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For many of us, winter is blooming into spring, or fall hardening into winter. Which season do you most look forward to?

Fall is the most beautiful season to me.  Not many people agree, favoring the summer sun and the spring flowers.  Fall is the season where life and death occurs, shriveling away to dust as the harsh winter steps in.  For me, the essence of fall lies in the fact that the season ends as quickly as it starts, leaving no presence behind.

Every year, fall is the new start.  I start fresh, on a clean page of the next chapter of my life.  Throughout the season, I slowly fade into reminiscence, into the past, as I journey on.  Just as quickly as things started, things end- without a trace.  I like that.

There is also a melancholy feeling that surrounds the autumn air.  I feel like the ups and downs of life are all displayed in this one season.  A season of truth- no lies, no coverups.  We are exposed to beauty, ugliness, life, death, growth, and decay.  It’s always difficult to face the negatives in life, especially when they are directly contrasted with their positives.  For this reason, fall is a difficult season to accept.

I always look forward to fall because it is the season where I can grow, but be as short-lived as the fruit of the season is.  Spring is a season of growth too- but there is something artificial about it.  The flowers that bloom in the spring are handed off to the harsh fate of summer, where the poisonous sun withers the flowers and dries up the fresh grass.

Fall- the season that finishes everything before the heavy winter arrives, the season that gives us truth, the season where can fade quietly until we are ready to start anew again.

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