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SOUTH PARK- omgahh I cannot believe I missed out on it for 14 years!  Thank Buddha for the South Park website where all the episodes from season 1 are posted.  I used to think South Park was lame- yea, I judged the show when I didn’t even watch it. 😦 I guess I thought the characters were drawn funny…

But last Spring, I watched my first episode of South Park.  I heard about how South Park made fun of Facebook and I had to check it out.

I have to say, I really like the fact that South Park makes fun of recent news… it’s actually quite sad that South Park is part of the reason I am up to date with the current events LOL. 🙂

So, I’ve started watching more and more episodes of South Park on the website and I’m so addicted it’s not funny.  This addiction is almost as serious as my drama addiction- perhaps even worse.  It’s just so… funny!  I spent almost all of yesterday watching episodes of South Park.  Even though I really enjoy South Park (as well as a huge chunk of America), I wonder why some people find South Park so offensive.  Yes, some of the things that are said or acted out in South Park are rude and may be offensive to certain groups of people, but… that doesn’t stop it from being funny.  It’s not like South Park was created to offend people on purpose, rather it was made to poke fun at certain events and tone down the seriousness of terrible things we face in life.  If anything, I find that South Park lightens things up!

Honestly, with the amounts of South Park episodes I’ve been watching, I’ve turned into a South Park beast.

Here, I’ve included some pictures of South Park that I absolutely loved.  Like the “It’s a Jersey Thing” picture, or the “Medicinal Fried Chicken” picture…. bahahaha good times!  Pardon for the lack of variety of pictures- I haven’t watched ALL the episodes yet… I’m working my way back from season 14… Give me some time!  For now, enjoy the pictures… 🙂

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My love… LOL

LOL my biggest issue is my obsession with Van Ness Wu and his character Ren Guang Xi right now.  If you’ve been keeping up with my other blog, Moshi Moshi Roll, then you would know how big of a fan I am…

I wasn’t sure if this topic belonged here or not because technically I’m writing about Ren Guang Xi so it should be on moshimoshi, but on the other hand, it’s also about Van Ness, which fits in more on this blog.  But I decided to put the topic on this blog because I haven’t been posting much on this blog.  Don’t you just love my logic? 😉

Anyways, since Sunday night, I was not able to push Ren Guang Xi/ Van Ness Wu out of my mind.  It’s kind of weird hahah because after watching AC this week, I felt awfully giddy about Guang Xi/ Van Ness.  Sunday night, I tried to sleep but every time I closed my eyes, I saw Van Ness’s little asian eyes (cute!) and his wide all-knowing smile.  Nice image to fall asleep on, no?  LMAO

As if that wasn’t enough, yesterday in school, I could not concentrate on anything!  I zoned out countless times just remembering Guang Xi saying to Xiao Le, “Ba Ba yao qu shang ban.”  And then Xiao Le asked Guang Xi to kiss Mu Cheng goodbye…  I don’t know why I kept replaying that moment in my head.  On top of that, I kept thinking about the episode 16 preview~!  The part of the preview that stuck was the last part when Guang Xi carries Mu Cheng onto the bed and says, “Six years ago, this was how you treated me and that was how we made Xiao Le.” ROFLOL don’t be weirded out but it’s true, that was what I was thinking about instead of paying attention to the math test review and the lesson on feral children and whatnot.  Maybe it’s because I watched the preview too many times… Well, I would laugh every time I thought about that scene….

Today, the same thing happened~! Hahahhaha I went to school with that same scene stuck in my mind.  In U.S. history, I was supposed to be listening to the video about slaves as soldiers during the Civil War and at first I was paying attention!  I tried so hard to concentrate, but my mind wandered off to that scene again and I couldn’t help giggling to myself.  Thank goodness no one saw me!  OMGZZZ I even think that that scene got me through my math test!  O good times…

So, what a wonderful time I’ve been having, huh?  Let me tell you, spacing out about something funny is totally worth missing out on important school stuff… The same is probably going to happen tomorrow because guess what I’m watching later?  EPISODE 16 PREVIEW~!!!!! ahhahaha I can’t get enough… I love Guang Xi/ Van Ness Wu ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


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Something Different…

Finally, I’ve caught up on 下一站,幸福 Autumn’s Concerto!  WAHAHA~  I started this drama about a week ago and the air was up to episode 9.  During the past few days, I’ve watched episodes 1-9 and am prepared for 10 tomorrow!

This drama has been the best Taiwanese drama I’ve watched since FATED TO LOVE YOU.  I think these two dramas are equally good because they both have a special story line to them.  In FTLY, I really liked how the drama made so many references to “fate”, which was in the title.  Plus, the drama took a different path by making it so that Cun Xi and Xin Yi slept together by pure chance and she became pregnant by pure fate.  Usually, dramas do not even make the girl lead pregnant, which I always found to be unrealistic, even though she would do you-know-what.

In Autumn’s Concerto, for those of you who do not know, the story begins with a cocky law student, Ren Guang Xi, and an unfortunate bento girl, Liang Mu Cheng.  The two are a very unlikely couple (like in every other drama) but a romance begins to develop between the two as Guang Xi begins to realize that Mu Cheng is a very hardworking and beautiful person.  It gets to the point where the cocky Guang Xi starts to go under a personality transformation.  But, tragedy strikes when Guang Xi finds out that he has a brain tumor.  The tumor is so big and the surgery is so risky that Guang Xi survives the surgery with no memory of his past.  This is exactly what Guang Xi’s mother wanted: for Guang Xi to forget Mu Cheng.  On the other hand, Mu Cheng, with no other choice but to keep her promise to Guang Xi’s mom to leave as soon as Guang Xi is in surgery, reluctantly sets off with her good friend, Tuo Ye, to Hua Tian Village.  We soon find out that Mu Cheng is 2 weeks pregnant with Guang Xi’s baby.

The drama then fast forwards 6 years to when Mu Cheng is raising Xiao Le in Hua Tian Village with help from Tuo Ye.  As for Guang Xi, he is now a successful lawyer who is engaged to the beautiful doctor, He Yi Qian.  The sad part for me about this drama is that Guang Xi is unable to remember Mu Cheng completely… and also the fact that in episode 8, Xiao Le kept calling him “dad”, but Guang Xi was clueless that the kid was really his son.  It’s also annoying how I want to hate Yi Qian, but I just can’t.  In most dramas, the “other” girl who gets into the way of the ideal couple pisses you off, ya know?  Like in FTLY, I couldn’t help but hate Anna, and in My Queen, I hated Han Jia Jia.  In Autumn’s Concerto, Yi Qian is that other girl who is in the way.  But, she doesn’t seem to be doing anything to keep Guang Xi from the past.  In fact, she encourages him to remember his old self!  This makes me confused because Guang Xi and Yi Qian are a lovely couple, but the ones I want together are Guang Xi and Mu Cheng (and I guess, Xiao Le).

I hope I didn’t spoil anything for you if you plan on watching the drama… but I hope this drama gets better and better and will end on a good note.  Most of the other Taiwanese dramas tended to drag and that ruined it a little.  For example, FTLY was good and all, but it began to drag towards the end and the finale was kind of silly and unnecessary.  Hopefully, Autumn’s Concerto won’t drag it’s episodes and ruin the great story line it has.  ㋛

On another note, did I mention that Vanness Wu has grown to be a very handsome and mature actor?  The last time I saw him was in Meteor Garden and he looked like a dirty and drug infested Mafia boss.  So when I first saw that he was in this drama, I just thought “no way am I watching this drama if he’s in it” .  But he proved me wrong.  As Ren Guang Xi, his act is cleaned up in addition to his appearance and style.  I absolutely love it!  hehehe… I’m so glad I watched this drama because now I’m going to be interested in other dramas and movies with Vanness Wu in it.  And by the by, he’s also a great singer.  I have this awesome song by him called “Listen to your Heart”.  Oi!  Another plus is that he speaks great English! 😉

Yea, so go watch Autumn’s Concerto if you haven’t, ’cause it also has a great soundtrack!  You can totally find the drama on YouTube.  Click here for the first episode.  Enjoy, and if you are keeping up with the drama each week, discuss it with me!  All comments regarding this drama are welcome by me. 🙂

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Cute Cute Cute! ^.~

Unfortunately, well actually a teeny bit fortunately, I have relapsed… back into drama watching.  *sigh*

Back in early September, I promised myself that I would not watch any dramas until my SAT’s were over.  Yea, that did not get very far.  I was doing good until yesterday, I swear!  I restrained from any drama sites and any entertainment news to help out with my withdrawal.  But, recently, my sister kept talking to me about the drama she was watching, 痞子英雄 Black and White.

(Anson from FTLY is in here as a triad member!) Hu hu hu!

She kept nagging me to watch it because it was so good, and suspenseful, and blah blah blah.  That was when I got thinking.  So I was sucked back onto mysoju (by some unknown force!) and browsed around for new dramas.  The one that caught my attention was 下一站,幸福 Autumn’s Concerto.  I have no idea as to why I was attracted to this drama, but I was.  I read the summary and found that this drama was… different.

Now, I have watched many Taiwanese dramas and they usually weren’t that good.  They were too silly and had no real point to it.  But I felt like this drama was not going to be a waste of time.  The result?  I started the first episode and got addicted!  *sob sob*

After 45 minutes or so of watching 下一站,幸福, I began to feel the symptoms of drama addiction kick in.  It was absolutely horrible!  OMGzZZzz I longed for more time to watch the drama, I craved for days off from school to watch it nonstop!

Even now, I do not know why I am here writing this blog.  You know what I should be doing?  WATCHING 下一站,幸福!  MWAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!  See?  Dramas are evil.  Don’t watch them because you’ll just get sucked into a drama vortex and you won’t find a way out.  Eventually, you’ll end up like me and have no life (or I should say, one that only consists of dramas).

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A few minutes ago, I just finished my first ever episode of a really amazing show: 超级星光大道 Chaoji Xing Guang Da Dao.  Now, I knew this show was a hit in Taiwan, just like how American Idol is here in America.  But I never expected it to be better than American Idol!  For those of you who don’t know, 超级星光大道 is a Taiwanese singing competition show.  Just imagine American Idol with all Chinese people singing to compete for money and fame.  Yep. That’s the show.

After awhile, I became tired of American Idol (I’d say by the 2nd episode?  I know, it was still auditions and I was bored!).  Well, with 超级星光大道, it’s different.  Why, you ask?  They cut out the audition crap and get right to the singing.  Plus, the challenges are sooo much better.  The one I just watched had the competitors sing and act at the same time (I guess it’s kind of like a musical??? hahah).  It was just really fun to watch… On another note, Simon Cowell became a cranky nuisance after a few episodes.  It just wasn’t fun to watch him criticize anymore.  The judges on 超级星光大道 have so much character and make statements that are actually useful (and true!).

As for the contestants, may I just say that these people competing have talent. They aren’t people who sing bad and still want to make it big.  Or, they aren’t on the show because they look pretty *cough cough Kellie Pickler*.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable show to watch.  It’s simple, fun, and exciting.  When you get the chance to watch 超级星光大道, definitely do it. 😉



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