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After watching this week’s episode of Law & Order: SVU, I was reminded of Rep. Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” theory.  When his controversial statement first went public, I disregarded the entire thing as trash.  I gave no attention to Todd Akin and “legitimate rape” because I didn’t want to waste my time contemplating such a garbage and ridiculous statement.

Less than a year later, here I am, putting some time and thought into this “legitimate rape” theory.  The expert witness on SVU testified that “the body shuts down ovulation under stress of legitimate rape.”  And wait- it gets better- one juror actually bought this nonsense and obstructed the conviction… of a rapist.

Here’s my problem: Todd Akin apologized and “took back” his words because he was hurting the Republican party AND Mitt Romney.  But I’m sure Akin still believes in legitimate rape… I mean, it takes more than a public outrage to change a person’s personal opinion.  With that said, there is probably a handful… or a group of… people out there who believe in this legitimate rape myth that has been chiefly propagandized by Dr. John Willke.  Willke has been published in fringe anti-abortion journals and strongly promotes the notion that women rarely become pregnant after being raped because of natural physiological defenses against pregnancy.

Ok, so we are supposed to believe that rape victims can control whether or not they get pregnant after a rape… because apparently they are so emotionally traumatized that their eggs can’t be fertilized… by mind control.  Yes- and I just became the Queen of Nova Scotia.

When a woman sticks to her story and says she was raped, we can at least give her the benefit of the doubt and fairly see the case in court.  And if she’s pregnant and decides to keep the baby, well that sits as evidence of the rape.  Certainly… it does not mean that because she is pregnant, she wasn’t raped.  There just… isn’t logic connecting the two ends.

If anything, this whole “legitimate rape” theory seems to kick itself repeatedly.  Think about it this way- let’s say legitimate rape is true.  Well, we can’t really count on physiological functions to be accurate all the time because things happen.  And so a woman gets raped, her physiological reaction is “broken” at the time and she gets pregnant by her rapist.  Now, she can’t cry rape because she’s pregnant… which means her rape wasn’t legitimate.  Shoot.  What does she do now?  ABORTION (maybe illegally depending on the laws in this “legitimate rape” world”).  Wait, I’m sorry, but isn’t this whole legitimate rape idea supporting pro-life?  I think that wall just fell down… just as the Berlin Wall collapsed…

The victim in SVU has to continually suffer and face her rapist (for child visitation rights) due to that one juror who believed in the botched theory.  So this is fiction, it’s going to happen in real-life one of these days.  And what if it happens to you?  to your friend?  to a family member?

There is absolutely no basis in Willke’s theory.  I am not really sure where he got those funky ideas from, but to be honest, one has to be pretty stupid to buy it.  And sure he is a doctor, but he is not a female.  What does he know about being raped and the consequences of rape (emotionally and physically)?  Does he really know what goes on in a woman’s mind and body during rape?  The answer is NO.  Only rape victims know… because they experience the torture first-hand.  Willke really has no right to judge whether or not a rape was legitimate.

Please don’t believe this “legitimate rape” trash… it’s like believing Nazism.

If you do, I just might have to pull out the “Chewbacca defense.”

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I usually read entertainment news carelessly because it’s gossip- we believe what we want to believe.  But recently, Park Si-hoo, a Korean actor, is in the spotlight for rape.  Whether or not the allegations against him are true is not what I’m concerned with because I leave that sort of stuff to law enforcement, aka people who have expertise on investigating and judging these cases.  What I am concerned with is the reaction from Koreaboos to this story.

To be honest, I did not even know about this news until I saw posts after posts after posts from Park Si-hoo fans defending him on tumblr.  Why should I care?  People have the right to express their opinions, right?  Well, I am concerned with what the concept of “Korea” has done to these Koreaboos.  Kpop fanatics and Koreaboos have never been on my good side… the crazed mindset that they MUST go to Korea to find their “oppa” and the shameful pronunciations of random Korean words learned from dramas have always irked me.

I never believed that those crazy, obsessive behaviors would develop into … the ideology they believe in nowadays.  And the Park Si-hoo case clearly showcases their new values and beliefs.  Think about it this way- if the characters in this story were replaced with everyday average joes, no one would care about who raped who… and even if people did care, the accused is usually at fault (I do account for those once in a blue moon times where the girl cries wolf).  However, because this involves Park Si-hoo, a high-profile actor- wait, no- a KOREAN high-profile actor, suddenly the victim is blamed for being drunk and Park Si-hoo, the precious “oppa” is incapable of raping.

For those of you who do not know about the case, here is the story in a nutshell: a 22 year old aspiring starlet met Park Si-hoo at a bar, got super drunk, Park Si-hoo then took her home with him, she passed out in his apartment, woke up and alleges that Park Si-hoo raped her while she was unconscious.  As in most rape cases, the accused usually denies the allegations.

To me, this sounds like any other rape case I would read in the newspaper in any given country.  But because this took place in KOREA and involved a hot Korean actor, the story is viewed differently by Koreaboos.  Suddenly, Koreaboos think they are experts of the law in Korea and analyze the “rape laws, statistics, and age of consent” in Korea.  My question is, why do those even matter???  Rape is rape EVERYWHERE, and no matter the country, rape is NOT okay.  Also, the victim is 22 years old- age of consent is not a problem.  She is an adult- I mean, 30+ year old women get raped too and no one seems to care.  This girl is 22 and suddenly her age matters, for technicality, because the guy who she claims raped her “would never do such a thing.”  If such a high-profile case took place here in the US, I doubt people would analyze the laws and statutes as much as these Koreaboos are doing now.  We all know that this case is being magnified because it is in Korea and it involves a “hot oppar.”

It is highly unacceptable to pull random and false information out of nowhere in order to justify Park Si-hoo’s actions.  We don’t even know the whole story!  These Koreaboos believe what they want to believe, but rape cases are different.  They can’t just stick to their mindset that Park Si-hoo cannot do any wrong.  They need to open their minds and understand that there is a possibility he may be at fault.  I hate to break it to Koreaboos, but Park Si-hoo is human.  There was one post where a fan stated that even if Park Si-hoo did rape the girl, the girl is at fault too because she was drunk.  Okay, so she was drunk… doesn’t mean Park Si-hoo has a right to rape her.  She may have been unconscious but she wasn’t “inviting rape” by being drunk.

Another post claimed that Park Si-hoo is so hot and sexy that he “doesn’t need to rape women” and that the woman getting “raped by Park Si-hoo is lucky.”  Um- I think the problem with that statement is blatantly obvious.  When you’re famous and sexy, it doesn’t mean you get pardoned for rape.  In a country where “saving face” is really important, this girl was brave for coming out with this accusation… especially against a high-profile actor.  She finds the courage to step up and all these Koreaboos make her out to be the bad guy.

Koreaboos- have you no shame?  I’m starting to think “your kind” needs an ethics class… to teach you what ethics and morality are.

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