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chinese take out

OMGGGZZZZZ!  Today I was sooooo hungry!!!!!  I ate breakfast at like 9:30ish and then didn’t have food until like 8:45 at night!!!!!!!!  It was driving me crazzyyyy!  And this morning, I didn’t even have much.  I ate some rice with pickeled cucumbers, “jiang”, “ga zhi”, and “you tiao”.  That was it.  And then it all went downhill when my parents left the house.  They had some errands to run, so I was left all alone… EXCEPT they didn’t leave any food for me!  And there was like nothing in the house… AT ALL!  So basically the entire day, I was ranting to myself about how hungry I was.  My stomach was even gurgling!  And what’s worse is that I couldn’t even concentrate on the work I was doing!!!  Hunger drove me absolutely insane.

And here comes the not so happy ending:

My parents finally came home around 7:30.  I was hoping that they brought home sushi for me, but they didn’t. 😦 O well.  Anyways, even though they came home, my Dad still had to pick up dinner.  It turns out they didn’t eat the entire day either.  So, my Dad was getting Chinese Take Out for us.  I was sooooo excited!  FOOD HERE I COME!  When it was here, OMGGZZZ I wanted it soooo bad!  Finally, around 8:30, the food was being served onto plates!  There was rice, broccoli and chicken, and duck.  Yum.  But sadly, I was so hungry, I was like, BINGING!  So crazzzy.  And then after I “binged”, I felt so guilty for eating sooo much chinese take out food, aka Fake Chinese Food.  Now, at this moment, I’m still feeling guilty…  What a day, right?

So here’s the moral of the story: Despite hunger, never become a savage! (sounds familiar, eh? *cough cough* Lord of the Flies)

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