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In 2011, I compiled a list of my personal favorites (click here to see it!)… of course time and tastes change.  So, I’ve decided to create an updated 2012 version.  Some MV/songs were on the previous list and some are new (mostly new- I tried to pick ones from 2011-2012)!

Here it is- enjoy!

  1. History by EXO-M/ History by EXO-K
  2. 이러지마 제발 Please Don’t by 케이윌 K.will
  3. Lucifer by 샤이니 SHINee
  4. 주문 Mirotic by 동방신기 DBSK
  5. 강남스타일 Gangnam Style by PSY
  6. Fantastic Baby by 빅뱅 BIGBANG
  7. 피노키오 Danger by 에프엑스 f(x)
  8. FACE by 뉴이스트 NU’EST
  9. 내가 제일 잘나가 I AM THE BEST by 2NE1
  10. MAMA by EXO-M/ MAMA by EXO-K
  11. Roly Poly by 티아라 T-ara
  12. VENUS by Shinhwa
  13. Goodbye Baby by miss A
  14. Trouble Maker by Hyuna and Hyunseung
  15. STEP by 카라 KARA
  16. HANDS UP by 2PM
  17. Day by Day by 티아라 T-ara
  18. THE BOYS by 소녀시대 Girls’ Generation
  19. 셜록 Sherlock by 샤이니 SHINee
  20. Don’t Cry by Park Bom

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I like them older… and I ain’t ashamed of it!


While most of my friends like young idols like the guys from EXO, U-KISS, Big Bang, Infinite, SHINee, etc. (don’t get me wrong, I have my biases too), I find myself more attracted to the Korean industry’s … AHJUSSIS.  These guys were handsome in their heyday and still look great for their age, but are considered old for someone like me, who is inching towards the big 2-0.  Like I said, most people my age are into the young studs, so when I reveal my inner fangirl crushes on the ahjussis, I get shunned!  😦

Oh well, getting shunned doesn’t make me less attracted to them ahjussis- certain ahjussis, not just any old fart. 

So which ahjussis do I have a crush on?  I shall introduce you- but be warned, they are MINE.  내꺼야!


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Annual Chop

It is definitely time for me to change up my hairstyle.  My last haircut was around April of last year.  Because I will be heading off to college next year, I want to look different- ya know, start fresh, physically and mentally.  Now, I have this whole idea in my head about what type of haircut I want to get, but my parents would disown me if I dared.  It’s ok to share it here though- as long as I don’t actually go through with it, I’m fine.  So, the style that I would LOVE to have is the Key style.  It’s definitely a really short cut and kinda boyish, but I think it has pizazz.

In the picture to the right, you can kinda see how it looks from an aerial view.  I’m definitely digging the slanted bangs in the front.  The whole side-bang business is getting old for me, so this concept is fresh.  I really like how the front will slant so that the hair won’t completely poke into my eyes.  Another thing about the Key cut is the smoothness of the chop.  It’s like… perfectly snipped and angled.  If you think about it, the edges of his hair look so straight that they can be used as straight-edges on a math test or something.  Oh and of course, I adore the neon pink hair dye.  Though I wouldn’t quite agree on getting a huge chunk of my hair dyed this color, I would like strands of this color.  If you look at the photo below, the dye is actually in strands- the way I like it.  I’m not THAT bold to have the majority of my hair a neon color, but I think subtle hints of colors are cool. 

Fortunately for you, I have also found the ideal Key cut I would love to get.  It’s a combo of both of these pictures, but with slight differences.  Plus, I immediately fell in love with his hair.  It’s absolutely perfect- slanted bangs, a little unevenness for sass, thin streaks of neon colors, and a slight straight-edge.



I present you with…..

Obviously, my parents being… my parents, they would never let me look like this.  Especially since my mom would totally be against the dying the hair thing.  But you know what?  I wouldn’t really dye it… if I did get this style, I’d use extensions so that I could change up the streak colors every so often.  But, I’ve come to terms with what my parents think.  I totally understand their perspective- this style is definitely out there for me.  Knowing me, especially, this hair is wack. 😉

So, let’s move on to what I CAN do with my hair.  Well, it’s quite long now.  I considered having it grow out more and just getting a trim on the edges to rid my strands of split-ends.  Oh, and I would get bangs again, since they grew out.  What was originally my bangs… became hair that reaches my chin.  If I leave the length of my hair and fix it up a little at the salon, it’d look like this:

It’s pretty, sure.  But I’ve realized that long hair is a hassle.  It gets tangled, caught in things, etc.  AND, it tends to whip me in the face.  Especially since my hair gets thick really quickly, I find it difficult to style every morning for school.  If I tie it up, there are loose strands that tickle my neck and my face.  I’ve also had long, straight hair for quite a few years now.  In fact, the last time I did NOT have long, straight hair was back when I was 12 or 13.

After my long ramble, what I’m trying to say is that my next cut shall be different, but also acceptable and easy to deal with.  I already know what I will do with my hair- you can probably figure it out pretty quickly if you really think about it.  I’ll leave you to your imagination, but ya know what?  I’m pumped for my new style.  Hopefully, it’ll come out nice though… my hair is really going to be subject to the stylist.  So… the stylist better know what he/she is doing!  I’ve had horrible haircut mishaps in the past. –shivers– Until then, HWAITING!

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I’ve made a list of the best 20 K-pop songs/MVs to me.  The result of this list… is here:

*NOTE: Click the title of the song to watch the MV on YouTube.  I was unable to embed them due to copyright laws. 😦 *

1. Lucifer by 샤이니 SHINee

2. 주문 Mirotic by 동방신기 DBSK

3. Sorry, Sorry by 슈퍼주니어 Super Junior

4. Hurricane Venus by 보아 BoA

5. 링딩동 Ring Ding Dong by 샤이니 SHINee

6. Gee by 소녀시대 Girls’ Generation

7. NU ABO by 에프엑스 f(x)

8. 왜 Keep Your Head Down by 東方神起 TVXQ

9. Bo Peep Bo Peep by 티아라 T-ara

10. 훗 Hoot by 소녀시대 Girls’ Generation

11. 너 같은 사람 또 없어 No Other by 슈퍼주니어 Super Junior

12. I’ll Be There by 태양 Taeyang

13. 라차타 LA chA TA by 에프엑스 f(x)

14. Heartbreaker by G-Dragon

15. A.Mi.Go by 샤이니 SHINee

16. Hello by 샤이니 SHINee

17. Love Ya by SS501

18. 너 때문에 미쳐 I Go Crazy Because of You by 티아라 T-ara

19. 누난 너무 예뻐Replay by 샤이니 SHINee

20.츄Chu~♡ by 에프엑스 f(x)

********Special Mention********

미인아 Bonamana by 슈퍼주니어 Super Junior [I didn’t include this in the list because I really don’t like how the background music masks their voices, but nonetheless the tune and choreography are amazing.]

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