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chinese take out

OMGGGZZZZZ!  Today I was sooooo hungry!!!!!  I ate breakfast at like 9:30ish and then didn’t have food until like 8:45 at night!!!!!!!!  It was driving me crazzyyyy!  And this morning, I didn’t even have much.  I ate some rice with pickeled cucumbers, “jiang”, “ga zhi”, and “you tiao”.  That was it.  And then it all went downhill when my parents left the house.  They had some errands to run, so I was left all alone… EXCEPT they didn’t leave any food for me!  And there was like nothing in the house… AT ALL!  So basically the entire day, I was ranting to myself about how hungry I was.  My stomach was even gurgling!  And what’s worse is that I couldn’t even concentrate on the work I was doing!!!  Hunger drove me absolutely insane.

And here comes the not so happy ending:

My parents finally came home around 7:30.  I was hoping that they brought home sushi for me, but they didn’t. 😦 O well.  Anyways, even though they came home, my Dad still had to pick up dinner.  It turns out they didn’t eat the entire day either.  So, my Dad was getting Chinese Take Out for us.  I was sooooo excited!  FOOD HERE I COME!  When it was here, OMGGZZZ I wanted it soooo bad!  Finally, around 8:30, the food was being served onto plates!  There was rice, broccoli and chicken, and duck.  Yum.  But sadly, I was so hungry, I was like, BINGING!  So crazzzy.  And then after I “binged”, I felt so guilty for eating sooo much chinese take out food, aka Fake Chinese Food.  Now, at this moment, I’m still feeling guilty…  What a day, right?

So here’s the moral of the story: Despite hunger, never become a savage! (sounds familiar, eh? *cough cough* Lord of the Flies)

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Ahhhh… isn’t the place above so beautiful?  It looks so relaxing and calm… I wish I was there right now!  Well, if you haven’t guessed already, it most certainly is the city of love: Venice, Italy.  Oi!  Ever since I was in grade school, I was attracted to the mystery of Venice.  I remember my mom telling me how there’s this place in Italy where it is all water…  I was amazed by this as a little fellow!  Haha… ya, so at that moment, I knew I wanted to take Italian as a language in school.  I planned to master Italian and go to Venice to see the wonderful site myself!  And so here I am after taking 3 years of Italian.  Hopefully, I can continue to work hard and become very fluent in the language, for I want to visit Venice!!!!!

Now, also very recently, Venice was featured in the awesome 꽃보다 남자 Boys Over Flowers!  You have NO IDEA how excited I was when I found out that Geum Jan Di and F4 were traveling to (fake) Venice to visit Gu Jun Pyo.  O how lucky the cast was to see such a beautiful place!  I guess that’s what they get for being famous! And when Ji Hoo and Jan Di were on the gondola, OMGZZZZ, I was flipping out because they actually got to ride a gondola!!!!!  Hehee… and the guy rowing for them was singing too! How fun!!!  … Even though they were only at this hotel that emulated Venice, it was just as exciting because the place actually looked like Venice.  But kudos to the drama for advertising the beauty and mystery of Venice.  By that, I mean with the whole love triangle thing (or square if you count Ha Jae Kyung already) between Jun Pyo, Jan Di, and Ji Hoo (all J’s!).  And it was so awesome that they also incorporated the whole Carnevale masks in there too!  That was so cute when they all bought masks and played hide and seek with them.  But, it was sad when Ji Hoo tried to unmask her and she wouldn’t let him (b/c she was upset and didn’t want him to see her).  Oi! Those masks were damn cute though!

It is so amazing how Venice is a place for lovers, yet it holds so much mystery.  I love it though.  One day…. I hope to travel there and find what I’m looking for.

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So a few days ago, it was really hot and my hair is up to my neck.  You ever had that?  Well, it’s the most uncomfortable thing ever, so I thought “hey, why don’t I put my hair in little pigtails to keep it from sticking to my neck?”.  The next day, I decided to put my thought into action.  Since my hair was short, I didn’t think I completely looked like a fool.  Besides, if I did, I didn’t care, because I was at home and it wasn’t like anyone was going to see me in this state.  And it kept my hair out of the way…  Then, today, as I was rummaging through my closet, I found this shirt that bore a similar resemblance to the Japanese Schoolgirl Uniforms, otherwise known as the Sailor Outfits セーラー服.  I thought it would be fun to throw this on and take a pic of me in it with the pigtails (I was talking to my sister yesterday and she said the pigtails reminded her of Goo Hye Sun as Geum Jan Di in Boys Over Flowers 꽃보다 남자 so that’s asian enough right?).  Ya, so I thought I was all set with the Asian hair and Japanese shirt.  As a result?  Here’s the pic of me .  What do you think? >.<

Japanese School Girl

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Canon in D Major

Since late last night, I’ve been soooo unbelievably addicted to Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major.  I’m usually always hunting for “new” classical addictions and this one seems to be my latest victim!  While watching Hana Yori Dango, Hanazawa Rui kept playing a very nice and memorable violin piece.  This piece that he played seemed to have familiar to my ears… So, I decided to look up the song he was playing and found out that it was the famed Canon in D Major.  When I later questioned my sister about it, I found that my suspicions were confirmed.  As it turned out, my sister had played the song before.  That’s why I had somewhat remembered hearing the song before!  Well, after finding out about the song, I was finally satisfied.  Now, I just had to download it and play it over and over again on my itunes. 😀 That’s usually what I do when I’m addicted to a song (I’m sure you do it too).

So here I am listening the piano and full orchestra version of it right this moment.  I don’t know what attracts me to this piece… perhaps the serene tune?  I don’t know, but when I hear this piece being played, I feel freedom, happiness, and most of all, satisfaction.  Canon in D Major sounds kind of magical if you think about it.  It can change your mood and your feelings.  I seriously wonder how Pachelbel did it; he created a masterpiece of a song that will forever resound in my head.  The more I listen to this song, the more I think I want to have it played at my wedding (not anytime soon).

If you have the time, DO listen to this wonderful masterpiece by Pachelbel.  It is highly recommended by me, and probably the rest of the music world. You know, summer is ending.  So, take the time to relax with this song.  Let yourself escape the sorrows and chaos of life, and fulfill yourself with magic and imagination.  XD

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Japan Fashion Week

I’m an avid follower of fashion news.  Every new innovation in the fashion world is immediately known to me.  I find fashion an interesting topic.  Every single designer has their own “style” and even though some styles are “uncreative” and “lacking material”, I feel that there is still some story behind it.  Personally, I love either the really elegant clothing or the wacky, crazy style.  That’s why I’m IN LOVE with Japanese fashion.

If you look above, you’ll see some designs from Japan Fashion Week.  I’d say those styles shown are more of the wacky, crazy style I’m talking about.  But, you know what?  IT HAS EDGE. Those dresses are absolutely brilliant; I love the prints, the appliques, the look, and most importantly, the silhouette.  To me, it all comes down to the silhouette and how it is presented on the model.  When I see those dresses, I feel like I’m no longer on Earth, but rather a different world (don’t worry, I’m not crazy, I’m just describing the effect the designs have on me).  Ya…. so moving on the Japanese Street Fashion….. I present you with…..

School Girl Fashion

TADAAA!!!!!  I’m sorry, but I’m crazy about Japanese street fashion in addition to their elegant clothing.  I love how the Japanese are not afraid to go crazy with what they want to wear.  It’s like they don’t have a fear of what others will think of them.  What courage they have… hahah… But anyways, I love the school girl look that they favor so much.  As you can see, there are many different variations of the school girl look, but each one represents the same idea: an innocent girl who is NOT AFRAID of expressing her inner beauty.  Well, that’s a little lesson about Japanese fashion.  Maybe one day I’ll come back on this topic when I learn a little bit more about Japanese Fashion.  Hope you enjoyed reading this little blurb!

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kim hyun joongkim hyun joong

Okay, I’ve decided to make up a list of 10 things that I look for in my perfect guy.  Of course, there are more than 10 things, but I decided to compile a list of the 10 most important things to me about my guy in no specific order.  So here it is:

Top Ten List

  1. Loyalty – The guy has GOT to be faithful and loyal to me.  I do not want any players…
  2. A cute smile – A big cute smile is always nice to look at.  Maybe it’ll cheer me up when I’m feeling sad.
  3. Hot shoulders – You ever see Mike He’s shoulders?  That’s what I’m talking about.  Nice, square, and strong.
  4. Respect – This is very important to me for I want my guy to respect my decisions and me as a person.  Otherwise, I might end up in a wife beating situation? XP
  5. Eyes – Eyes say a lot about a person.  You can practically look into their soul through the eyes.
  6. Tone – Hehehe a guy with a nice tone to his body is nice.  A little bit of muscle is good so that they can protect you.  But too much muscle is a no no for me.
  7. Voice – Their voice has to be nice and soothing so that when I have to talk to them, it’s a mellifluous sound.  I don’t want to hear a smoker (raspy) voice.  I think I’d be driven mad!
  8. Good Fashion Sense – The guy has to be able to dress himself nicely.  What he wears and the colors he chooses can say  much about his personality.
  9. Intelligence – I don’t like a guy who’s too cocky, but he definitely has to have brains.  If he has brains, he can earn money and support a family.  So, I want my guy to be smart (preferably like a genius but not to the extent of going insane).
  10. Money – I hate to be blunt about it, but let’s face it, the guy has to have money to support me.  It would be horrible to live without much money. Life would be full of difficulties and then arguments would occur.  So, money is a big thing.

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Long Distance LoveI once heard a quote, “You have to stay by the one you love.  Distance can make hearts grow apart.”  This quote made me think about love that is kept apart.  Whether by distance or certain circumstances, can two hearts fated to be together really be pulled apart?  We all know that love is a very strong emotion.  It makes people do crazy things, and sometimes idiotic things.  And as for the heart, which carries the strong feeling of love, can it really be able to let go of another heart?  In other words, can two hearts really grow apart if they are not near each other?  If you really think hard about this, then isn’t it also true that when two hearts finally meet again, they start remembering the same feelings?  This topic is one where it’s very iffy because it deals with something that is not black and white.  To me, I feel like the heart is a very special organ because it is able to carry the weight of “love” and all of the bitter sweetness that comes with it.

Some people maintain the belief that if two hearts are fated, then nothing, and I mean NOTHING, can tear them apart.  Others maintain the belief that two hearts MUST be within range to keep those feelings alive.  I guess this issue is one that goes in circles.  One idea leads to the next, but the next idea just brings you back to the beginning.  It may be true that two hearts must be near each other.  But in the case that they aren’t, maybe the hearts ache for one another.  Suppose they call out to the other.  And what happens in the case that both hearts are never able to meet again?  Does the love end just because of distance?

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Circle lenses

So, these past few days, I’ve been hearing a lot about these “Circle Lenses”.  It’s on Facebook, the street, advertised on the web, practically EVERYWHERE!!!!!  Omg, it’s seriously driving me crazy.  For those of you who are not familiar with Circle Contact Lens, it is a product famous with East Asians.  It was developed in South Korea and is made so that when people put it in, their irises look bigger, giving the person an Ulzzang or Kawaii look.  In layman terms, the person looks like a doll: big colorful eyes, a small nose and mouth, and fair skin.  Currently, many of those East Asian celebs use them.  For example, Angela Zhang, Ayumi Hamasaki, (possibly) Cyndi Wang, and much more.

Now I have to admit, these contacts do make Asian girls look “cuter”(Ulzzang/Kawaii), more “attractive”, and more like Anime characters, but I just think this is silly.  Asians are characterized by their beautifully almond shaped eyes, not big European eyes.  I mean, it all comes down to this fact that Asians are trying to be more European.  They simply want the big round eyes!  It can’t be denied any longer now that there is also this… this… creation!  It’s so upsetting to see these actresses, that girls look up to, get caught into this tangle of europeanization.  By using this product, it makes these actresses emphasize beauty, and essentially, fans see this!  This is why we have so many girls out there who want to “disown” their natural beauty for “White eyes”.  Me, I’m a glasses wearer and don’t have contacts.  But even if i chose to wear contacts one day, I’d never choose Circle Contact Lens.  This invention of contact lenses was made for people who find glasses very uncomfortable in situations such as sports.  But to go as far as also making them so that their eyes look bigger as well  is ridiculous to me.  I don’t see why our Asian eyes have to be made bigger and more colorful…  We are Asian, have almond eyes, with a dark brown color to them.  Why change that so that our eyes are big like Europeans, and have colors such as blue, green, purple, etc. that simply do not make up our Asian genes?

I’m a believer in natural beauty.  Even if someone is ugly, they can be made beautiful without all the nonsense of plastic surgery and “circle lenses”.  I am especially disappointed to see Asians change their natural look…  We simply are not Europeans.  We shouldn’t have to change the way we look in order to resemble the Europeans.  Yes, Europeans are beautiful, but so are Asians.

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