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I’ve never hated Asian girls so much in my life before.  I know I sound crazy to you right now (and maybe even a little weird), but I will make sense after you hear what I have to say.
Now, I, of course, know this topic very well because I am an, well, Asian girl myself.  You see, I’ve met a number of stereotypical Asian girls, and by stereotypical, I mean the ones who tend to form cliches and giggle uncontrollably while calling themselves cute… and doing the FOB pose every 5 seconds.  Come on, isn’t this silly AND annoying?  I have always disliked girls who act way to “girly girly” and ultimately “dumb”.  Like, who are they trying to impress with the dumb girl act?  What I’m saying now refers to ALL people, not just Asian girls.  Unless you are one of those people I’m talking about, is there no common sense to what I’m saying?
Back to the “asian-cliche-girls”… I hate when they just form their own tight little circle and link arms and giggle about another girl’s “kawaii” skirt.  It’s disgusting to see teenage girls act like they are freakin’ 5 years old with the whole cute act!!!!!!  Seriously, if you’re 17, then act like a 17 year old, DON’T revert back to being the little 4 feet princess you were when you were 5!  Because you know what?  It’s NOT cute anymore!  Sometimes, the whole cute thing can even lead to looking like a slut (look at the featured photo).  When a girl is that desperate to be kawaii and fobbish, they just come out looking like they walked out of a porn film.
As for the asian guys, I’m totally surprised that they enjoy this kawaii act.  Actually, I’m not totally surprised because for most guys, the cosplay and slut look is acceptable, right?  Whatever.  When it comes to guys, I’m clueless.
Surely there are exceptions to this rule.  Some girls just naturally have that cute anime look and some guys don’t like slutty girls.  But I’m accounting for the majority of what I have seen.
Yes, I am venting… but I cannot tell you why (I’m clueless myself!).  I just hope you come to this realization as well and either don’t do it (b/c it pisses certain people off) or stop with the whole act now (b/c you’ve already pissed a certain number of people off).  I rest my case.
Cute Asian Pose
Cute Asian Poses
Cute Asian Pose

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Japan Fashion Week

I’m an avid follower of fashion news.  Every new innovation in the fashion world is immediately known to me.  I find fashion an interesting topic.  Every single designer has their own “style” and even though some styles are “uncreative” and “lacking material”, I feel that there is still some story behind it.  Personally, I love either the really elegant clothing or the wacky, crazy style.  That’s why I’m IN LOVE with Japanese fashion.

If you look above, you’ll see some designs from Japan Fashion Week.  I’d say those styles shown are more of the wacky, crazy style I’m talking about.  But, you know what?  IT HAS EDGE. Those dresses are absolutely brilliant; I love the prints, the appliques, the look, and most importantly, the silhouette.  To me, it all comes down to the silhouette and how it is presented on the model.  When I see those dresses, I feel like I’m no longer on Earth, but rather a different world (don’t worry, I’m not crazy, I’m just describing the effect the designs have on me).  Ya…. so moving on the Japanese Street Fashion….. I present you with…..

School Girl Fashion

TADAAA!!!!!  I’m sorry, but I’m crazy about Japanese street fashion in addition to their elegant clothing.  I love how the Japanese are not afraid to go crazy with what they want to wear.  It’s like they don’t have a fear of what others will think of them.  What courage they have… hahah… But anyways, I love the school girl look that they favor so much.  As you can see, there are many different variations of the school girl look, but each one represents the same idea: an innocent girl who is NOT AFRAID of expressing her inner beauty.  Well, that’s a little lesson about Japanese fashion.  Maybe one day I’ll come back on this topic when I learn a little bit more about Japanese Fashion.  Hope you enjoyed reading this little blurb!

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Circle lenses

So, these past few days, I’ve been hearing a lot about these “Circle Lenses”.  It’s on Facebook, the street, advertised on the web, practically EVERYWHERE!!!!!  Omg, it’s seriously driving me crazy.  For those of you who are not familiar with Circle Contact Lens, it is a product famous with East Asians.  It was developed in South Korea and is made so that when people put it in, their irises look bigger, giving the person an Ulzzang or Kawaii look.  In layman terms, the person looks like a doll: big colorful eyes, a small nose and mouth, and fair skin.  Currently, many of those East Asian celebs use them.  For example, Angela Zhang, Ayumi Hamasaki, (possibly) Cyndi Wang, and much more.

Now I have to admit, these contacts do make Asian girls look “cuter”(Ulzzang/Kawaii), more “attractive”, and more like Anime characters, but I just think this is silly.  Asians are characterized by their beautifully almond shaped eyes, not big European eyes.  I mean, it all comes down to this fact that Asians are trying to be more European.  They simply want the big round eyes!  It can’t be denied any longer now that there is also this… this… creation!  It’s so upsetting to see these actresses, that girls look up to, get caught into this tangle of europeanization.  By using this product, it makes these actresses emphasize beauty, and essentially, fans see this!  This is why we have so many girls out there who want to “disown” their natural beauty for “White eyes”.  Me, I’m a glasses wearer and don’t have contacts.  But even if i chose to wear contacts one day, I’d never choose Circle Contact Lens.  This invention of contact lenses was made for people who find glasses very uncomfortable in situations such as sports.  But to go as far as also making them so that their eyes look bigger as well  is ridiculous to me.  I don’t see why our Asian eyes have to be made bigger and more colorful…  We are Asian, have almond eyes, with a dark brown color to them.  Why change that so that our eyes are big like Europeans, and have colors such as blue, green, purple, etc. that simply do not make up our Asian genes?

I’m a believer in natural beauty.  Even if someone is ugly, they can be made beautiful without all the nonsense of plastic surgery and “circle lenses”.  I am especially disappointed to see Asians change their natural look…  We simply are not Europeans.  We shouldn’t have to change the way we look in order to resemble the Europeans.  Yes, Europeans are beautiful, but so are Asians.

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