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Playing with Mud

The GIF above pretty much summarizes my summer job… just kidding…


Well, I’m back to my first paying job ever.  It’s very difficult to get a summer job these days… especially when employers find out that I am not going to college in the area.  I spent the majority of last summer searching and searching.  Almost every time, I was so close to being hired- until they found out that I go to school in California… such a turn-off.

This summer, I figured I should not waste time on applying and interviewing for jobs that I know I won’t get.  Oh and just on a side note, I think it is a kind of discrimination- positions should be held by people are who are capable and qualified… geographical location of college should not matter… I even brought up the fact that I can transfer out and then back whenever I am home.  I would still have skills…

But anyway, I went back to the good ol’ playground.  I like to think of this summer as my last summer as a “kid.”  And there is no better place to wrap up my childhood than here.  I was hoping to work with the little kids just because I love working with kids and they have a purity to them that people lose with age.  Annnnddd quite frankly, I am surrounded in a vicious field with gunner people.  I really wanted to spend my last summer as a kid… with kids- plain and simple.  But life doesn’t work like that, and I am working with 12-13 year olds.

So… I remember 7th grade as the period of time when girls smother themselves in make-up and dress inappropriately to gain attention for guys.  Oh and the girls like to be catty with one another and drown themselves with drama.  Well, this should be exciting!  I know that middle schoolers have changed greatly since I was in middle school… and to be honest, I’m not quite sure if that is a good or bad thing.

Today was my first day of training (I went through it once already… necessary for round 2???) and I felt like an 아줌마.  WOW, I was surprised at um, my “coworkers.”  I could not help but wonder how they were going to handle the kids… if they were acting like them… BUT I am not one to judge- it was just my observation.  And since there was a huge downpour yesterday (like… my phone went bizerk and gave me a flash flood warning), it was muddy everywhere, EVERYWHERE.  I made a poor decision by wearing flip-flops because there was this once spot that was like… quicksand and when we all stepped on it, we realized we were sinking.  Yes, we ran for our dear lives.  Yes, my feet and toenails are all black and brown now.

One day of training down, another 32013498498372498734032 to go.  No but really, that’s how many days it feels like.  It’s okay though, I will survive.

OH and it turns out that my division head is my high school Italian teacher’s sister.  What a surprise that was!

I hope this summer is a good one- I’m still on the fence about how I feel.  Half of me wants this type of summer, where I bum around and have fun, forever.  And the other half wants this to be the last so that I can transition into adulthood by next summer and start doing… adult summer things (Thirsty Thursdays with the coworkers after work?  Bowling on Saturday nights with the coworkers?  Dinner at a 5 star hotel with coworkers?)- I think you get my point.

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This was my first summer break from college, which meant that for the first time, I don’t have work due when I go back to school.  You would think that a free summer would be fantastic, but to be honest it wasn’t that great.  I used to imagine ALL the things I could be doing instead of summer work, but I’ve realized that those only stay in the imagination…

So let’s go over what I DID do this summer… and I’m pretty sure you’ll come to the same conclusion: BORING.

  1. I tried catching up on some shows/dramas- I watched City Hunter, BIG, and Project Runway Korea Seasons 1+2… and then I started to get bored of sitting on my butt all day watching shows.  Let’s just say that sitting in front of a computer screen all day takes a toll on the brain and eyes…
  2. I applied for many, many jobs… and was offered nothing… why?  BECAUSE I DON’T GO TO COLLEGE CLOSE ENOUGH. yea… apparently these employers want college students from the island… and since I go to school all the way in Cali, they can offer me nothing, nada.  Dang…. this is discrimination against far away college students.
  3. Working towards getting my driver’s license!  I have my road test in less than 2 weeks and I’ve been practicing driving with my pops and my driving instructor.  I’ve been trying to polish my parallel parking but it’s so hard to get it perfect.  >.<  I really, really hope to pass my road test the first time around so that I can get my license and be off on my merry way.  Wish me luck yallllll~
  4. Fixing this blog- a word of advice to all you bloggers: NEVER ABANDON YOUR BLOG(S).  Seriously.  I’ve been working so hard to dust off this blog, so much garbage I needed to clean up around here.  And everything’s been putting me in a doozy ((O_O)).
  5. PA work.  I’m going to be a PA this upcoming school year so I’ve had to complete some tasks… not fun… planning this and that and that and this… dude, the freshman better like me and the events I put together for them.
  6. Eating lots of yummy food I can’t eat when I’m away at college.  Honestly, NY has the best, THE BEST food.  Eating in Cali is just not the same- not many options… I mean, come to NY and you will understand.  But this isn’t good- I’m eating good food and sitting on my butt all day.  Do you know what this equation equals?  PACKIN’ ON DA POUNDS.  I am going back to school and jogging every morning.  I need to get into better shape and I will stick to the plan… for real this time… because I put it in this blog~~ O_<
  7. Sleeping -_- Hey, at least I’m replenishing some energy I lost while I was at school.

I wish I traveled somewhere this summer.  I would have felt much more productive…

o god o god~~ bringing in the tears~~ missing Korea again.  *sigh*

I wonder when I’ll be able to visit Korea again- seriously, that place felt right.  I need to go back.

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With the conclusion of my Physics exam on Tuesday, Summer 2010 began.


The first half of my summer will officially begin this coming Monday.

For the first time in my life, I will have my very first job as a camp counselor.

The exciting part is meeting the kids and being able to interact with new people.

I need  a change in environment and this job is offering me this opportunity.

Where nothing exists but laughter and fun, I will be able to let myself go for 6 weeks.

Seems like everyone already has formed their own cliche, but I never expected any less.

I’ll just do my own thing and time will fly by.

Will the kids like me?  Am I doing the best that I can?  Have I become someone they can trust?

We’ll just have to find out Monday…


My last day at the camp will lead me right into South Korea.

How exciting it is to escape… somewhere far, far away.

Exotic excursions on foreign soil… digging depths into the past.

The people I am sick of being around, out of my sight.

Making new memories, friends.

What lies in Seoul, the Paris of South Korea?

Is something awaiting me there?


Indeed… summer has arrived.

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Finally, the weather is taking a beautiful turn.  I’m sick of looking at rain, wind, and darkness.  The temperature is rising and spring is beginning to bloom.  Amazing… 😉

However, I also kind of dread the arrival of Spring…..  I have mad allergies. XP  O dear, every year when pollen begins to disperse throughout the air, my suffering begins.  There is nothing worse than having itchy, watery eyes, sneeze attacks all the time, a stuffy nose, and a weakened immune system.  Sounds horrible, eh?  Imagine getting the worst of the worst of these symptoms!  And it sucks that AP season is in the midst of it all! (as are SAT II’s and finals, and regents exams)

Can you imagine trying to study for exams while fighting allergies?!  For the past few years, I’ve spent more time trying to widen my eyes and get rid of the water and itch than actually studying!  It’s absolutely painful!  And I remember last year when I was practicing an exam for AP World, every time I dropped my head a little lower to look at the page, my nose clogged up!  Tissues left and right and drippy, red eyes.  O gosh, and it doesn’t help that I live in a community where there are a lot of trees.  It’s nice, sure, but not when they start to bloom.

Then when allergy season is finally over, Autumn comes and lifts away every piece of leaf.  That means that during the Spring, my misery starts all over again,,, and again,,, and again,,, and so on….


Onto other topics, LOL, because I’m sure you don’t want to hear me whining about sucky allergies for an entire post (I can do that actually 😦 ), let’s talk about summer jobs.  Yes, the time has come for me to get a job so that I can contribute to my college tuition.  O everything seems to go so fast now!  In 1 more year, I’ll be in college… that’s just crazy…  And now, I’m already looking for a job!  gahhhhh~  Since I don’t have prior experience in working, I’m going to have to start small.  The  question is, where?  Well, I’m hoping to counsel kids… that’s for one.  I’ve already began the application process so no worries there…  Okay, but since many kids are looking for jobs right now, I might not even get a counseling job!  That’s not the important thing though… I kinda hope to tutor.

The only thing is that I don’t know where to begin to look for kids who need tutors over the summer.  I mean, I can soooo tutor kids for the English, Math, or World History regents exams… or just those subjects in general.  But where do I find these kids who need my tutoring?!  Most likely, these parents will find professional tutors, such as from companies or professors.  Therefore, I’m offering low rates (haven’t decided yet, but I’m considering $15 per hour) for temporary tutoring over the summer.  You know?  If a parent wants to save money and just boost up their child’s grades a little bit, I can totally do that!  *sigh*

If you are reading this post, help me spread the word that I can tutor over the summer!  Pleassseeee~!  And if you or anyone you know needs a tutor, let me know!  Leave me a comment on this post and I’ll talk with you further about this… Thankees 🙂

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