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In Reason to Believe,, Bruce Springsteen sings, At the end of every hard-earned day / people find some reason to believe. What’s your reason to believe?

Everything in our lives is held on a thin string- dangling and twirling in front of us until the string wears itself away, and drops into an ocean of hopes and dreams.  We all face the risk of losing something to the ocean.  Yet, we all sit on the edge, hanging tightly onto the strings that surround us.  It is because we believe.

There have been countless times when I have the urge to let go.  I let go of the strings that are dependent on me, and allow them to fall into the ocean.  Once I let go, I have nothing.  There is absolutely nothing left for me, and all I am left with is my reflection in the sea of what was once mine.

It is a frightening thing to imagine myself free of all attachments, just drifting along with the wind.  With nothing, I also have no reason, no purpose.  All I am left with is the distance between me and the ocean.  Emptiness on top of emptiness, it is not even worth it to measure the distance.

So I keep holding on.  I believe.  At the end of all of the strings is something that is mine.  I have a reason, a purpose to use my tight grip.  The payoff is that I have something rather than nothing.  My reason to believe is simply believing that I have a reason.

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An impending new year gives rise to reflection and goal setting. What will your goals for 2014 be? It’s never to early to start thinking about self improvement!

Let’s be realistic- how many of us have really reached one of our new year resolutions?  Not many.  We set unrealistic goals and when obstacles get in our way of reaching those goals, we simply give up and push them off to next year’s new year resolution.  And I’ll be honest- I am one of these people.

This year, I am going to change it up and actually fulfill my resolution.  I will not go with the trend of having many resolutions and not fulfilling any of them completely.  Rather, I will have one goal and I will reach it.  I will spend 2014 fulfilling that resolution passionately and fully.  Now, what exactly is this goal?  To get fit.

That’s right.  Being fit is caring for your body, your health (physically and mentally), and those around you.  2013 was a rough year that impacted my well-being as a whole and I definitely do not wish to return to that point.  I am already starting to make changes and I already feel so much better.  I can’t imagine how I will feel a year from now if I keep it up.  Some of the stuff that I am doing include eating organic and working out on a regular basis.  Nothing too crazy, but surprisingly, eating healthier and exercise can do wonders.  I feel more focused, happy, and unstressed.

It’s all about finding what works.  So I hope to continue to get fit and put myself in a new position in life.  And do not get me wrong- I still face frustrations and obstacles, but I have learned to deal with these stresses.  When I need to clear my mind and relax, I gym it.  😀

Sooo… reflecting on the me in 2013, I am not so proud of myself.  But I am happy where I am going and hope that it keeps getting better.

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Are you good at what you do? What would you like to be better at.

I am an accountant.  Well, technically, I am still a student but my major is accounting and I plan on charging head first into the realm of public accounting after graduation.  It is a scary thought that I have roughly a year and a half left of school and then I transform into an adult.  And to be honest, I’m not really good at accounting.

Accounting is quite difficult and not as boring as the media plays it out to be.  Rather, it’s a very complex game of Sudoku (and a little cat and mouse) to me.  In Sudoku, each number is positioned with the utmost care and there has to be a reason why you put the number where you placed it.  Similarly, in accounting, each number you see on the financial statements represents something and is placed where it is for a reason (with the exception of plug numbers… they’re just plugs).  Now, I’m very skilled in Sudoku, but accounting?  Not so much.

The difference between accounting and Sudoku is that Sudoku is all about the numbers.  Accounting factors in more than just numbers.  It is a business job and in business, you need class and confidence.  These two things are gained through experience and practice.

I’m not perfect and I do not come from a family of business people.  But I am learning how to eat properly, order wine, compose business emails, perfect my resume and cover letters, create business cards, dress for success, make small talk, etc. etc… While I have all of those checked off, I am still missing one thing-


I cannot play golf, I do not understand golf, I do not speak golf.

Golf is THE business sport and I know nothing but Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson.  Of course golfing is not a necessary skill to have to succeed in accounting, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to play!

In all seriousness though, I still have a long way to go before I can say I am confident in what I do.  In terms of technical skills, I am glad that I will have training with the firm I work at.  And everything else?  Well, there is something called mistakes and we learn best from those.  Plus, I am constantly networking to practice for the real thing.  😉

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Most of us are excellent at being self-deprecating, and are not so good at the opposite. Tell us your favorite thing about yourself.

As humans, it natural that we criticize and find faults in ourselves.  We rarely think about the positive things about ourselves because we want to improve ourselves.  With that said, we must constantly evaluate ourselves for points of improvement.  However, always looking for faults in ourselves is kind of… pessimistic.  It is good for us to look at the positive points of ourselves every once in awhile.

On a different level, I believe that Western and Eastern cultures have different opinions about finding good things about ourselves.  Growing up in western society, I have found that I am encouraged to flaunt my talents and skills.  For example, in job interviews and on resumes, the idea is that I have to almost “brag” about my abilities.  On the other hand, I also grew up in a traditional Chinese household, where “saving face” is extremely important.  In this sense, I was taught to make sure that I brag about myself modestly.  After staying in Korea, I found that they also applied a similar concept of bragging about oneself modestly in their culture.  For example, in western society, if a person commented on how fast I can type on a computer, I would probably respond by saying that I had worked at an insurance company for 5 years and acquired the skill- blah blah blah.  In contrast, in eastern society, I would respond by saying no I’m really not that great at typing.  I remember being in Korea and when family friends/elders commented on how me and my friend were beautiful, I would say “아니에요, 아니에요…” and look down while my friend would say “감사합니다.”  They laughed because my friend was an obvious foreigner, but commented that she wasn’t very modest.  My host dad later explained that saying “thank you” to such a remark meant that she knew she was beautiful, therefore not acting very modest.

So… where am I going with this whole speech?

Well, I think it’s very hard for me to think about what’s my favorite thing about myself because I do consider modesty, even if this is a prompt and I am only typing it on my blog.  I’ve never seriously thought about what I liked myself because it just felt weird to think “I like myself because _______.”

I spent nearly half the day thinking about my good qualities and I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I really like how passionate I am.  Once I find something that I am passionate about, I put all I have into it.  This quality definitely stresses me out constantly, but I don’t think I would be where I am now if I didn’t possess this quality.  Most people have one true passion, but I have several- and it’s okay to have more than one.  There are things that I come across and they move me in some way to make me passionate about it.  For example, I am passionate about NK/SK relations and it has led me to study Korean so that I can communicate with defectors.

It’s really hard to explain to other people why I love my sense of passion so much.  But I know that being so passionate makes me happy and gives me motivation.  I’ve never liked doing anything without a purpose… quite frankly, I hate wasting time.  Passion gives me a reason.

When it comes to what I like about myself, there are many options- eyes, hair, lips, personality, etc.  Those are all things that other people can “brag” about.  I want to “brag” about something that no one else can.

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Picture the one person in the world you really wish were reading your blog. Write her or him a letter.


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