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It was only recently that 蔡依林 Jolin Tsai came out with her own fashion line, Seventy Two Changes.  She premiered with her line at Fashion Week a few months ago and her clothes are now sold in the U.S.

Though her apparel line is fairly new, I am amazed by her taste in fashion.  Here I thought she just had a great voice, dancing skills, and intelligence.  Like those aren’t enough talents, she is also very familiar with couture.  If you hadn’t had a chance to look at some of her designs, I’ve included some photos for you…


I know there aren’t that many ads or photos of her clothes yet, but with the ones I’ve currently seen amaze me.  Her line is very representative of her style, which I adore.  The clothes have a fun but simple style to it.  I mean, I would wear most of her clothes… probably to a party or something.  They seem very fit for a fun night out.

I definitely hope that I will see the same quality clothes at her next appearance at Fashion Week.  Maybe she won’t be like all of the other celebrities who’ve created fashion lines… Perhaps, her clothing and designs will continue to have… substance.

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