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Looking to serve a delicious snack or hors d’oeuvre?  The Bite-sized Berry Delight is perfect (in fact, I used it as a study snack yesterday!).

I tried this combo out yesterday- it tasted as delicious as it looked, so I decided to share it with all of my readers!!  (lucky you~~)

This is a very quick and easy snack to make and I bought most of my materials from Trader Joe’s, which I also highly recommend for its cheap prices and delicious food.

So… let’s get started!

What do I need?

  • Box of pita crackers.  A simple box of crackers will do too, but the pita crackers are thin and crispy.
  • Container of fresh cranberry sauce.  Fresh cranberry sauce is the best choice because there are pieces of cranberry in there that give each bite a tang of cranberry.
  • Box of blueberries.
  • Sliced cheese- I used pepper jack cheese because that was what I had in my fridge… but you are welcome to use any cheese that you like.  I tried it with brie cheese at Trader Joe’s sample station and that worked really well!

Now what?

  1. Lay the amount of crackers that you want to serve on a plate.
  2. Cut (or rip) the cheese into squares and place them on each cracker.
  3. Using a spoon, put a dab of cranberry sauce on the slices of cheese on each cracker.
  4. Top each cracker off with a blueberry.

All done!!

Wasn’t that simple and quick?

*Since Thanksgiving is coming up this week, this would serve as a great dessert/snack to share with the family!*

Hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do~ 🙂

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A couple of days after I first arrived in South Korea, I went to Insadong- THE tourist shopping centre.  Insadong is a district of Seoul where many traditional shops are located.  If you’ve ever been to Chinatown or Flushing… it’s very similar.  Anyway, I remember that Insadong shopping was scheduled right after a visit to the Blue House Promotional Hall.  The day was not sunny and clear… rather, it was dark and muggy.  By the time we arrived in Insadong, it was raining already.  A couple of my friends and I ended up running into shops just to stay out of the bouts of heavy rainfall.  It was most certainly not the best time to enjoy the beauty of Insadong.  We had a time limit… be back at the bus at some time.  The rain was taking away from the fun.  Eventually, my group of friends scattered.  It was finally just me and my friend Shoshana.  The rain was lighter and time was almost up.  We decided that it was a good idea to head back to the bus slowly and take a peek into some shops if something caught our eyes.  As we headed toward the buses, a man called out to us.  Turning around, we saw a guy behind a little window of a street food vendor.  He was motioning for us to come over.  Now, we both knew that these people like to catch our attention and draw us over so that they could convince us to buy something.  Both of us quickly shook our head and said a polite “no thank you.”  The man was persistent.  He said, “No, no.  Come.  Don’t have to buy, just watch, okay?  We put on show.”  Shoshana was a little hesitant, but I felt bad for the poor guy.  So I went over.  Suddenly, he and two other guys started singing a rhyme of some sort in unison and they took this solidified honey and dunked it in flour.  With their magic skills, they stretched and stretched the honey until it was in thousands and thousands of skinny strands.  The entire time, they described what they were doing in a song… kind of like an a cappella.  I can still hear them saying, “wooooowwwww” and “in english, oh my god!”  hahaha~ As Shoshana and I enjoyed this spectacle, a bunch of other people from the program joined in to see this amazing show.  So many people were crowded around that little shop that the camera man (yes, there was a camera man for our trip) had to film some of this.  He even bought a box for 5000 won to share with the program people.  I was too busy watching the encore and buying myself a box.  🙂 That night, I tried this lovely treat, called kkultarae.  Yum.  It was not too sweet and crispy at the same time.  I wish I bought a box for my family to try, but it only lasts in the air for 2 weeks and the timing wasn’t right… it would not have been fresh if I bought it then.  I hope to go back this summer.  Now that I know what I am looking for, I will be sure to buy 3 boxes,  with each of the fillings, before I come back to America.  Well, that is, if I do go back this summer.

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Ever since my trip to South Korea, I’ve grown a liking towards Korean food.  My mouth has been watering for some good Bulgogi, Bibimbap, Ddeokbeokki, etc.  It’s come to the point where I dream about the food I ate on Korean Air- what people usually refer to as “yucky plane food.”  Well, I’m going to have to disagree with that statement because I no longer fear planes and plane food… Wait, before I get any further, I must mention that when I was little, I used to puke on planes from the motion and the food was so flakey and gross that I could barely look it before I felt sick.  ANYWHO, now I feel differently about planes and their food.  I’m actually looking forward to the next time I go on a plane and have to eat food!  Lol~ that must sound weird but I DID devour everything on my tray on the plane.  Even the people sitting next to me watched me curiously- can’t blame them.

So, sporadically throughout my days, I have sudden cravings for Korean food.  Let’s start with Bulgogi.

Now, I usually don’t eat beef… and I can’t even begin to describe the sick feeling in my stomach when I first saw Bulgogi.  A bunch of little shreds of raw beef meat sizzling was so gross to me!  BUT, I promised myself that I would be very open-minded in a different country.  So, I stuck a little piece of the cooked shreds into my mouth… and a wonderful relationship began.  Kekeke… even today, I refuse to eat any beef products except Bulgogi or the little pieces in Bibimbap.

My next largest craving is… BIBIMBAP.  Oh Buddha is it good!  I need to have this as part of my diet!  I learned that it keeps girls in-shape- exactly what I need. 😉   On the plane, I was afraid that I would spice myself out, so I put very little hot sauce in my Bibimbap and the Korean guy next to me goes “more sauce more sauce!  needs to be very very spicy to be good!”  I go “but i can’t take too much spice.  my tongue hurts.”  He goes “this sauce is nothing compared to real hot sauce in Korea!”  LOL~ great guy he was… Ever since, I put lots of hot sauce in my Bibimbap!  Kekeke…. that is, if I EVER get to eat Bibimbap again!  Soon!  Gahhhh~

And I forgot to add to my beef list: Korean BBQ.  Man am I biased lol~  I used to think Korean BBQ was like… Bobby Flay BBQ- but then I realized that they are 2 separate things.  I love making the Korean BBQ… And omgah… I can’t even begin to describe what is so delicious about it.  It’s something that people have to try to know what I’m talking about.  All of the flavors just mix perfectly in the mouth, like magic!

Lastly, it’s not a food… but I must mention it because I crave it as much as I do the foods- BANANA UYU.  Most people think that the concept of banana milk sounds disgusting, but I assure you it is NOT.  It tastes like a banana smoothie~ and I would love to gulp down some right now… fo real~

Now that I’m done ranting about my cravings… I must figure out a way to satisfy them.  I COULD head to an H-Mart, but did you know?  THERE ISN’T ONE NEAR ME.  T_T I’m so sad now…

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It’s summertime.  It’s hot.  I’m sweaty, you’re sweaty.  What to do?  EAT 팥빙수 Patbingsu~!

I’ve never tried this “팥빙수 Patbingsu” before, but man does it look delicious!  Apparently, it’s a really popular snack/dessert in South Korea that people love to chow on during the summer months.  The yummy 팥빙수 Patbingsu is basically shaved ice and sweetened azuki beans.  But nowadays, there are variations of 팥빙수 Patbingsu in which other things are added to the dessert either for taste purposes or for appearance purposes.  Whatever they do with 팥빙수 Patbingsu, I still drool at the sight of it!  Hahah…

Now, the real attractiveness about 팥빙수 Patbingsu is that it looks very fresh and colorful.  I’m not a fan of artificial foods or anything that looks plastic.  I only eat natural and healthy foods because, as they always say, “you are what you eat.”  So, I try to keep my diet in check and I hope that my skin reflects that. OO”

Any who, 팥빙수 Patbingsu…  From pictures, it is always decorated with freshly cut fruits and my goodness, are there A LOT of fruits.  wahaha~ I think the variety of fruits gives it color and life.  *drool*

There’s really not much else I can say about 팥빙수 Patbingsu because I’ve never eaten the dessert… So I don’t want to blab on about something I haven’t even tasted.  In essence, all I can do now is hope that I’ll have the opportunity to try 팥빙수 Patbingsu when I go to Korea this August.  Soooo looking forward to it!  I’ll definitely blog about it if I do get the chance.  I mean, this is something that I wouldn’t be able to hold back from my wordpress!  Mmmmmm 팥빙수 Patbingsu~

팥빙수 Patbingsu, here I come!

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Food Fuels My Life

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OMG.  Have you ever thought about how cute Bento boxes are?  I can’t help but love those things!  Haha,,, I mean, they’re a great way to brighten up a person’s lunch!  Come on, no one can turn a smile away from a Bento box, especially when it’s made so adorably.  And you can just tell that they are made with love!  Lol…  Like, if you ever go to East Asia, Bentos (便當) are extremely popular.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about (or if you do, for that matter), well, Bento boxes are a huge aspect of Asian culture because they have all the nutrients we need for lunch in them, *cough cough* by that, I mean it has a huge amount of rice in it 😉 .   It keeps us full and it’s uber tasty!  Yea, well, while we’re at it, we like to make it all cute and fancy… And originally it was made by parents for their children because the adults wanted the kids to have a good lunch so that they would do better in school (good logic, no?).  But nowadays, the tradition has passed onto making it for someone you love in general!  For example, sometimes a girl will make it for her boyfriend or someone she likes… or, a girl may make it for a good friend she is close with.

The point is that Bentos have become a symbol of love (familial or … that other kind of love).  It’s a way for people to express their love and a way to brighten up another person’s lunch.  People always say that food is the best medicine when you feel down… Bentos are the answer- kawaii and delicious… Who can deny such a box? 😀

P.S.- I’m hungry for Bento boxes lol… I think I’ll start making some for myself to bring to school for lunch… Nom Nom Nom…

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Once again, the time has arrived to chow on some 月餅 Mooncakes for the Mid-Autumn Festival!  Before I get into the yummy taste of 月餅, let me give you a little history lesson about 月餅.

Now there are 2 tales related to the history of 月餅.  The first is this:

According to the ancient Chinese book recording customs and ceremonies, known as Li-Ji, the Chinese Emperor should offer sacrifices to the sun in the spring and to the moon in the fall.  The Chinese Emperor felt obligated to this “rule” because of the belief in the legendary Chang E, who was the mythical moon Goddess of Immortality.  Eventually, the 15th day of the 8th lunar month came to be known as the Mid-Autumn Festival, a term dubbed officially by the Song Dynasty.

I know, that tale was a little confusing, right?  Probably.  Well, here’s the second tale:

Apparently, the 月餅 became famous for its use to overthrow Mongol rule in China in the Yuan Dynasty.  The Ming revolutionaries, as it turns out, had sent messages in 月餅.  I guess this was how they spied on the government and sent secret letters.  But how in the world did this idea come up?  And who came up with it?  The answer is 2 people named Zhu Yuanzhang (朱元璋) and his advisor Liu Bowen (劉伯溫).  These two spread a rumor that there was a deadly plague circulating and that the only way to prevent it was to eat certain mooncakes.  Therefore, mooncakes were quickly distributed around China.  Now, there were a few ways in which the messages were concealed.  One way was to coordinate the message with the Han revolt on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month.  Another method was to print the message on the surface of the mooncakes as a puzzle or mosaic.  To read the secret message, one would have to cut the 4 packaged mooncakes into 4 pieces each for a total of 16 mooncake parts.  Then, the pieces would have to be fashioned so that the message could be read.  And then to destroy the message, one would eat it!

Ahhh… the second tale seems more fascinating, no?  Hahaha… I enjoy the second tale more.  Well, that’s the history of mooncakes.  In other words, these tales are the reason as to why the delicacy is so special to the Chinese.  Let’s take a short break and take a look at these prized mooncakes, now that you know a little more about them.






Yum. Now that I got your taste buds rolling, I’ll get into why I love mooncakes so much and why I get so excited about them when the Mid-Autumn Festival comes…

So, since I was a child, I’ve always had mooncakes every single year.  They are the best tasting things ever! (That is, besides sushi and pocky!)  ALWAYS, have mooncakes with tea!  They taste soooo good with tea.  Anyways, I especially love the pineapple, 蓮蓉 lotus seed paste, and 豆沙 sweet bean paste flavors.  The pineapple mooncake is OMGZZZ delicious!  It almost kind of tastes like pineapple cakes (famous in Taiwan).  The chewy flavor of the pineapple in the mooncake is sooooo yummy!!!!!! *drool*  And as for the lotus seed paste mooncake, I love how it tastes so luxurious… It satisfies the taste buds!  Lastly, the sweet bean paste is just so familiar to my taste buds, for it is in most Chinese sweets.  So, as you can see, they each have their own distinct flavor.  Certainly, there are plenty of other flavors out there and so many modifications to the original one.  But I love to stick to the original mooncake.  Simple. Tasty. Satisfying. There’s only one catch to this lovely delectable.  It’s mad expensive!!!!!  I would say prices range from $10 to over $100 for a box of them.  And in a box, there’s only, like, 6 of them!  If you love cultural food, I’d suggest you try these mooncakes if you haven’t already.  They’re being sold in stores everywhere (that is, where Chinese peepoz are populated).  And don’t forget, these are in stores for a limited time!  After the Mid-Autumn Festival time period, you have to wait to eat them again.  =( And one more suggestion for those of you who want to try this treat: buy the expensive ones, for they are worth your money.  Simply put, the cheaper ones are fake versions of this delicacy and they ruin the delicious taste.  XD  Now I’m gonna get me some of these mooncakes!

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chinese take out

OMGGGZZZZZ!  Today I was sooooo hungry!!!!!  I ate breakfast at like 9:30ish and then didn’t have food until like 8:45 at night!!!!!!!!  It was driving me crazzyyyy!  And this morning, I didn’t even have much.  I ate some rice with pickeled cucumbers, “jiang”, “ga zhi”, and “you tiao”.  That was it.  And then it all went downhill when my parents left the house.  They had some errands to run, so I was left all alone… EXCEPT they didn’t leave any food for me!  And there was like nothing in the house… AT ALL!  So basically the entire day, I was ranting to myself about how hungry I was.  My stomach was even gurgling!  And what’s worse is that I couldn’t even concentrate on the work I was doing!!!  Hunger drove me absolutely insane.

And here comes the not so happy ending:

My parents finally came home around 7:30.  I was hoping that they brought home sushi for me, but they didn’t. 😦 O well.  Anyways, even though they came home, my Dad still had to pick up dinner.  It turns out they didn’t eat the entire day either.  So, my Dad was getting Chinese Take Out for us.  I was sooooo excited!  FOOD HERE I COME!  When it was here, OMGGZZZ I wanted it soooo bad!  Finally, around 8:30, the food was being served onto plates!  There was rice, broccoli and chicken, and duck.  Yum.  But sadly, I was so hungry, I was like, BINGING!  So crazzzy.  And then after I “binged”, I felt so guilty for eating sooo much chinese take out food, aka Fake Chinese Food.  Now, at this moment, I’m still feeling guilty…  What a day, right?

So here’s the moral of the story: Despite hunger, never become a savage! (sounds familiar, eh? *cough cough* Lord of the Flies)

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