the apparel is tailored to Asian tastes in style.  Any way, a couple of weeks ago, I was bored and so I decided to look around on the site- boy that was a bad idea (well, really, a FANTASTIC IDEA).  I found so much stuff that I liked that my shopping bag totaled the thousands… It took a few weeks for me to narrow down everything to a reasonable price (by then, some of the sale prices were no longer applicable… but it was okay, the items were replaced with deals of the week clothes!).  

So I finally had a shopping bag that was decently priced for the items that I was getting AND I was extremely satisfied with the final items I chose.  I ended up getting 5 items of clothing, and my sister got 3 items, and the total of all 8 items was under $200.  Plus, since the total was over $150, there is free shipping! 🙂

I am so excited that I cannot wait to receive these items in the mail~  Check it out:

1. Dual-Pocket Long Sleeve Cardigan

2. Pink Chiffon-Hem Tunic

3. Fleece-Line Logo Print Pullover

4. Turtleneck Striped-Panel Pleated Dress

5. Cotton Blend Pullover

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“At the dawn of the millennium, the nation collapsed. At fifteen percent unemployment, ten million were out of work. 800,000 students boycotted school. The adults lost confidence and, fearing the youth, eventually passed the Millennium Educational Reform Act, AKA the BR Act….”

Last night, I finished “Battle Royale,” a movie that I have been waiting for so long to watch.  And let me tell you, the wait was worth it.  Before seeing this movie, “Noroi” was one of my all-time favorite horror films… but now, I don’t know… “Battle Royale” is right up there with “Noroi.”

Now, if you’ve ever heard of or read William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, the concept of “Battle Royale” is very similar.  Basically, Japan is becoming a mess with unemployment and crap, so the adults begin to fear the power of the youth.  How to solve this?  Well, the government passes an act in which each year, a randomly chosen high school class will be sent to a deserted island to battle it out to survive.  Only one winner can be standing at the end of three days.

With that said, you can imagine the blood bath that is created on the island.  Even though most of the teenagers feared such an uncivil duty placed upon them, there was that one student that took the task seriously and started it all… all it took was one death for people to get nervous and untrustworthy towards one another.  And so friends turned against friends… lovers turned against lovers… etc.

Besides the blood and gore, this film posed some good questions.  What will our world become when we do not have the government to protect our stabilization?  Can we really trust the people we think we can trust?  Are we all savages at heart?  Will we return to our natural instincts in times of dire need… such as when our survival is on the line?  Who are we?  What kind of people are we?  These are definitely things to think about, especially since our economy dipped this past year.  Sure the world was not in panic, but what would have happened if we did get to that level?  And of course, this movie made me think twice about the people that I think I know.  Other circumstances have already made me lose trust in people in general… but I still questioned whether I knew the people around me as well as I think I do.  I mean, do I really know who my enemies are?  Do YOU know who your true enemies are?  And what about your comrades?

The point is, this movie isn’t just your typical horror film (as with most Asian horror movies).  Rather, there are deeper questions and meanings that lie within the film itself.  Essentially, this is what I enjoy most about Asian horror movies.  But I specifically choose this as one of my favorites because of how well the plot is formulated and quite frankly, it relates to me and my generation.

So that I don’t leave you completely horrified and fearful of your peers, let me entertain you with some funny things I found about this film.  First and foremost, I thought it was quite funny how every person who died would say their last words and then flop like a dead fish almost as quickly as I can blink my eye.  Just think about it, if someone turned to you while blood was pouring out of them like the Niagara Falls, and said “I love you,” and then flopped the next moment… wouldn’t you giggle a little bit at the unnaturalness of it all?  Maybe so, maybe not… but I would.  And secondly, there is one scene where this one girl chases this guy who threatens to kill her if she doesn’t have sex with him.  When she finally gets him, she takes her knife and stabs at his crotch so many times that I cannot count on both of my hands.  She twists and jabs and whatnot… Talk about a cockblock…  ㅋㅋㅋ

In essence, this movie is definitely one that you should watch… but if you get sick from seeing blood, don’t watch this.  There will be scenes in which blood squirts like a summer sprinkler. 😦 for you 🙂 for me.  Just remember, “Life is a game.  So fight for it and see if you’re worth it.”

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OMG.  Have you ever thought about how cute Bento boxes are?  I can’t help but love those things!  Haha,,, I mean, they’re a great way to brighten up a person’s lunch!  Come on, no one can turn a smile away from a Bento box, especially when it’s made so adorably.  And you can just tell that they are made with love!  Lol…  Like, if you ever go to East Asia, Bentos (便當) are extremely popular.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about (or if you do, for that matter), well, Bento boxes are a huge aspect of Asian culture because they have all the nutrients we need for lunch in them, *cough cough* by that, I mean it has a huge amount of rice in it 😉 .   It keeps us full and it’s uber tasty!  Yea, well, while we’re at it, we like to make it all cute and fancy… And originally it was made by parents for their children because the adults wanted the kids to have a good lunch so that they would do better in school (good logic, no?).  But nowadays, the tradition has passed onto making it for someone you love in general!  For example, sometimes a girl will make it for her boyfriend or someone she likes… or, a girl may make it for a good friend she is close with.

The point is that Bentos have become a symbol of love (familial or … that other kind of love).  It’s a way for people to express their love and a way to brighten up another person’s lunch.  People always say that food is the best medicine when you feel down… Bentos are the answer- kawaii and delicious… Who can deny such a box? 😀

P.S.- I’m hungry for Bento boxes lol… I think I’ll start making some for myself to bring to school for lunch… Nom Nom Nom…

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Harajuku is the Japanese version of “haute couture”;  a lovely style with a wacky twist.  Above, I’ve included a recent harajuku girl style that I just cannot get over.  I love fashion and I’m always on the hunt on the web for the latest and hottest international trends.  And I just happened to come across this photo on the tokyofashion.com site.  This is an amazing site for fashion lovers 🙂 .

The Analysis:

For one, I am very attracted to the skirt and bomber jacket style.  Plus the cardigan she’s wearing has little bowties as buttons, which is a positive for this outfit.  It creates a rocker with a sweet taste in fashion sort of a look.  I mean, the majority of her clothing color is black and red, which if worn incorrectly can end up looking horrendously emo… But this harajuku girl does a good job making herself “haute couture.”  Also, she matches her heels and black stockings very adorably.  As we all know, black stockings and high heels can create the wrong image, *ehem ehem* prostitute.  LOL and back to the whole cute skirt thing, I am a huge fan of the lace on there.  Obviously this type of skirt is “in” this year, but all I’ve seen are these type of skirts with flower patterns or solid colors on them!  The lace on it is a very fresh and fashionable idea.  Love it.  🙂  And as well all know, fashion is about the entire image.  Not only are this girl’s items of clothing cute, she also has a kawaii haircut- set with bangs and all- to put the cherry on top of this ensemble.  😉

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Okay, so I just finished a really scary J-Horror movie, called Carved, aka Slit-Mouthed Woman.  It creeped me out more than Audition.  I think that says something.  Simply put, Audition is seriously one of THE scariest movies floating out there.  And if Carved can beat that, then doesn’t it say something about the movie?  Hahahha…. I’m still all jittery from this movie.




I especially adore this ending!  I love how the Slit-Mouthed Woman just doesn’t die!  You see her son go through hell just to kill her (and he even dies), yet, the freaking woman is still alive!  Omgzzzz… I guess it’s true what they said in the movie, “She can’t be killed”.  But it makes me wonder, why?????  Didn’t her son kill her and stick her in the closet?  How is she able to not die and still roam the earth.  I mean, if she’s a ghost, then people wouldn’t be able to see her.  And if she’s human, how is she getting her food to survive?  But then if you think about it, she MUST have died because no one was available to save her (or so I think) and she would’ve bled to death from the stab wounds!  *shakes head* I guess I can’t think too much about it.  After all, it’s just a movie.  So, just enjoy the plot, eh?  And I just have to say, she’s one freaky woman.  She can, like, exchange bodies with someone else just to survive.  I kind of wish that the movie furthered into what was wrong with her that made her cough so much and go insane enough to hit (and eventually kill) her children.  And what about the children’s father?  Ewwww….. I know this is gross, but WHO on earth would want to mate with that thing????  Come on, I know what you’re thinking, but those children came from somewhere!  Anyways, this was a lovely horror movie.  One of my favorites!  YEEEEEE~~~ Glad it’s one that I didn’t waste my time on! Hahaha… Well, I thought I’d just share this with you.  My afterthoughts on the movie, I mean.  I highly suggest you watch this movie, if you haven’t already, only if you’re not grossed out by blood and stuff.  Because this movie is actually pretty graphic in some parts.  So be prepared!

Am I Pretty?????Heheheh… sorry, I just had to… 🙂

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So a few days ago, it was really hot and my hair is up to my neck.  You ever had that?  Well, it’s the most uncomfortable thing ever, so I thought “hey, why don’t I put my hair in little pigtails to keep it from sticking to my neck?”.  The next day, I decided to put my thought into action.  Since my hair was short, I didn’t think I completely looked like a fool.  Besides, if I did, I didn’t care, because I was at home and it wasn’t like anyone was going to see me in this state.  And it kept my hair out of the way…  Then, today, as I was rummaging through my closet, I found this shirt that bore a similar resemblance to the Japanese Schoolgirl Uniforms, otherwise known as the Sailor Outfits セーラー服.  I thought it would be fun to throw this on and take a pic of me in it with the pigtails (I was talking to my sister yesterday and she said the pigtails reminded her of Goo Hye Sun as Geum Jan Di in Boys Over Flowers 꽃보다 남자 so that’s asian enough right?).  Ya, so I thought I was all set with the Asian hair and Japanese shirt.  As a result?  Here’s the pic of me .  What do you think? >.<

Japanese School Girl

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Japan Fashion Week

I’m an avid follower of fashion news.  Every new innovation in the fashion world is immediately known to me.  I find fashion an interesting topic.  Every single designer has their own “style” and even though some styles are “uncreative” and “lacking material”, I feel that there is still some story behind it.  Personally, I love either the really elegant clothing or the wacky, crazy style.  That’s why I’m IN LOVE with Japanese fashion.

If you look above, you’ll see some designs from Japan Fashion Week.  I’d say those styles shown are more of the wacky, crazy style I’m talking about.  But, you know what?  IT HAS EDGE. Those dresses are absolutely brilliant; I love the prints, the appliques, the look, and most importantly, the silhouette.  To me, it all comes down to the silhouette and how it is presented on the model.  When I see those dresses, I feel like I’m no longer on Earth, but rather a different world (don’t worry, I’m not crazy, I’m just describing the effect the designs have on me).  Ya…. so moving on the Japanese Street Fashion….. I present you with…..

School Girl Fashion

TADAAA!!!!!  I’m sorry, but I’m crazy about Japanese street fashion in addition to their elegant clothing.  I love how the Japanese are not afraid to go crazy with what they want to wear.  It’s like they don’t have a fear of what others will think of them.  What courage they have… hahah… But anyways, I love the school girl look that they favor so much.  As you can see, there are many different variations of the school girl look, but each one represents the same idea: an innocent girl who is NOT AFRAID of expressing her inner beauty.  Well, that’s a little lesson about Japanese fashion.  Maybe one day I’ll come back on this topic when I learn a little bit more about Japanese Fashion.  Hope you enjoyed reading this little blurb!

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Mmmmmmm…. Nothing sounds better than having sushi right now!  Hehehehe…  Jeez, I’m having a terrible craving for sushi (as always!)…  It’s funny how I used to hate sushi because the raw fish always made me feel sick just thinking about it.  However, one day, I mysteriously fell in love with sushi!  And ever since, I could never satisfy my taste buds until I either had sushi or some sort of Japanese food.  It’s actually pretty weird if you think about it;  it makes me feel like a pregnant woman craving for bananas or something!  Well, sushi + Japanese food = Yummy.  😛

You know what else I like with my sushi?  EXTRA WASABI!  O how tasty it is to have sushi with extra spicy soy sauce!  Yep, I’m practically drooling with all of this talk.  Mmmmm….. I realllllyyyyyy would like some sushi right now.  Plus, I love the raw fish ones!  THOSE are real sushi, not California Rolls.  It sickens me how people say they like sushi, but only eat California Rolls!  I mean, if you’re gonna like sushi, you have to like it authentic!  Same thing with pizzas; Americanized pizza is edible but not great.  Yet some people prefer American pizza over real, authentic Italian pizza.  To me, that’s just crazy… *sighs*  Well, now that I probably made you crave some delicious Sushi and Japanese food, I think I’ll leave you to ponder about what you are going to do to satisfy that hunger! 😉

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