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I have found quite a few good buys recently!  Honestly, it’s really hard to find satisfactory clothes that are kind to the wallet these days.  😦  I bought items of clothing here and there, but for the most part, for the past couple of years, there was nothing, NOTHING.  The clothes that fit really well were way overpriced, and the ones that I could afford… looked like crap.  Okay, that was an exaggeration, they didn’t look like crap… but they were made from very poor quality fabrics.

Two weeks ago, I was looking for shorts for my uniform and I came across shorts that were… well… regular shorts!  Have you seen the shorts that are in stores these days???  Somehow, people like to call belts “shorts.”  I don’t understand this trend.  What is the point of having shorts when they barely cover your butt?? Okay… so I was surviving off of like… 4 shorts for the past 2 years.  One by one, they were getting knocked out of my drawers and into the arms of Big Brothers and Big Sisters.  AND I had one beige short left for my uniform… This was a doo-doo moment, meaning I WAS GOING TO BE LEFT PANTLESS FOR THE SUMMER.  Yes, I was sad- that’s why I had to go shorts shopping.  And I found real shorts!  But they sold fast- look to the photo on the left- those shorts are my savior.  I now have pants for the summer!  Hallelujah, no going tribal for me I guess!

I still didn’t get work pants though, so I might have to be nakee for work…

OH and the other buy that I would like to rave about is the shirt you see in the photo!  It is a sea green (?) zipper jacket-styled shirt from Wet Seal and it was on sale!  I like the look of it, it has a very retro casual feel and the fabric is soft and light.  It was a perfect wear for today’s weather, which was high 70s, slight breeze, and a hint of summer steam.

Today, I put the combo to work (my favorites out of my recent buys) with a pair of white sandals, swatch, and a Burberry check bowling bag.  End of the day?  I felt like a SUPERSTAR walking the streets of NYC.

Just kidding.  My units of happiness increased though~
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* \(◕ヮ◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

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