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1km is a Korean social networking application for smartphones.  This application is very popular among Koreans.  I downloaded this app about 6 months ago and so I decided to do a review on it for interested audiences. 🙂

Just so you know, this app is currently only available in Korean… knowing a little Korean is helpful in terms of navigating around on the app and communicating with people, since it is a social networking app…  My Korean is elementary and I am able to use the app without a problem.


  • For native Koreans, it is a very good app to meet other Koreans in the area-since the app extracts gps data.  I’ve met Koreans on the app who are traveling in the US and miss home, so they want to interact with other Koreans. 
  • For non-native Koreans, this app is a great way to practice reading and writing Korean.  Personally, I use the app to practice basic conversation skills and learn new phrases and vocabulary.  You’d be surprised, but I’ve learned quite a bit of vocabulary and grammar points through conversations.  Most of the time, if I did not understand a phrase, the other person would explain it in simpler terms that I did understand and THAT really helped. 


  • This app is filled with bullshitting bullshitters.  About a handful of people you talk to are genuine… and the rest lie… about everything.  Oh and probably because they have hidden motives-
  • Speaking of hidden motives, there are lots of old 아저씨s and young 변태s who will reach out to you.  It’s really disgusting when the old men send you pictures of themselves (to clarify, they send you photos of their faces… O_O) and ask for your pictures… Not going to lie, sometimes I gag.  A couple of times, I even had some 아저씨s ask me to marry them and “create a fairytale” with them.  On the other hand, the young 변태s act normal at first- we could be talking about butterflies and rainbows and suddenly they’ll turn the conversation 180 degrees and ask if I “like to have fun” or if I can send “sexy photos” of myself to them. 
  • It’s really a dating app.  This might be a pro to some people, but I think it’s a con.  I joined 1km to have genuine conversations but the majority of people on there want more than that (plus, they don’t even have genuine conversations!?).

The overall picture?  Well, 1km is just a community of old and young perverts (and “loose” women I guess since the girls on there want attention from men… pretty badly).  Scratch that- not everyone is bad on there.  Any social networking app/place has freaky and regular people… Also, I feel like the app is better utilized in Korea. So I like to keep the app around for my entertainment.  I don’t take everything that goes on there seriously… only the learning and practicing Korean part. 🙂

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 2/5

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Don’t lie, you’re addicted to facebook too.  I know you are.

LOL… don’t worry, many people are addicted to facebook.  It’s unhealthy, but it’s common.  I’ll admit, I’m part of the large percentage of facebook users who can’t stand to not look at my facebook for even one day.  Every day, I have to urge to scoot over to my computer and to click the “facebook” bookmark I have on my tabs.  From that point on, the clock ticks away as I aimlessly wander about facebook.  You see, this has become such a huge issue in my life that I decided to blog about it. 😀

Now, I don’t know why I’m so glued to FB, you’ll have to ask a psychologist about that.  But I do know that it has something to do with our social addiction in today’s world.  By this, I mean that we, representatives of our generation, are addicted to putting our noses in other people’s business and updating other people about our life… every second, every minute of it.  It’s pretty common for me to get onto my facebook and just read the newsfeed.  Who DOESN’T read it?  I mean, come on, it’s right there!  All 300+ live feeds waiting to be read… by you O.O spooky stuff…

And then besides feeling like a creeper by reading other people’s status’ and info, you have the urge to post your life onto that damn page!  Here’s a scenario of what happens when you log onto FB:

Ahhh I have a new friend request!  Let me see who it is… oi!  It’s “Mary”  from my science class!  *clicks add and reads page* wow! I didn’t know Mary was going out with “Todd.”  And would you look at that!  She’s showering now and wants people to “text it.”  Okay, I’m going back to my home page now…  ahhh 300+ live feeds, let’s see what people are up to…  hmmm I see that “Jack” is at his family barbecue, mhmmm and “Lisa” is going to dance and wants people to “leave one.”  What else, what else… O!  “Damien” is now single!

1 hour later:

Aha, this sticker “Tina” sent me is sooo hilarious!  OOoooOoO I’m gonna chat with “Devon” because he’s online… Maybe I should change my default picture now… Speaking of pictures, “Kylie” has an awesome profile pic!  I think I’m going to comment on it!

LOL I know that situation may have sounded a little silly, but it’s what happens, no?  It just goes on and on and on…  One thing leads to another and it’s only stalking that is happening! hahah I hate to be blunt, but it’s true!  Who would have thought that in the 21st century, such an invention would be made and cause us all to be lazy bums sitting in front of a computer glued to a boring networking site?  If you think about FB in terms of what it really is, there isn’t much to do on it.  But the fact that so many people are on there and the connection possibilities just attract us to the site!

But then again, even though FB is pretty pointless, I admit that there is some use in it.  For instance, for us students, homework help is a big thing.  Whenever I see someone’s status requesting help on some assignment, I contribute where I can.  And other people do it too!  That’s how those long threads are created lol…  I certainly know that if I needed help on something, I’d get on FB first thing because people that I can’t get into contact with may be on FB and could help me!  So FB isn’t necessarily a bad thing… just maybe a little bit bad for our health. 😀

So… the main point I’m getting at?  Well, FB has its pros and cons, but all I know is that we should perhaps limit our time on FB.  Rather, we should spend our time wisely pursuing other hobbies.  These days, I use FB purely to promote my blog sites (such as this one and my moshimoshi site).  On the occasion, I’ll chat with friends on the site and respond to status’, threads, and messages.  But overall, I’m almost complete with my rehab program for facebook addiction. 😀

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