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Excuse the picture. Haha I know it’s a little “crappy” in quality, but it was the best I could find of an Asian Drama collage.  Anyway, schools starting soon and I will be entering my junior year of high school.  I’m sure you all know how important junior year is to students.  It’s like…. a mid-life crisis for teenagers!  XD  Well, the point is that for the past 2 or so years, I have been seriously addicted to dramas.  To me, dramas are what cigarettes are to smokers.  I COULD NOT STOP WATCHING DRAMAS!!!!!  And yes, they are THAT good.  I guess it’s the story line that just catches your attention.  At least, that’s what caught my attention.  When you watch dramas, it, like, captivates your mind!  Like magic?  Trust me, once you watch dramas, you’ll never go back to normal TV.  Dramas will become a MUST in your life, as it is to mine.  And in the past 2 or so years, I certainly have watched a wide variety of dramas.  I can practically pick out the good and the bad ones (like cotton! sorry, I’ve been reading too much of those classic books like Grapes of Wrath).  And dramas have taken a toll on my life.  When I say taken a toll on my life, I mean SERIOUSLY taken a toll on my ENTIRE life.  In fact, it has distracted me from my school work!  For the past 2 years, I would come home from school and rush to get my homework done just so I can watch 1 measly little episode of a drama!  And if I can’t do that, I try to squeeze in a few parts of an episode.  Really weird, I know!  That’s why I HAVE GOT TO STOP WATCHING DRAMAS!!!!!!

I am going into my junior year this year, as I have said earlier.  I had also mentioned the importance of junior year.  I have a heavy course load as well as the PSATS and SATS.  So, I must take a year off from dramas.  Well, that is if I want to do well on my exams this year (which I intend to do)…  Therefore, I must sadly vow to part from my precious dramas until summer arrives.  I WILL NOT watch a single drama until I am finished with all of my exams this year.  I know this will be tough, for I have attempted to do this quite a few times.  BUT!  I will have to resist the temptation!  I am fully prepared to stop watching!  I guess you can call this a hiatus…

Well, 2 weeks ago, I promised myself that I would finish Hana Yori Dango Season 1 & 2 and Hana Yori Dango Final, and then stop watching.  To this date, I have kept true to that.  I intend to keep this going… So, I say my farewell to dramas… in exchange  for *twitch* school books. O.O

School Books

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