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I couldn’t take it anymore… I had to watch a horror film.  It had felt like years since I watched ノロイNoroi… so I went on a quest for a good, solid horror movie.  The result?  I found a Taiwanese slasher flick called 绝命派对 Invitation Only (2009) by Kevin Ko.  Little did I expect the Taiwanese to produce such gore and blood- my original intention was a Japanese or Korean horror film.  But I saw the Taiwanese flag next to the film name and I scratched my head.  The link led me to the film page and it said that it was billed “Taiwan’s First-Ever Slasher Horror.”  Indeed I was curious.

The plot is as follows:

There is this big event planned for the rich and famous.  5 of the people who attend happen to be invited by their rich bosses.  An evening of fun and living the high life turns deadly when they find themselves as torture toys for the rich- their pain and agony is part of the evening’s scheduled shows.

As you can see, the plot is very basic… similar to most horror/slasher films such as “I Know What You Did Last Summer”, “Final Destination”, “Prom Night”, “Cabin Fever”, etc.  However, this movie is a big deal because it is pretty damn good for the Taiwanese to be able to produce such a realistically gory film as this one.  It’s their FIRST ever slasher film!  The Japanese and Korean had to have a starting point for their horror films… and now they’ve escalated to great works.  I’m hoping the Taiwanese can now improve and move onto more horror films.  This one was typical, so maybe the next one can be more original?  hehehe~

Some notable scenes…

The first scene was kind of irrelevant to the movie if you ask me.  It gave me a little hint as to what was ahead, but I guess it was what happened at the party the previous year?  Nonetheless, it gave me the heebie jeebies… especially when the girl drops the purse and a head rolls out.  O.O

The most gruesome gore from this movie HAS TO BE the torture scenes.  There’s nothing like old-fashioned poking and prodding with sharp objects in front of an audience.

There are 2 major torture scenes that are just… incredible.  Not so much in the sense that people are being killed in an inhumane way, but more like the thought that humans even came up with such techniques of killing.

The scene of the woman in the purple dress being tortured is just painful to watch.  First she gets paralyzed with some chemical so that she can’t move a muscle while feeling all that pain.  Then she gets parts of her cheek cut out… stuffed with salt crystals… and to top it all, a cloth is stapled over her face.  Can you even imagine the pain of it all????????

And the next one, even worse than the girl in purple, is the torture of the insecure man.  I may not be a man, but I have a good idea how much getting clipped in the nuts can hurt.  Even before we watch the actual torture scene, we see that this man already has fingers cut off… a swollen grapefruit of an eye… and he’s as dirty as ever.  Then we are introduced to the torture he will be receiving… which is demonstrated on a mouse/rat thing.  Some clip is attached to the mouse/rat and on the other end of the wire is some electrifying thing that sends electricity to the other end and fries the object.  And so the guy proceeds to attach the clipper end to the insecure guy’s nuts.  Of course, the insecure guy is flipping out because his nuts are going to get clipped, so he freaks out and starts to hop around while still being chained to the metal post.  Then… the inevitable… the guy clips it!  And damn is it gross.  The nuts area starts to pool with blood and I’m about to puke from watching it happen… but they rip off the tape on the insecure guy’s mouth and he spits out a mouthful of brownish puke!  So sickened… there’s more: the electrifying part.  I shall not go into details… but the result is a fried nut and a dead man.  

Other gross scenes include when the guy, Wade, hides under a tarp of some sort and turns his face and sees the girl he was with earlier that night… except now she’s decapitated.  The scene is kind of dark… but whatever, I caught a glimpse. >.<

And the last noteworthy scene is the one where Wade is cutting his own thumb off with a plier in order to slip his hand out of the cuffs and escape.  Yea, just take a moment to process how that feels…

Aside from just blood and gore… this movie did have a point.  A statement was being made about the rich and the poor.  “The rich will always get what they want and can get away with anything… on the other hand, the poor will always be losers.”

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It was only recently that 蔡依林 Jolin Tsai came out with her own fashion line, Seventy Two Changes.  She premiered with her line at Fashion Week a few months ago and her clothes are now sold in the U.S.

Though her apparel line is fairly new, I am amazed by her taste in fashion.  Here I thought she just had a great voice, dancing skills, and intelligence.  Like those aren’t enough talents, she is also very familiar with couture.  If you hadn’t had a chance to look at some of her designs, I’ve included some photos for you…


I know there aren’t that many ads or photos of her clothes yet, but with the ones I’ve currently seen amaze me.  Her line is very representative of her style, which I adore.  The clothes have a fun but simple style to it.  I mean, I would wear most of her clothes… probably to a party or something.  They seem very fit for a fun night out.

I definitely hope that I will see the same quality clothes at her next appearance at Fashion Week.  Maybe she won’t be like all of the other celebrities who’ve created fashion lines… Perhaps, her clothing and designs will continue to have… substance.

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