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The Touch of Life

It was today that I felt life for the first time.  It was a magical, spine-tingling feeling that no words can describe.  A change that forever changes a single soul.
I woke up this morning, totally unaware that I would come face to face with life.  Even as I walked into the newborn nursery, I had no idea what I would even do in there.  And then, unexpectedly, I was asked to hold the baby’s hands down.  At first, I was confused because I thought I would never be allowed to touch those little infants since they are so prone to germs and sickness.  But, today, I was allowed.  And as I placed my hand lightly over the child’s little shoulder and arm, my index finger happened to land right in his little fist.  When he started to squirm, his tiny fingers closed around my index finger.  Because my finger was humongous compared to his little hand, his whole hand was the size of half of my finger.  It was so cute when his little fist gently squeezed my finger.  I wanted to giggle so bad because it was so funny to see something that small compared to my huge finger (which isn’t that big because my hands are pretty small compared to that of other people my age).
Hehehe… it was also very funny when the wires of the machine got caught in his tiny hands and he grabbed them and refused to let go!  That was so cute because a newborn was already getting competitive and feisty!
After this episode today, I definitely decided that I want to have my own babies in the future.  They are cute and funny little creatures.  I know I’m only 16 and a little too young to think about all of this, but it’s something that means a lot to me and I’m not going to change my mind in the future.  And despite the fact that kids are difficult to deal with as they grow up, I think by the time I make the decision to have kids, I’ll be ready to deal with them.  🙂

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