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This was my first summer break from college, which meant that for the first time, I don’t have work due when I go back to school.  You would think that a free summer would be fantastic, but to be honest it wasn’t that great.  I used to imagine ALL the things I could be doing instead of summer work, but I’ve realized that those only stay in the imagination…

So let’s go over what I DID do this summer… and I’m pretty sure you’ll come to the same conclusion: BORING.

  1. I tried catching up on some shows/dramas- I watched City Hunter, BIG, and Project Runway Korea Seasons 1+2… and then I started to get bored of sitting on my butt all day watching shows.  Let’s just say that sitting in front of a computer screen all day takes a toll on the brain and eyes…
  2. I applied for many, many jobs… and was offered nothing… why?  BECAUSE I DON’T GO TO COLLEGE CLOSE ENOUGH. yea… apparently these employers want college students from the island… and since I go to school all the way in Cali, they can offer me nothing, nada.  Dang…. this is discrimination against far away college students.
  3. Working towards getting my driver’s license!  I have my road test in less than 2 weeks and I’ve been practicing driving with my pops and my driving instructor.  I’ve been trying to polish my parallel parking but it’s so hard to get it perfect.  >.<  I really, really hope to pass my road test the first time around so that I can get my license and be off on my merry way.  Wish me luck yallllll~
  4. Fixing this blog- a word of advice to all you bloggers: NEVER ABANDON YOUR BLOG(S).  Seriously.  I’ve been working so hard to dust off this blog, so much garbage I needed to clean up around here.  And everything’s been putting me in a doozy ((O_O)).
  5. PA work.  I’m going to be a PA this upcoming school year so I’ve had to complete some tasks… not fun… planning this and that and that and this… dude, the freshman better like me and the events I put together for them.
  6. Eating lots of yummy food I can’t eat when I’m away at college.  Honestly, NY has the best, THE BEST food.  Eating in Cali is just not the same- not many options… I mean, come to NY and you will understand.  But this isn’t good- I’m eating good food and sitting on my butt all day.  Do you know what this equation equals?  PACKIN’ ON DA POUNDS.  I am going back to school and jogging every morning.  I need to get into better shape and I will stick to the plan… for real this time… because I put it in this blog~~ O_<
  7. Sleeping -_- Hey, at least I’m replenishing some energy I lost while I was at school.

I wish I traveled somewhere this summer.  I would have felt much more productive…

o god o god~~ bringing in the tears~~ missing Korea again.  *sigh*

I wonder when I’ll be able to visit Korea again- seriously, that place felt right.  I need to go back.

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Moody Season

It’s that time of the year again, when I get so stressed and tired that I am moody 24/7.  This started last Spring… and apparently it’s going to be an annual thing now.  This is just the crappiest feeling I can have tingling inside me.  Everything just pisses me off and I lash out at almost every remark.  Very few things make me happy, and my brows are furrowed for the majority of the day.

I don’t get why I suddenly feel this way though.  It’s not like I’m not stressed during other times throughout the year… I do get tired and stuff, but I just tend to want to sleep.  Right now, though, I don’t react to stress so easily.  Instead, I feel a burning passionate hate inside me… for everything… and no specific reason either.  It is during this time that I also become a different person.  I’d rather be alone most times and I just want to have peace and quiet.

As if being annoyed by everything is not enough, I also get very sensitive.  For example, today, I came home and I had that burning hatred fuming in me.  About 3 hours later, I felt like crying out of the blue.  Suddenly, something sad entered my mind.  What?  I don’t know… only that it was something that made me sad.

And no, I’m not bipolar.  I’m 98% positive that this weirdness is my body’s way of dealing with the stress that has been unloaded onto my back.  But I won’t lie, I do feel like I’m crazy during my moody season.

Moral of the story: I’m in a very pissy mood these days, so please don’t provoke me in any way, shape, or form.

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Lacking Sleep

Since the clock was turned forward 1 hr this past Sunday, I have been feeling absolutely horrible.  No matter how I adjust my sleep schedule, there is no positive result.  It’s a lose/lose situation for me.

In the morning, my mom wakes me up for school while I am still dreaming, I sleep in my classes, I sleep on the bus, and I am up until 11:00 PM doing homework (something I do not do daily… but it is turning into a daily routine).  Even though I’m sleeping in some of my classes and on the bus, I’m only half-sleeping because I still have to pay attention… the AP exams are coming up so I have to be somewhat alert… and I do not want to miss my bus stop (embarrassing?).  Then, once I am home, the time just flies by, even faster than it did before the clock turning.  Take today as an example… I came home and started my homework at around 3:30 PM.  I just finished my homework about fifteen minutes ago.  I really wonder, where does the time go?

In essence, what I am trying to say is that… well I’m not really saying.  Rather, I’m COMPLAINING that I want to sleep!  I think about how lovely it would be to have nap time in the middle of the day at school… but that’s just not going to happen, so why bother dreaming about something that’s absolutely impossible.  -_-

I wish AP Exams were finished and school was finished with… because then, I’d have time to just sleep and relax.  I’m not a lazy person, I just want some time to breathe.  And I’m not so hot about getting up super early in the morning to go to some place I do not even want to be.  I would love to wake up at 8:00 AM and be able to roll around under my warm blanket… perhaps I would get up, perhaps I would roll back to sleep.  Who knows?

Any who, do not follow my lead.  Get sleep.  It feels good.  You definitely do not want to experience the feeling of lacking sleep; it’s painful to have to pry your own eyes open and feel like you’re drunkenly staggering to places throughout the day.

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There is WAY too much on my mind lately.  I haven’t even had the time to write a decent blog post!  Midterms, SATs, colleges, etc have been keeping me busy.

I have a Precalc midterm in 2 days and I haven’t studied one bit, my SAT’s are in 53 days and I haven’t took one practice exam, and I haven’t even got the chance to LOOK UP what colleges I might want to attend.  Plus, I have homework everyday that I have to work on.  AND I have to keep up with my dramas and shows…

It also doesn’t help that I’m very sleepy lately.  I think I’ve been lacking too much sleep and need to catch up on it soon because I’m starting to get panda eyes and I find myself constantly falling asleep in class… with my eyes open.  Uh-O… I know… It’s the creepiest feeling… I’d be listening and then a moment later, we are on a new topic in class!  Plus, I feel like I just had a refreshing rest!  That’s good, but also bad at the same time b/c I missed important material in the lesson!  Aiyo Aiyo… God help me… I wish I could stop time and just rest for a bit.

*sigh* I miss those days of just sitting around and enjoying my hobbies… Now, my time is being chowed down by SCHOOL SCHOOL SCHOOL and SCHOOL!  My brain cannot handle this much!  Perhaps it will only take one more measly fact to send me into the danger zone…. O.O

Yea, I’m sure you guys feel like this too if you’re in school.  You’d also understand that besides school, other things in life can increase the pressure as well.  Aiyo aiyo, too much for me to handle_________

I think I’m at my all time low.

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