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Day 4:

As usual, there was early breakfast.  It was okay though since I got up early anyway.  First up after breakfast at Cafe Khini was a lecture known as Survival Korean Language.  This was the second survival korean class… I must say, the class did not help with my survival korean at all… The class led me no where… I was still as foreign as an alien on Earth.  Plus, the lady teaching us made me very nervous…  She tended to randomly ask people to say what we learned on a mic in front of everyone.  Oof… speaking that she didn’t do a very good job teaching, it was quite a scary experience.  Whenever she wandered close to my seat with the mic, I would literally start to panic!  aiiiishhhh…..thank goodness she never asked me… woo~ on top of all that, the camera man would stick the cam in front of our faces and film our horrified faces!  😐

When lecture was over, we had about half an hour before lunch.  A couple of people and I hopped into the 7th floor lounge to watch some T.V.  lol we switched to a show that was the exact Korean version of the Chinese show “Let’s Date!” haha~ and the host of the show was Dong Yup, the guy who hosted Explorers of the Human Body.  I was like, “say what?”  haha~

Anyways, at around 1:00 PM, we left for our visit to Samsung D’light.  Totally hoping for a gift bag or something from Samsung, but that never happened.  Instead, we had about an hour or so to look around Samsung.  I’ll be honest, the trip was pretty boring~ It was basically a building with a whole bunch of Samsung products… the typical phones, cameras, TV’s, etc.  My friends and I took a couple of shots that showed up on the huge screen… and the pics were supposed to email to me… but they never sent!  aiiiiyaaa they were cute pics too! haha~  But we were told that Korean companies like Samsung were conglomerates, meaning that they make everything!  ahha this was really funny because all my life, I’ve known Samsung for electronics.  But I found out that Samsung also makes clothing, toothpaste, etc.  Really?  lol “I brush my teeth with Samsung toothpaste.” or “I’m wearing a Samsung shirt.” Weird.

After Samsung, the last activity at night was Taekwondo.  Oh boy… where do I begin… despite the fact that it was evening, the humidity still stuck!  and we had to walk all the way to the Yonsei gym where Taekwondo class was to be held.  After the long trek, I expected an air conditioned gym.  WRONG.  The gym was 10 degrees hotter than outside!  *gulp* and so Taekwondo class didn’t even begin and I was drenched in sweat.  Overall the class was not as great as I had expected.  I didn’t even have enough power in my “HUH’s”… and I was all sweaty and the camera man stuck the camera in my face… aiii….. never doing Taekwondo ever again!~

Day 5:

The morning passed by fairly slow.  But I did find the lecture on Korea-U.S. Relationship quite interesting.  In my school, at least, Korea has never really received the attention it deserves.  So, I learned quite a bit about Korea in relation to the U.S.  I mean, I never realized how important the relationship between the two countries are.  And I’m not going to spoil all that I have to say here because I want to save some stuff to discuss in my ASU club this year ;D  haha~ Any who, the highlights of day 5 were the Mizy Center visit and NANTA.  I’ll begin with Mizy… so the Youth Network that I was a part of had to decorate “shoes of hope” that were to be donated to kids in developing countries.  In other words, we were coloring shoes that were going to be donated to poor kids who could not afford to buy shoes.

This event was actually really enjoyable!  During the coloring session, I met 2 Korean girls who were extremely nice and funny.  They decorated shoes with us while we all got to know each other.  A downside to this event was the time limit.  We had an hour to decorate a pair of converse high tops.  Oiii… the outsides of my shoes were really colored in and stuff but the insides were not as decorated as I would have liked them to be.  I didn’t even get to decorate the laces!  😦  Well, anyway, my messages of hope were “La vita e bella!” and “You are a superstar!” Pictures of it will be put up later on my blog… that is, when I’m finished blogging about my trip…

Between Mizy and NANTA, I hopped around the Sinchon area for a bit… Just a bunch of shopping stores on the streets.  Still not very comfortable, I did not wander too far….

Finally, the NANTA show!  weee~ I was very upset that I was too tired and ended up falling asleep for the first half of the show!  NANTA is supposed to be really good, and really popular for its funniness!  … and I missed half of it because I was super uber sleepy… T_T  But the second half of it did make me laugh a lot! lol it was a good show and I am very regretful that I did not get to watch it in full when I had the opportunity…  Hopefully, I will go back one day and watch it again… and I’ll sleep and rest the day before I go! haha~

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Credit to National Geographic

More than ever, I am anticipating the trip to South Korea this coming August.  Less than 2 months away, I am actively planning out everything. In the midst of this planning and searching, I found an itinerary of the trip.  Now, the following pictures are not mine… I just found them on google images.  So, apparently, this is a rough outline of what is in plan:

1st stop:  Shinchon Tour

Shopping, walking, sightseeing, etc.  around the Yonsei area.  Oi!  I’m most excited about the shopping… There’s nothing a girl would like better than to shop in the fashion center of East Asia~!

2nd stop: The DMZ Tour

A little historical touch~ I’m so excited to see the famous DMZ line.  Time to visit the area separating N. Korea and S. Korea with my very own eyes…

3rd stop: National Museum of Korea

I haven’t even been to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, yet I’ll see the National Museum of Korea first!  LOL… this is sad… I live right in NY too… Well, art is a beautiful thing that I would love to spend the time to observe… since I have never had the chance to do that in a respectable museum… yet. 😉

4th stop: Cheonggyecheon Stream

So, I’ll get to walk along the river… and from pictures I’ve seen, the stream is absolutely beautiful.  Yay!  I’m so happy that I’ll get the opportunity to visit the lovely waters… I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures… And I know some of you may think that it’s just water, but I think it’ll be prettier than some of the polluted bodies of water that I see here in America…

5th stop: Insadong

From what I know, Insadong is a cultural center.  I’m sooo looking forward to this because the area is filled with shops of cultural items.  The pictures that I’ve included here almost look like the Chinatowns and Flushings here in NY.  LOL… this should be exciting… I’m almost expecting Insadong to be the authentic version of Koreatown (which I’ve never been to).

6th stop: Gyeongbokgung Palace

Wahaha~ traditional palace of Korea!  Definitely highly anticipating this one!  The ancient architecture should be fascinating and anything traditional is usually pretty cool…. !  Probably lots of Korean history… lies in this palace.

7th stop: Homestay

Wooo~ this is as good as abroad goes!  Living with an actual Korean family and experiencing their culture and lifestyle hands-on is awesome!  I’ll be Korean for a few days, with a Korean family and all!  hahah~

8th stop: Hanok Tour

More tradition! … as a Hanok is a traditional Korean Village!

9th and final stop: Taekwondo Class

I’ve never flipped in the air.  No somersaulting, no flippies, no cartwheels, no nothing.  Taekwondo will be my first flip in the air (along with my other firsts in Korea).  H-a-p-p-y!  I’ll learn some cool moves and come back to the U.S. ready to kick some butt! HIIYYAAAA!



I’ll actually be experiencing lots of “firsts!”

Plus, on top of everything else, Big Bang‘s comeback is in August!  Yay~!

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