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Mmmmmmm…. Nothing sounds better than having sushi right now!  Hehehehe…  Jeez, I’m having a terrible craving for sushi (as always!)…  It’s funny how I used to hate sushi because the raw fish always made me feel sick just thinking about it.  However, one day, I mysteriously fell in love with sushi!  And ever since, I could never satisfy my taste buds until I either had sushi or some sort of Japanese food.  It’s actually pretty weird if you think about it;  it makes me feel like a pregnant woman craving for bananas or something!  Well, sushi + Japanese food = Yummy.  😛

You know what else I like with my sushi?  EXTRA WASABI!  O how tasty it is to have sushi with extra spicy soy sauce!  Yep, I’m practically drooling with all of this talk.  Mmmmm….. I realllllyyyyyy would like some sushi right now.  Plus, I love the raw fish ones!  THOSE are real sushi, not California Rolls.  It sickens me how people say they like sushi, but only eat California Rolls!  I mean, if you’re gonna like sushi, you have to like it authentic!  Same thing with pizzas; Americanized pizza is edible but not great.  Yet some people prefer American pizza over real, authentic Italian pizza.  To me, that’s just crazy… *sighs*  Well, now that I probably made you crave some delicious Sushi and Japanese food, I think I’ll leave you to ponder about what you are going to do to satisfy that hunger! 😉

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