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I like them older… and I ain’t ashamed of it!


While most of my friends like young idols like the guys from EXO, U-KISS, Big Bang, Infinite, SHINee, etc. (don’t get me wrong, I have my biases too), I find myself more attracted to the Korean industry’s … AHJUSSIS.  These guys were handsome in their heyday and still look great for their age, but are considered old for someone like me, who is inching towards the big 2-0.  Like I said, most people my age are into the young studs, so when I reveal my inner fangirl crushes on the ahjussis, I get shunned!  😦

Oh well, getting shunned doesn’t make me less attracted to them ahjussis- certain ahjussis, not just any old fart. 

So which ahjussis do I have a crush on?  I shall introduce you- but be warned, they are MINE.  내꺼야!


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One of the most touching Korean films I have watched is 통증 Pained (2011).  I am not the type of person to cry easily to “sad movies” (or jerk and cover my eyes when it comes to horror/torture films), but by the end of this film, my face was glazed in tear juice.  The best part was that I couldn’t even control the tears ((O_O)).  

This film is directed by Kwak Kyung-taek and tells of a romance between a debt collector who lost his sensitivity to pain in an accident when he was young, Nam-soon, and a homeless hemophiliac who works a street vendor, Dong-hyun.

What I loved about this film was that it developed very nicely- somehow it seemed to move slowly and quickly at the same time.  I think Kwak Kyung-taek did a great job pacing this plot, which is very important in a film because if the plot moves too slowly, the movie may come off as boring, and if the plot moves too quickly, the movie may come off as rushed. 

Now as I move into specifics of this film, I’m going to have to turn on the….

The film starts with Nam-soon and his boss collecting debt from a couple- when I first watched this, I didn’t understand what was wrong with Nam-soon.  He had an empty stare and he seemed fine throughout his beating… which puzzled me.  After I learned that he had analgesia- the inability to sense pain- I realized that the beginning of the film, which focused in on his face, was to demonstrate his lack of feeling and emotion.  When I found out about Nam-soon’s condition, I felt sadness, but nothing to turn the tears on.

However, despite Nam-soon’s inability to sense pain, we see that change… a little tiny bit when he gets beaten at the riot and is taken to the hospital by Dong-hyun.  It was almost painful for me to watch him get beat like a pulp and yet he still had a look of emptiness in his eyes.  The scene when he stumbles towards the street and Dong-hyun asks him if he is okay, we are shown a flashback to when young Nam-soon is in a car with his family when their car crashes and burns.  In the flashback, we are also shown that as their car swerved off the road, his sister wraps herself around him to protect him.  Then the flashback fades to Dong-hyun hovering over him in the street looking for help.  This was one of the most powerful scenes in the film because it shows that Nam-soon hasn’t met anyone who has treated him genuinely since his sister passed. 

When Dong-hyun moves into Nam-soon’s place (since she is homeless and Nam-soon wants to keep an eye on her until she pays her father’s debt), we are able to peek into Nam-soon’s world.  As he shows Dong-hyun around, we see that his house seems almost untouched and untouchable.  Basically, Nam-soon preserved the home he had before his family passed away from the crash.  And when Dong-hyun accidentally breaks one of his family dishes, we finally see some pain in his eyes.  But the pain stays only briefly in his eyes… 

About half-way through the movie, Dong-hyun finally expresses her pain at seeing him hurt himself everyday and asks him if he ever thought about what his family would think.  But Nam-soon only responds with bitterness and anger.  For the first time in the film so far, Nam-soon shows emotion.  He no longer appears to be a “piece of wood,” especially when the topic of his family comes up.  And the presence of Dong-hyun in his life gave him some emotion…

After the mini fight between Nam-soon and Dong-hyun, Nam-soon’s change becomes bigger and clearer.  He tells his boss friend (from the beginning of the movie) that he is no longer interested in hurting himself.  Even though he is insensitive to pain, he doesn’t want to abuse his body seriously for other people and money anymore.  Rather, he starts taking on stunt jobs and for awhile it seems that he and Dong-hyun are living happily together. 

However, Dong-hyun is sick too and her sickness needs constant care and expensive treatment.  Because Nam-soon does not have money to support her sickness in order for her to live a long life, Dong-hyun tells Nam-soon that she cannot be with him.  With that said, Nam-soon takes on one last dangerous job offered to him by his boss friend so that he can give that money to Dong-hyun so that she can live.

The last scene is the one that made me tear uncontrollably (even as I watched it again just now to evoke the same emotions so I could write about them).  Nam-soon is pushed off of a building to his death- as he is sprawled on the ground, he is ironically happy.  There is that twinkle of happiness in his eyes and even a smile comes out when Dong-hyun runs over to his side.  On her way to try and save Nam-soon, Dong-hyun stepped on a nail and started to bleed (problematic since she is a hemophiliac).  However, somehow, she is still okay.  Nam-soon, seeing Dong-hyun by his side, is happy and there is a look of completion on his face.  While he is losing consciousness, we hear his plead to God to watch over and keep Dong-hyun safe.  In turn, he is willing to endure anything, even death, if that is what it will take for Dong-hyun to live a long life. 

Throughout this film, Nam-soon never comes off as “the bad guy.”  Somehow, I always felt sad when I saw Nam-soon.  He never hurt anyone, he couldn’t hurt anyone- that is why he was always the one beaten and he never lifted a finger to defend himself. 

His last job- he didn’t defend himself as he was pushed off of the building.  And even though most people in his position would be in great pain, he wasn’t at all.  However, Dong-hyun and his boss friend were the ones experiencing the pain that he couldn’t feel.  His boss friend always gave Nam-soon dangerous jobs, but Nam-soon was also his friend.  Seeing that the job he gave Nam-soon killed him put him in great pain.  He was also the one who promised Nam-soon that he would be fine and that he would even protect him by parking a truck with boxes where he was supposed to jump.  However, the truck broke down and boss friend tried his best to tell Nam-soon not to jump until he could push the truck to its right location.  Ultimately, his plan failed when the guy on the roof pushed Nam-soon off on purpose… and the truck wasn’t parked below yet. 


This is definitely a film I would recommend, especially if you like “meaningful” movies.  The title says it all- the film explores all the degrees of pain and what it actually means to feel pain.  By the end of the movie, you’ll know what true pain is. 

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