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It’s summertime.  It’s hot.  I’m sweaty, you’re sweaty.  What to do?  EAT 팥빙수 Patbingsu~!

I’ve never tried this “팥빙수 Patbingsu” before, but man does it look delicious!  Apparently, it’s a really popular snack/dessert in South Korea that people love to chow on during the summer months.  The yummy 팥빙수 Patbingsu is basically shaved ice and sweetened azuki beans.  But nowadays, there are variations of 팥빙수 Patbingsu in which other things are added to the dessert either for taste purposes or for appearance purposes.  Whatever they do with 팥빙수 Patbingsu, I still drool at the sight of it!  Hahah…

Now, the real attractiveness about 팥빙수 Patbingsu is that it looks very fresh and colorful.  I’m not a fan of artificial foods or anything that looks plastic.  I only eat natural and healthy foods because, as they always say, “you are what you eat.”  So, I try to keep my diet in check and I hope that my skin reflects that. OO”

Any who, 팥빙수 Patbingsu…  From pictures, it is always decorated with freshly cut fruits and my goodness, are there A LOT of fruits.  wahaha~ I think the variety of fruits gives it color and life.  *drool*

There’s really not much else I can say about 팥빙수 Patbingsu because I’ve never eaten the dessert… So I don’t want to blab on about something I haven’t even tasted.  In essence, all I can do now is hope that I’ll have the opportunity to try 팥빙수 Patbingsu when I go to Korea this August.  Soooo looking forward to it!  I’ll definitely blog about it if I do get the chance.  I mean, this is something that I wouldn’t be able to hold back from my wordpress!  Mmmmmm 팥빙수 Patbingsu~

팥빙수 Patbingsu, here I come!

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Food Fuels My Life

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