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Sweet Reminiscence

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot… A LOT… about my trip to Korea this past summer.  I really don’t know why, but every little thing reminds me of Korea.  Even if I’m sitting there doing homework or something, I think of Korea.  It’s been about half a year since I left and I can’t even describe how much my heart aches to be in Korea again.  And on top of all of that, I miss my friends from the trip just as much.  I feel like there was so much in Korea that I did not get a chance to see, to experience.  Honestly, I still have Seoul time set in my phone.

To ease this heartache that I’m feeling, I’ve decided to share 1 memory of my Korea trip per week until I get my NSLI-Y notification of acceptance (in my dreams) or rejection (the more likely one).  So, I’m going to share one right now:

It was the last day before flying back to the U.S.  Elissa, Maria, and I decided to take a cab to Shinchon station to meet up with some people for karaoke, after a long day of shopping.  Now, we were in the cab and the guy didn’t seem to understand us very well.  Elissa tried to tell the guy to stop at Shinchon station and the guy smiled, chuckled, and kept driving.  Clearly, he didn’t really get what we were telling him, but we waited patiently until WE saw Shinchon station ourselves.  So as we were stuck in traffic, I heard that the driver was listening to Chinese music.  I said to Elissa and Maria, “Hey, he’s listening to Chinese music.  Maybe he’s Chinese.”  They laughed and said that I should test him out.  Nonchalantly, I said “Ni hui jiang guo yu ma?”  -Silence-  All three of us burst into laughter and well, obviously he was Korean… he just enjoyed listening to Chinese music.  When we got the cab to stop, I heard Elissa and Maria say “kamsahamnida.”  I decided to twist it up a little and said “Xie xie, zai jian.”  Being the silly cab driver that he was, he looked at me and started giggling and said “AHHH… xie xie NI!  Zai jian!”  What a fond memory… The cab driver was a real entertainer… ㅋㅋㅋ~

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Credit to National Geographic

More than ever, I am anticipating the trip to South Korea this coming August.  Less than 2 months away, I am actively planning out everything. In the midst of this planning and searching, I found an itinerary of the trip.  Now, the following pictures are not mine… I just found them on google images.  So, apparently, this is a rough outline of what is in plan:

1st stop:  Shinchon Tour

Shopping, walking, sightseeing, etc.  around the Yonsei area.  Oi!  I’m most excited about the shopping… There’s nothing a girl would like better than to shop in the fashion center of East Asia~!

2nd stop: The DMZ Tour

A little historical touch~ I’m so excited to see the famous DMZ line.  Time to visit the area separating N. Korea and S. Korea with my very own eyes…

3rd stop: National Museum of Korea

I haven’t even been to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, yet I’ll see the National Museum of Korea first!  LOL… this is sad… I live right in NY too… Well, art is a beautiful thing that I would love to spend the time to observe… since I have never had the chance to do that in a respectable museum… yet. 😉

4th stop: Cheonggyecheon Stream

So, I’ll get to walk along the river… and from pictures I’ve seen, the stream is absolutely beautiful.  Yay!  I’m so happy that I’ll get the opportunity to visit the lovely waters… I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures… And I know some of you may think that it’s just water, but I think it’ll be prettier than some of the polluted bodies of water that I see here in America…

5th stop: Insadong

From what I know, Insadong is a cultural center.  I’m sooo looking forward to this because the area is filled with shops of cultural items.  The pictures that I’ve included here almost look like the Chinatowns and Flushings here in NY.  LOL… this should be exciting… I’m almost expecting Insadong to be the authentic version of Koreatown (which I’ve never been to).

6th stop: Gyeongbokgung Palace

Wahaha~ traditional palace of Korea!  Definitely highly anticipating this one!  The ancient architecture should be fascinating and anything traditional is usually pretty cool…. !  Probably lots of Korean history… lies in this palace.

7th stop: Homestay

Wooo~ this is as good as abroad goes!  Living with an actual Korean family and experiencing their culture and lifestyle hands-on is awesome!  I’ll be Korean for a few days, with a Korean family and all!  hahah~

8th stop: Hanok Tour

More tradition! … as a Hanok is a traditional Korean Village!

9th and final stop: Taekwondo Class

I’ve never flipped in the air.  No somersaulting, no flippies, no cartwheels, no nothing.  Taekwondo will be my first flip in the air (along with my other firsts in Korea).  H-a-p-p-y!  I’ll learn some cool moves and come back to the U.S. ready to kick some butt! HIIYYAAAA!



I’ll actually be experiencing lots of “firsts!”

Plus, on top of everything else, Big Bang‘s comeback is in August!  Yay~!

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