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It appears that our society is becoming a little… how do you say, backwards?  Recall that in the past, the rich were fat and the fat were rich.  Just think about King Louis VI of France… also known as King Louis “the fat.”  He was the king of France… of course he was fat.  That was then… and now… let’s take a moment to think about President Obama.  Obama is like modern day King Louis- man of power and owner of lots of moolah.  But…………… Obama isn’t fat.

In the olden days, having wide hips and manhandles were signs of wealth and power because the poor could not afford to eat… eat anything.  And so the poor people starved on the streets, fighting for crumbs of bread.  But royalty ate feasts almost every night, and in turn, all those calories went straight to the waistline (and hips for the ladies).  Sure we only have paintings of royalty in the past, but I’m betting that those paintings are pretty accurate.  With that said, the kings pretty much all had hefty beer bellies and the queens had waists and hips way larger than the rest of their body (enough to make them look sort of disproportionate).  Plus, all those naked paintings they used to paint show that these women, in fact, had rolls of fat jiggling underneath their poofy dresses and corsets.  Women today scream at a pinchable belly, but ladies in the past flaunted it.  I bet some ladies ate like beasts to show off their statuses.  But how nice it must have felt… to eat anything and everything- no critiques- and still be considered sexy.  The rounder shape on a woman also signified fertility, which was a plus for most wealthy men who wanted to carry on the family name (almost every man…).

Ok… but things have changed.  It is now the 21st century and there is in increase in demand for thinness.  Fat is a no no, and a slim figure is better.  In fact, the slimmer, the better.  The reason for this change is organic food.

Yup… a simple answer of organic food.

Organic food is expensive because it takes more effort to grow and make food naturally than to just add fatty oil and chemicals to create food.  Since organic food is expensive, only the wealthier portion of society can afford it.  And THIS makes the wealthy thinner these days.

The poor people can afford food nowadays, an upgrade from the French Revolution era when the poor could afford nothing but a crumb found in dirt.  Cheap quality food- also known as fast food- is very affordable now.  So the poor eat… but they eat trash every day, turning their bodies into a disposal for oils, fat, cancerous food chemicals, hormones, etc.  I mean, “you are what you eat,” right?

So we have a reversal in society.  The wealthy are getting thinner and the poor are getting fatter.  We are moving to the extremes of both ends.  On the fat end, there are people who are massively obese… to the point where they have to worry about not waking up from a nap and need wheelchairs to assist them in walking.  Let’s face it… this is very unhealthy.  On the skinny end, we have models sticking fingers and toothbrushes down their throats to force food back up and into the toilet bowl.  But let’s be clear that the food that is being forced up is organic greens…

And then we have some in-betweenies floating around- the people who are spending more on organic groceries but saving everywhere else in order to pay for the organic goods.  And finally we can’t forget the rich who can afford the organic groceries in addition to maintaining their health and fitness with physical trainers.

Wow… our society sure has a lot of divisions when it comes to food.

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