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As you all know, Valentines Day is coming closer as we speak.  Once again, lovebirds will celebrate … love… on February 14th (Sunday).  *sigh* And also yet again, this year I will once again be alone on this day.  Actually, no I lied.  Chinese New Year happens to fall on the same day as Valentines Day this year!  yay~ So this Valentines Day, I’ll actually be with my family for Chinese New Year fun (meaning food, red packets, and watching those New Years Gala shows on CCTV).  But that’s not the point… LOL

Anyways, this post is reserved for love and Valentine’s Day.  I’ll probably discuss Chinese New Year fun in a separate post, LOL, because the two have no relation to each other.

Yea, so Valentine’s Day.  I have yet to experience what love is… but I do know that love can make people healthy!  Hahaha apparently research has shown that love can cure almost any health problem (of course, this is only to some degree).  Plus, it can make people happier and live longer!  Wahhh~ I think you just got the secret to immortality… Kekekeke…

Umm… but seriously, ehem…, I truly hope lovers out there will enjoy their Valentine’s Day this year.  Take the time to be with the one you love.  Be romantic, happy, giddy, etc.  For 2 people to find each other and have chemistry is very rare… So enjoy the fact that you were lucky enough to find that person and take the day off to be with him or her.  Love is something that most people have a difficult time finding and sometimes when they do find it, it doesn’t last.  Cherish what you have… because love is pure and rare, like a jade stone… Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lovers~  I wish you the best of luck and happiness.

… And then there are those of you like me.  Alone and without that special someone this year for Valentine’s.  *sigh*  It’s okay though.  There are lots of stuff you can do to enjoy the day, even if you aren’t Chinese and don’t celebrate Chinese New Year LOL.  For example, love on Valentine’s Day isn’t only for lovers… The day celebrates love between family and friends as well!  So feel free to go out with your friends and have a girl bonding day (or if you’re a guy, some guy time).  Talk and reconnect with friends and family.  Share the love and be thankful of the love surrounding you.  Happy Valentine’s Day~!

Bai Bai~~~

Love, Kai li

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