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Secret Escape

A sanctuary is a place you can escape to, to catch your breath and remember who you are. Write about the place you go to when everything is a bit too much.

Everyone needs a getaway once in awhile… or every so often in my case.  Since coming to San Diego, I felt like I lost control of my life.  Many people think that San Diego is an escape in itself- the perfect vacation location, a paradise heaven.  Well… not so much for me.  If anything, my life has been mostly miserable here and sometimes I question why I am still here.  I keep telling myself to push through 2.5 more years of college here and then I can… leave… at last.  Life here has become increasingly difficult within this past year.  Each passing day gets tougher and tougher and yet I cannot pack my bags and move on.  Life is full of responsibilities and decisions have consequences- so I am taking responsibility and dealing with the consequences.

Thankfully, I found my oasis here in San Diego to help me through the tough times.  When so many things in my life go wrong at once or people drive me to the edge… I go to my oasis.  There, I find my sanity and a reason to survive.

My oasis is at the edge of the world, dangling above bustling lives.  When I am there, I enjoy the constant blow of the gentle breeze that leaves my hair in a light tangle.  There is a comfort in watching the rest of the world speed past me while I am held, paused, in time.

Most of the time, the edge is mine- silent except the sound of the wind blowing and naturally empty.  The edge is also very cold.  I tell myself that it is cold because it is empty and lonely.  But I need to be alone, so I must accept the cold.

Sometimes I just sit on the edge and look around below me.  Other times, I lie on the edge of the world and watch the clouds travel across the sky with intermittent appearances of the leaves that dangle above me.  Whether I am sitting or lying down on the edge of the world, I close my eyes to escape the blinding slice of sunlight.  Once I close my eyes, I let everything go, leaving only silence and darkness.

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