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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We spent the night on the China Railway System so that we could maximize our time in Beijing.  So Tuesday, we arrived in Beijing early in the morning.  My mom found us a designated driver for our Beijing trip (aren’t we lucky?) and our first stop was the Great Wall.  The weather was extremely hot, the air quality sucked, and the drive to the Great Wall was very long.  But, alas, we made it to the Great Wall.  I wore my heels that day… bad idea since the Great Wall was extremely difficult to walk on.  I made sure I didn’t fall though… my dad on the other hand… well… he did fall.  The Great Wall hasn’t been repaired in awhile so parts of the walk are rocky and hole-y.  My dad, being that one of his legs was struck with polio as a child, is kind of fragile… esp. on the Great Wall.  Unfortunately, he broke his foot on his way to the Great Wall.  Slipped, fell, and BAM- the bone snapped.  While he was in pain, my mom and I were careful not to hurt ourselves since we both had heels on.  My sister, on the hand, had flat on- lucky.  So our time on the Great Wall wasn’t THAT enjoyable… my dad had a tough time getting back to the car.  When we did, our driver was extremely helpful- he drove us to a Chinese medicine doctor (since going to a hospital would entail my dad staying there for an extended period of time and we were leaving at the end of the week).  And uh… our driver actually transported my dad to the doctor on his back- now the driver is a small man… my dad is a heavy set man.  I don’t understand how the driver was able to breathe with my dad on his back.

Now that’s called dedication… lol.  Anyway… the Chinese doctor put some powder on his foot/ankle area and wrapped it up.  If you look at the picture above, you can see the foot on the right is quite swollen.  So, we decided to place my dad in the hotel room first before my mom took my sister and I out for a little more Beijing fun… It was quite unfortunate that my dad could not come with us. 😦

So, my mom visited Yi He Yuan (Summer Palace) with me and my sister.  The palace is obviously now a tourist site… but it used to be the palace of Empress Cixi. 

After we left Yi He Yuan, we went back to the hotel to get my dad for dinner.  We decided to go to Quan Ju De- the most famous restaurant in Beijing for its Peking Duck!  Not to our surprise, the food there was indeed DELICIOUS.

Finally, after dinner, our driver led us to the Tianamen Square for a night view.  He told us that the night view is far more beautiful than the day view…

… And so that was our first day in Beijing.

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