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Today was the first day of Junior year for the LilAzn!  Woot woot!~~~  It was a great day to start off because I have some amazing friends in my classes, with the exception of a few of them, this year.  So today was really exciting and fun.  In fact, I have really great teachers this year.  They seem to be “thinkers” and certainly encourage us students to think, not inside the box, but outside the box. 😉

Now, I’m gonna talk a little bit about each of my teachers and my first impression of them today.  My first impression is usually accurate in terms of how I think our teacher/student relationship will turn out.  Though there will be some negative comments about certain teachers, I will NOT be too offensive or vulgar in my language.  This is in no way my attempt at bad mouthing them; this is the last thing I want to do.  I will simply be stating my opinion and my thoughts about them (I have the freedom of speech, don’t I?).  And I will NOT be mentioning names nor will the order I talk about them reflect the order of my schedule.


  • Teacher #1- I honestly think #1 is a great teacher.  #1 seems to be very helpful when you need help of any sort.  He/She is very lenient and a great story teller.  I’m really looking forward to my Junior year with him/her as my teacher.  I hope I can learn much from #1~~~
  • Teacher #2- Hahaha another great one right here.  I swear, #2 made me laugh so much today…  Even though this class is going to be one that’s difficult, I’m sure #2 will make this learning process very enjoyable.  I was looking forward to this class beforehand, but I began to have doubts because I was worried the teacher would just throw the material at us.  Instead, I feel I can rest assured for #2 seems really passionate about the subject.  If he/she is passionate, then the class shall be loads of fun!
  • Teacher #3- Okay, um… well, #3 is one of those ones where I think I’m gonna dread going to class.  He/She seems to be sort of a sports fanatic and would probably favor the jocks.  That’s not appealing to me very much. 😦 You see, it’s with these teachers like #3 that I can’t feel like I can connect with.  Nor will they like me either.  But this is just the first day and I’ll have to see how things play out.  If I can just “slide” by #3’s class, then I think I’ll survive… *sigh*  What a long year it will be with this class…
  • Teacher #4- This one here is one of those “when I mean business, I mean business” teachers.  Not my favorite type of teacher to have, but I think I can make it through the year fine.  I’ll just have to watch my back with #4 and study hard!  Hehehe~~~  This definitely will be a more challenging and tough course especially with #4 as a teacher.  But I think this course cannot be taught correctly without a teacher as #4.  In the end?  I think I’ll be OKAY.
  • Teacher #5- Uh-O.  My first impression of #5 was NOT good.  He/She is not giving me a good vibe.  Even though I heard some positive and negative stuff about #5, I’ve always given him/her the benefit of the doubt.  Now I’m faced with #5 one on one.  I think with this one, it’s all about each individual opinion.  But certainly, this is not starting out good with me.  Nothing specific happened and #5 didn’t pick on me or anything.  But according to my senses, well, you get the picture…
  • Teacher #6- Pretty awesome.  #6 is clumsy, but entertaining!  Haha thoroughly enjoyed the first day in this class.  #6’s class seems to have interesting topics and I really think I’ll be enjoying it this year!  Quite some interesting discussions will occur and I’m absolutely looking forward to this year with #6.
  • Teacher #7- Hmmm…  #7 is one good talker.  Hahaha… seriously… caught my attention right off the bat and made the class very appealing.  Well, I guess that’s kind of expected…  Anyways, I think I’m pretty excited for this class as well for the teacher made the class sound very, very interesting.  So hopefully this class with #7 will be a great learning experience despite its course load. x_x
  • Teacher #8- All right… um #8 came off pretty good.  He/She seemed to really go on about the class for a long bit.  And I noticed #8’s “anger vein”.  Now this may sound ridiculous for I have thought about this a lot throughout the day.  BUT it seems to make sense, so I’ll put it here.  Well, you see, #8 is a little… TOO calm if you ask me.  I think everyone has to channel their anger somewhere!  But… but… #8 appears to have no such side and is very relaxed.  I don’t think I can picture #8 getting super angry at a student for talking back, not doing homework, etc…  Therefore, I think that’s why the vein exists!  I swear, there is a protruding vein on the left side of his/her head.  And when he/she gets angry, it will become,,, hmmm what’s the right word,,, distinct?  LAWLZZZ…  The point is that I found this very entertaining to look at.


There you have it.  Everything I felt about my teachers this year.  Well, let’s just say that even though I enjoyed the majority of my classes, there are some that left me feeling miserable.  In the meantime, I’ll give them a try and see what happens.  I’ll probably update once in awhile about any specific events in school, so definitely continue reading!  XDDDD  Junior year for LilAzn will definitely be an adventure you don’t want to miss!

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