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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Our second day in Beijing started with a trip to the Tiananmen Square.  We had to wheel my father around in a wheelchair so that he could see the wonderful sights as well.  There were A LOT of people there that day- mostly Chinese tourists from other parts of China.  It was also very windy… Finally, I was able to see for myself what the Tiananmen Square looked like.  I had always seen pictures of the place in my textbooks and stuff, but never with my own eyes.  It was a great sight- and very cool to see Mao’s picture hahah.

While were there, we also wanted to see Mao’s preserved body.  The line was super long and it was a hassle to get in because they required your passport and there was a dress code and all.  Because I was wearing flip-flops, I could not go in. 😦  So, my sister and my mom went in instead.  I waited with my father at the Square.  When they finally came back (after a super long wait), they said that it wasn’t much… in fact, they didn’t even get to take a good look because the guards pushed them along.  XP

For lunch, we had some dumplings (Northern China is known for their “man tou” and dumplings).  We ordered a variety of dumplings and some other stuff.  I really liked the dumpling with the shrimp and cucumber filling… and the “pi-dong” was really good too. ^_^

Then my mom, my sister, and I all went to perm our hair.  It was a pretty fancy place… my sister had some nice stylists and her noob was pretty cool I guess- since she held some good convos with my sister.  BUT, I got a complete noob- he wasted so much time doing stuff to my hair only to take it apart and call the “lao shi,” or teacher, over and re-do everything.  So, I’m going to keep referring to him as noob. lol- he seriously was a NOOB.  And our whole time together was awkward- he started off washing my hair and water splashed in my eye.  >.<  Then when I had to go back to my seat, I completely missed the fact that there was a 1 level step to get down and almost fell.  Later on he did try to hold a decent conversation with me, but I didn’t really get what he was saying- rather, the “lao shi” was a little more comprehensible.  Yea… that was my noob- small eyes, not comprehensible… and uh slightly awkward- good times.

After that, we headed down to “Wang Fu Jing,” or the Beijing Night Market.  Lots of people were crammed there (obv.) and so we had to watch out for pick-pocketing people.  My mom bought my sister and I “Bing Tang Hu Lu” which was pretty good.  And then we had some corn from the night market… my dad ate some weird “creature” thing- not really sure what it was… and my mom had a bowl of noodles.  We bought some Beijing snacks and called it a night.  Our “train” back to Shanghai was that night so we had to get to the station- it was time to part with our good ol’ Beijing driver who took care of us during our whole trip in Beijing.  Even at the station, he accompanied my father everywhere and bought a ticket to get into the boarding area to help my father on and fold the wheelchair.  He was such a sweet guy, my family was really lucky to have met such a good person during our time in Beijing. 🙂

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