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Asian Women

The most common fetish is sexual fetishism- it is defined as an intense focus on an inanimate object or body part that creates arousal.  Examples of sexual fetishes include body piercings, feet, leather, hair, and shoes.  However, in recent years, a new fetish has developed in our society: the Asian fetish.  Asian is a race, an ethnicity, not an inanimate object or body part.  Yet, Asians have because a popular fetish among men and women of all ages.  Once a race, like African, Italian, Mexican, French, etc., but now a target of sexual objectification.

There is a debate on whether or not white men being attracted to Asian women is considered a “fetish” or a “preference.”  Some argue that the attraction to Asian women is just a man’s preference, similar to when men are attracted to blondes.  … But the thing is… race is not the same as hair color.  A race, an ethnicity, defines a part of who people are- it’s not just a simple classification.  The “preference” argument may be an excuse because men do not want to face the fact that they are sexually objectifying a specific race of women.  Asian women, compared to women of other races, are generally more petite, polite, soft-spoken, and obedient… but this is the Asian culture.  Also, Asian women in the modern world are changing and growing out of the stereotypical type.Jolin Tsai

Some white men are very outspoken and say that they are attracted to the exoticism of Asian women.  What it is exactly that attracts men to Asian women?  I honestly do not know- “exotic” can be defined in numerous ways and I’m not exactly sure what men mean when they say that Asian women are exotic.  Is it because Asian women mostly stick with Asian men making them harder to get?  Maybe.  Is it because Asian women are “submissive” to their men like slaves?  Maybe.  At some point, this conversation always starts to get awkward and weird… yet the yellow fever continues to grow.

So… white men have made their case- they think Asian women are beautiful, sexy, and exotic.  What do Asian women think?  Well, I think Asian women are split 50/50.  About half of the women love it because the men treat them better, they have more options, and they get a lot of attention.  The other half either don’t care or hate it.  Personally, I’ve never heard of any Asian women complain about the Asian fetish with a strong passion… but I have heard of women who simply don’t care.  I think it’s a case by case judgement.  I trust that there are some men out there with Asian fetishes who are a little bit overly obsessed and need someone to slap some sense into them… and that there are other men who just treat Asian women as they would treat any other women.  Is fetishizing Asian women a terrible thing in my opinion?  No- a little weird though.  The only aspect that balances this fetish is the fact that there are interracial relationships between Asian women and white men that have been successful and not based on the men having Asian fetishes.  It gets a little hard to distinguish nowadays because there is a pool of men interested in Asian women and some of those men have yellow fever while some of those men are genuinely attracted to Asian women as they are to any women of another race.  And it’s unfair to generalize in either direction…

Fumina HaraMedia has also contributed to the exoticism of Asian women.  Let’s face it- even in our globalized world today, Eastern and Western worlds are still very separate and distinct.  With that said, films, ads, and photos from the Eastern world are still fairly foreign and rare in the Western world, contributing to the mystery and exoticism of Asian women.  Even though Asian models, singers, and actresses are displayed in the media very “normally” (normally in the sense that other entertainers from the Western world would do similar things in the media), the fact that these women are Asian makes them different.  For example, the cuteness factor in Asia is seen differently by Westerners.  Women in Asia like to be cute- simple as that.  In Japan, many girls dress in costume for fun and cuteness-sake.  However, this depiction of women makes them a sexual fantasy object to Western men.  There is just a different context of “cosplay” and so Western men find this to be more sexual than Asians would.  Also, Asian women have photo shoots in bathing suits and even in regular clothes… but they are seen as more sexy and exotic because of the Asian body shape.  Such depictions of Asian women in the Asian market make it to the hands of Western men and ultimately lead to false impressions of Asian women… some of these incorrect impressions lead to fantasies and such.  And so I do think media has quite a bit of influence on the growing yellow fever.

Zhang Ziyi and Han Chae YoungNo matter how many people voice the weirdness of this Asian fetish… white men seem to continue to pursue this… fetish… quite passionately too.  And the numbers are growing!  To be honest, I still do not really understand this obsession with Asian women.  About 2 months ago, I watched Debbie Lum’s Seeking Asian Female at the SD Asian Film Festival and received some insight from the director, Debbie, and Steven and Sandy, a real life “fetish couple,” as I like to put it.  Steven stated in the film that he wanted an Asian wife because he saw how happy his son was with his Asian wife and he wanted the same happy life… I… don’t really buy that answer.  I think he wanted something new and exciting in his life… and the new, exciting thing would be an Asian lady to play out his fantasies.  In fact, I’m sure most of the men who have yellow fever right now are just looking for something exciting in a relationship.  I hate to break it to these guys, but Asian women are just women.  We’re really no different than women of other races.  We have really polite and mannered girls AND we also have rude and obnoxious girls.  It is unfair to generalize all Asian women as petite, quiet, obedient, little women.  Another note is that we don’t all have exotic almond shaped eyes and long, straight black hair.  I understand that in a lot of guys’ minds, women with long, straight hair are so sexy and beautiful… but remember that it can be a terrifying thing too.  I’ve watched enough Asian horror movies to tell you that hair can be scary as hell!  Let me know if you find “The Ring” girl sexy and exotic… she’s Asian, has small eyes (kind of…), is petite, has long, straight black hair, and is very quiet!  Asian fetish lovers may also take an interest in Asami from Miike’s film, Audition.

Jun Ji Hyun

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My most recent addiction is online shopping.  This all started 2 months ago when my sister and I were looking at shoes on YesWalker.  There, I found the perfect pumps, ordered them, and am now in love with those shoes~

Now, I’ve been eyeing YesStyle items for awhile now, but I never actually looked into them… If you don’t know what YesStyle is, it is an Asian online retailer that sells everything from jewelry to clothes.  I like this site because the apparel is tailored to Asian tastes in style.  Any way, a couple of weeks ago, I was bored and so I decided to look around on the site- boy that was a bad idea (well, really, a FANTASTIC IDEA).  I found so much stuff that I liked that my shopping bag totaled the thousands… It took a few weeks for me to narrow down everything to a reasonable price (by then, some of the sale prices were no longer applicable… but it was okay, the items were replaced with deals of the week clothes!).  

So I finally had a shopping bag that was decently priced for the items that I was getting AND I was extremely satisfied with the final items I chose.  I ended up getting 5 items of clothing, and my sister got 3 items, and the total of all 8 items was under $200.  Plus, since the total was over $150, there is free shipping! 🙂

I am so excited that I cannot wait to receive these items in the mail~  Check it out:

1. Dual-Pocket Long Sleeve Cardigan

2. Pink Chiffon-Hem Tunic

3. Fleece-Line Logo Print Pullover

4. Turtleneck Striped-Panel Pleated Dress

5. Cotton Blend Pullover

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One of the most touching Korean films I have watched is 통증 Pained (2011).  I am not the type of person to cry easily to “sad movies” (or jerk and cover my eyes when it comes to horror/torture films), but by the end of this film, my face was glazed in tear juice.  The best part was that I couldn’t even control the tears ((O_O)).  

This film is directed by Kwak Kyung-taek and tells of a romance between a debt collector who lost his sensitivity to pain in an accident when he was young, Nam-soon, and a homeless hemophiliac who works a street vendor, Dong-hyun.

What I loved about this film was that it developed very nicely- somehow it seemed to move slowly and quickly at the same time.  I think Kwak Kyung-taek did a great job pacing this plot, which is very important in a film because if the plot moves too slowly, the movie may come off as boring, and if the plot moves too quickly, the movie may come off as rushed. 

Now as I move into specifics of this film, I’m going to have to turn on the….

The film starts with Nam-soon and his boss collecting debt from a couple- when I first watched this, I didn’t understand what was wrong with Nam-soon.  He had an empty stare and he seemed fine throughout his beating… which puzzled me.  After I learned that he had analgesia- the inability to sense pain- I realized that the beginning of the film, which focused in on his face, was to demonstrate his lack of feeling and emotion.  When I found out about Nam-soon’s condition, I felt sadness, but nothing to turn the tears on.

However, despite Nam-soon’s inability to sense pain, we see that change… a little tiny bit when he gets beaten at the riot and is taken to the hospital by Dong-hyun.  It was almost painful for me to watch him get beat like a pulp and yet he still had a look of emptiness in his eyes.  The scene when he stumbles towards the street and Dong-hyun asks him if he is okay, we are shown a flashback to when young Nam-soon is in a car with his family when their car crashes and burns.  In the flashback, we are also shown that as their car swerved off the road, his sister wraps herself around him to protect him.  Then the flashback fades to Dong-hyun hovering over him in the street looking for help.  This was one of the most powerful scenes in the film because it shows that Nam-soon hasn’t met anyone who has treated him genuinely since his sister passed. 

When Dong-hyun moves into Nam-soon’s place (since she is homeless and Nam-soon wants to keep an eye on her until she pays her father’s debt), we are able to peek into Nam-soon’s world.  As he shows Dong-hyun around, we see that his house seems almost untouched and untouchable.  Basically, Nam-soon preserved the home he had before his family passed away from the crash.  And when Dong-hyun accidentally breaks one of his family dishes, we finally see some pain in his eyes.  But the pain stays only briefly in his eyes… 

About half-way through the movie, Dong-hyun finally expresses her pain at seeing him hurt himself everyday and asks him if he ever thought about what his family would think.  But Nam-soon only responds with bitterness and anger.  For the first time in the film so far, Nam-soon shows emotion.  He no longer appears to be a “piece of wood,” especially when the topic of his family comes up.  And the presence of Dong-hyun in his life gave him some emotion…

After the mini fight between Nam-soon and Dong-hyun, Nam-soon’s change becomes bigger and clearer.  He tells his boss friend (from the beginning of the movie) that he is no longer interested in hurting himself.  Even though he is insensitive to pain, he doesn’t want to abuse his body seriously for other people and money anymore.  Rather, he starts taking on stunt jobs and for awhile it seems that he and Dong-hyun are living happily together. 

However, Dong-hyun is sick too and her sickness needs constant care and expensive treatment.  Because Nam-soon does not have money to support her sickness in order for her to live a long life, Dong-hyun tells Nam-soon that she cannot be with him.  With that said, Nam-soon takes on one last dangerous job offered to him by his boss friend so that he can give that money to Dong-hyun so that she can live.

The last scene is the one that made me tear uncontrollably (even as I watched it again just now to evoke the same emotions so I could write about them).  Nam-soon is pushed off of a building to his death- as he is sprawled on the ground, he is ironically happy.  There is that twinkle of happiness in his eyes and even a smile comes out when Dong-hyun runs over to his side.  On her way to try and save Nam-soon, Dong-hyun stepped on a nail and started to bleed (problematic since she is a hemophiliac).  However, somehow, she is still okay.  Nam-soon, seeing Dong-hyun by his side, is happy and there is a look of completion on his face.  While he is losing consciousness, we hear his plead to God to watch over and keep Dong-hyun safe.  In turn, he is willing to endure anything, even death, if that is what it will take for Dong-hyun to live a long life. 

Throughout this film, Nam-soon never comes off as “the bad guy.”  Somehow, I always felt sad when I saw Nam-soon.  He never hurt anyone, he couldn’t hurt anyone- that is why he was always the one beaten and he never lifted a finger to defend himself. 

His last job- he didn’t defend himself as he was pushed off of the building.  And even though most people in his position would be in great pain, he wasn’t at all.  However, Dong-hyun and his boss friend were the ones experiencing the pain that he couldn’t feel.  His boss friend always gave Nam-soon dangerous jobs, but Nam-soon was also his friend.  Seeing that the job he gave Nam-soon killed him put him in great pain.  He was also the one who promised Nam-soon that he would be fine and that he would even protect him by parking a truck with boxes where he was supposed to jump.  However, the truck broke down and boss friend tried his best to tell Nam-soon not to jump until he could push the truck to its right location.  Ultimately, his plan failed when the guy on the roof pushed Nam-soon off on purpose… and the truck wasn’t parked below yet. 


This is definitely a film I would recommend, especially if you like “meaningful” movies.  The title says it all- the film explores all the degrees of pain and what it actually means to feel pain.  By the end of the movie, you’ll know what true pain is. 

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Harajuku is the Japanese version of “haute couture”;  a lovely style with a wacky twist.  Above, I’ve included a recent harajuku girl style that I just cannot get over.  I love fashion and I’m always on the hunt on the web for the latest and hottest international trends.  And I just happened to come across this photo on the tokyofashion.com site.  This is an amazing site for fashion lovers 🙂 .

The Analysis:

For one, I am very attracted to the skirt and bomber jacket style.  Plus the cardigan she’s wearing has little bowties as buttons, which is a positive for this outfit.  It creates a rocker with a sweet taste in fashion sort of a look.  I mean, the majority of her clothing color is black and red, which if worn incorrectly can end up looking horrendously emo… But this harajuku girl does a good job making herself “haute couture.”  Also, she matches her heels and black stockings very adorably.  As we all know, black stockings and high heels can create the wrong image, *ehem ehem* prostitute.  LOL and back to the whole cute skirt thing, I am a huge fan of the lace on there.  Obviously this type of skirt is “in” this year, but all I’ve seen are these type of skirts with flower patterns or solid colors on them!  The lace on it is a very fresh and fashionable idea.  Love it.  🙂  And as well all know, fashion is about the entire image.  Not only are this girl’s items of clothing cute, she also has a kawaii haircut- set with bangs and all- to put the cherry on top of this ensemble.  😉

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A few minutes ago, I just finished my first ever episode of a really amazing show: 超级星光大道 Chaoji Xing Guang Da Dao.  Now, I knew this show was a hit in Taiwan, just like how American Idol is here in America.  But I never expected it to be better than American Idol!  For those of you who don’t know, 超级星光大道 is a Taiwanese singing competition show.  Just imagine American Idol with all Chinese people singing to compete for money and fame.  Yep. That’s the show.

After awhile, I became tired of American Idol (I’d say by the 2nd episode?  I know, it was still auditions and I was bored!).  Well, with 超级星光大道, it’s different.  Why, you ask?  They cut out the audition crap and get right to the singing.  Plus, the challenges are sooo much better.  The one I just watched had the competitors sing and act at the same time (I guess it’s kind of like a musical??? hahah).  It was just really fun to watch… On another note, Simon Cowell became a cranky nuisance after a few episodes.  It just wasn’t fun to watch him criticize anymore.  The judges on 超级星光大道 have so much character and make statements that are actually useful (and true!).

As for the contestants, may I just say that these people competing have talent. They aren’t people who sing bad and still want to make it big.  Or, they aren’t on the show because they look pretty *cough cough Kellie Pickler*.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable show to watch.  It’s simple, fun, and exciting.  When you get the chance to watch 超级星光大道, definitely do it. 😉



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Once again, the time has arrived to chow on some 月餅 Mooncakes for the Mid-Autumn Festival!  Before I get into the yummy taste of 月餅, let me give you a little history lesson about 月餅.

Now there are 2 tales related to the history of 月餅.  The first is this:

According to the ancient Chinese book recording customs and ceremonies, known as Li-Ji, the Chinese Emperor should offer sacrifices to the sun in the spring and to the moon in the fall.  The Chinese Emperor felt obligated to this “rule” because of the belief in the legendary Chang E, who was the mythical moon Goddess of Immortality.  Eventually, the 15th day of the 8th lunar month came to be known as the Mid-Autumn Festival, a term dubbed officially by the Song Dynasty.

I know, that tale was a little confusing, right?  Probably.  Well, here’s the second tale:

Apparently, the 月餅 became famous for its use to overthrow Mongol rule in China in the Yuan Dynasty.  The Ming revolutionaries, as it turns out, had sent messages in 月餅.  I guess this was how they spied on the government and sent secret letters.  But how in the world did this idea come up?  And who came up with it?  The answer is 2 people named Zhu Yuanzhang (朱元璋) and his advisor Liu Bowen (劉伯溫).  These two spread a rumor that there was a deadly plague circulating and that the only way to prevent it was to eat certain mooncakes.  Therefore, mooncakes were quickly distributed around China.  Now, there were a few ways in which the messages were concealed.  One way was to coordinate the message with the Han revolt on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month.  Another method was to print the message on the surface of the mooncakes as a puzzle or mosaic.  To read the secret message, one would have to cut the 4 packaged mooncakes into 4 pieces each for a total of 16 mooncake parts.  Then, the pieces would have to be fashioned so that the message could be read.  And then to destroy the message, one would eat it!

Ahhh… the second tale seems more fascinating, no?  Hahaha… I enjoy the second tale more.  Well, that’s the history of mooncakes.  In other words, these tales are the reason as to why the delicacy is so special to the Chinese.  Let’s take a short break and take a look at these prized mooncakes, now that you know a little more about them.






Yum. Now that I got your taste buds rolling, I’ll get into why I love mooncakes so much and why I get so excited about them when the Mid-Autumn Festival comes…

So, since I was a child, I’ve always had mooncakes every single year.  They are the best tasting things ever! (That is, besides sushi and pocky!)  ALWAYS, have mooncakes with tea!  They taste soooo good with tea.  Anyways, I especially love the pineapple, 蓮蓉 lotus seed paste, and 豆沙 sweet bean paste flavors.  The pineapple mooncake is OMGZZZ delicious!  It almost kind of tastes like pineapple cakes (famous in Taiwan).  The chewy flavor of the pineapple in the mooncake is sooooo yummy!!!!!! *drool*  And as for the lotus seed paste mooncake, I love how it tastes so luxurious… It satisfies the taste buds!  Lastly, the sweet bean paste is just so familiar to my taste buds, for it is in most Chinese sweets.  So, as you can see, they each have their own distinct flavor.  Certainly, there are plenty of other flavors out there and so many modifications to the original one.  But I love to stick to the original mooncake.  Simple. Tasty. Satisfying. There’s only one catch to this lovely delectable.  It’s mad expensive!!!!!  I would say prices range from $10 to over $100 for a box of them.  And in a box, there’s only, like, 6 of them!  If you love cultural food, I’d suggest you try these mooncakes if you haven’t already.  They’re being sold in stores everywhere (that is, where Chinese peepoz are populated).  And don’t forget, these are in stores for a limited time!  After the Mid-Autumn Festival time period, you have to wait to eat them again.  =( And one more suggestion for those of you who want to try this treat: buy the expensive ones, for they are worth your money.  Simply put, the cheaper ones are fake versions of this delicacy and they ruin the delicious taste.  XD  Now I’m gonna get me some of these mooncakes!

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Japan Fashion Week

I’m an avid follower of fashion news.  Every new innovation in the fashion world is immediately known to me.  I find fashion an interesting topic.  Every single designer has their own “style” and even though some styles are “uncreative” and “lacking material”, I feel that there is still some story behind it.  Personally, I love either the really elegant clothing or the wacky, crazy style.  That’s why I’m IN LOVE with Japanese fashion.

If you look above, you’ll see some designs from Japan Fashion Week.  I’d say those styles shown are more of the wacky, crazy style I’m talking about.  But, you know what?  IT HAS EDGE. Those dresses are absolutely brilliant; I love the prints, the appliques, the look, and most importantly, the silhouette.  To me, it all comes down to the silhouette and how it is presented on the model.  When I see those dresses, I feel like I’m no longer on Earth, but rather a different world (don’t worry, I’m not crazy, I’m just describing the effect the designs have on me).  Ya…. so moving on the Japanese Street Fashion….. I present you with…..

School Girl Fashion

TADAAA!!!!!  I’m sorry, but I’m crazy about Japanese street fashion in addition to their elegant clothing.  I love how the Japanese are not afraid to go crazy with what they want to wear.  It’s like they don’t have a fear of what others will think of them.  What courage they have… hahah… But anyways, I love the school girl look that they favor so much.  As you can see, there are many different variations of the school girl look, but each one represents the same idea: an innocent girl who is NOT AFRAID of expressing her inner beauty.  Well, that’s a little lesson about Japanese fashion.  Maybe one day I’ll come back on this topic when I learn a little bit more about Japanese Fashion.  Hope you enjoyed reading this little blurb!

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We see it in dramas all the time; the girls confess their love to the guys and they both fall madly in love with eachother and live happily ever after.  Let’s face it, is that really reality?  I guess it’s kind of old school to say that the girls should wait for the guys to confess their love first, but don’t we all wish for that?!  Is it really acceptable for the girl to confess first in the 21st century???  Who am I kidding, YES it is acceptable…  I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I feel uncomfortable about the thought of me (a girl) asking a guy out FIRST!  Or even just confessing my love first… That’s just weird and icky to me… XP  I feel that the guy should express their love first.  I guess I’m like any oldie…  But seriously, don’t you think that it’d be kind of awkward for the girl to say something first?  Or is that just what society has imprinted on our minds?  Let me know your thoughts on this issue… ‘Cause apparently, this is a big problem to me (and possibly you).

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