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We often want second chances. Sometimes we don’t deserve them. The feeling of regret and wishing for another chance is common when a couple separates. Whoever is at fault usually searches for sympathy as they have realized in hindsight their mistakes. – Wongfu

One of the best Wongfu videos to date is The Places We Should Have Gone.  I came across the video last night when I was watching another Wongfu video.  Usually, Wongfu videos are pretty silly, but this one really caught my attention.  If you read the blurb underneath the video, this short film was made by Philip Wong when he went to Taiwan.  Not only did this short film contain amazing scenes of Taiwan, but it also had a mellow storyline that kind of makes you feel sad.  For me, this film made me think about the theme: second chances.

If I were in Becky’s position, would I give Daniel a second chance?  The answer is no.  I can understand how it would be difficult to turn away someone that I still have feelings for, but that person made a decision, realized that it was a mistake, and wants another chance.  The truth is, some people just don’t deserve second chances.  Time cannot erase heartache… and seeing that person again would deepen the wound in my heart.

As mature adults, we should be able to make wise decisions.  Life does not have a “redo” button and we have to accept that as a fact.  Especially when it comes to love, the heart is a very sensitive organ.  The heart cannot be toyed around with and careless decisions can damage hearts.

Really… we should consider the people around us, the people we are in relationships with… how important are these people in our lives?  Can we say that we truly love them?  What would we do without them?  If these people are important, then we can never let them go… we have to hold on tight because we never know… once we let go, we may never get a second chance.

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