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I feel like I am living in a dream.

From last night, I have been wandering beyond.

Still wondering where I am.

Whether or not this is a good dream, I cannot tell.

We had a conversation where we said all that needed to be said.

So real that I woke up and wondered how I was sleeping the whole time.

You were not there- confusing me.

Throughout the day, I continued to float on the cloud you put me on.

Sunset time, I looked out the window and found myself surrounded by fluff.

Big, puffy cotton balls were glowing in a sea of pinks and purples.

Again, I wondered if this was real.

It felt like I was floating off to some magical place.

I almost expected unicorns to appear.

The sea of pink and purple eventually turned into a deep, sparkling blue.

Shades of blue swirled around me.

Today was beautiful, so dream-like.

The dream started when you unexpectedly appeared in my sleep last night.

Can this dream never end?

Drowsiness is hitting me, snapping me back to reality.

Perhaps I will have a déjà vu of today some time in the near future.

May I have more sweet dreams tonight,

And tomorrow night,


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