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When Love is NOT a Cure

Yesterday, I began to ponder, again.  This time about whether love can change someone.  I was doing my job at the hospital yesterday, when my boss chatted up a conversation with me.  She was talking about how her husband’s temper hadn’t changed at all.  So that got me thinking.  Can love really change a person, completely?  I’m sure it’s something you’ve seen before, whether it be in movies, books, or on TV…

Honestly, I don’t think something as strong as love can even change a person fully.  There are many situations in which I’ve seen love change people, but that’s not reality.  For example, in HYD, Makino was the only person who was able to tame Domyouji’s violent nature.  But that’s just a drama, right?  Yes.  We need to think realistically, and the fact is, is that nothing can change a person.  We are who we are by nature and not even love can change that.  It takes a lot to change a person and emotions certainly will not.  It kind of pisses me off when people say that they have changed their ways due to love, and then they go back to their old habits.  Hypocrites!!!!!  Omgzzzz…

I’m assuming you guys know what I’m talking about and that I don’t sound like a miser or anything… hahah…. Think about it, when you try to change something about yourself, isn’t it really hard?????  Like, when I wanted to stop biting my nails, it was really difficult!  I had to suppress the urge to bite them!  And even now, sometimes I feel like I want to bite my nails.  Which reminds me, SMOKERS!  Perfect example.  Smokers try to quite smoking, but it’s so difficult once it’s a habit!  Even if they do stop, they get the urge to smoke again, and sometimes they even relapse.  And do you honestly think a smoker will stop smoking just for love????  Let’s face it, the answer is no.  There you have it.  Love cannot change someone as easily as you would think.  It’s easy to believe, I guess, but I won’t take my chances in the future.  If my guy has an intolerable habit, then whoosh!  out of my life he goes.  Because I simply do not want to have to deal with that habit for the rest of my life if it annoys me that much.  I guess you can say it’s kind of like a turnoff?

And back to the whole conversation with my boss.  She gave me a great piece of advice that I think you would find useful as well.  So do yourself a favor: if your relationship is getting serious, do something that would really, really piss him off and see how bad his temper gets, that way, you know what to expect before you marry him.  😉

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