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Un-Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up faster than you can imagine.  In roughly 2 weeks, lovers everywhere will be sharing smooches and chocolates.  Don’t have a valentine for this year’s Valentines Day?  It’s okay, there are plenty of us out there as well.  So, I’ve decided to compile a list of things to do this Valentine’s Day for all those singles out there.  Just because we’re single doesn’t mean we can’t have fun on this day, right? 😉

Here we go:


Get with some of your single girlfriends (or boyfriends if you’re a guy) and celebrate your independence!  Make some food, decorate it, have fun, eat, and do some girl (or guy) talk.  Sweets are always nice, so I suggest baking some cookies, cream puffs, and cupcakes.  Oh!  And if you gals (or guys) want nice meals, perhaps a Giada de Laurentiis book might help.  Her recipes are always delicious and mouth-watering.  When the food is ready, turn up the music and have some good ol’ girl (or guy)time.


Maybe you have a friend or sibling who’s going out for a romantic night with their significant other.  And they need someone to babysit.  I say you go for it and have a good time with the child (ren)!  Believe it or not, kids are fun beings and they will definitely entertain you.  It also gives you a chance to feel like a free-spirited child again!  haha~ You and the kid (s) can make crafts, watch T.V., play a game, etc.  If you [hate] kids, this might not be a good option.


Maybe this is a good time for you to think about life and what you want.  Sit with a warm cup of tea or coffee and relax while doing some thinking.  Plan out what you want to do with your life and what you are looking for in a relationship.  I mean, you’ll have to do this sometime or another.


Go shopping!  Treat yourself to some goods.  Maybe gather some girlfriends (or guy friends) and go get a new wardrobe.  Find a new style for you and try a new look.  Kohls, Kmart, and Walmart are very affordable.  But if you’re really feeling up for some high-style shopping, Banana Republic, Commes de Garcon, Lacoste, and Burberry are nice picks for starters.  Or choose a store (or stores) to your liking.


Pamper yourself!  Whether it’s a massage or a day at the spa, get pampered!  I haven’t even had the fortune to try one of these yet (I think I’m also too young).  But if I could, I would love to spend the day at the spa.  All I know is that they rub a variety of scented oils on you and slather you with a bunch of other stuff.  But also imagine the hot springs?  Oh-la-la~ Take your mind off of everything and get treated with love.

Okay, so those are my top 5 ideas for un-valentining February 14th.  Maybe you’ll take my suggestions, maybe you won’t.  Either way, I hope you enjoy your February 14th, it’s a day of love, not just for couples, but also for yourself.  


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So, rain is seen everywhere, from ads to the entertainment world.  What does rain signify?  The hotness and popularity of Rain 비?  Nawww… lol but I do wonder why he chose Rain as his english name…

All kidding aside, the real rain is what I’m referring to.  Whenever someone is having a bad day, there’s rain.  In dramas, the climax is always when there is a thunderstorm… with a downpour.

Now, I did read in English class that rain signifies a spiritual cleansing of some sort… but I think that refers to literature.  I’m pretty sure there’s not that much spiritual cleansing in dramas, music videos, or ads.  Rather, I feel like rain is more of a symbol of romance… even in literature, I think rain adds a romantic dash to the story.

Let’s redirect to dramas for a moment.  I have a couple of examples to back my rain theory up.  First drama that comes to mind is Autumn’s Concerto- a drama that is filled with rain.  For example, that night that Guang Xi and Mu Cheng *ehem ehem*, aka the night Xiao Le was made, there is a powerful storm, one with bolting thunder and whipping rain.  And what about the cover for the drama?  They are united under an umbrella, which is useful because there is rain.  Yea, I like that idea- the one about a romantic unification.  🙂

Another drama that uses rain at a climax is Fated to Love You.  Before I go on, may I add that sometimes these rain moments come up randomly?  One moment, there is no rain, and then suddenly, when there is a climax, the day turns dark and there is downpour.  Like when Xin Yi is running away because she thinks Cun Xi wants her to abort the baby… there is no rain, in fact, the day is normal with a sun and all.  And then comes the moment when Xin Yi is about to be hit by a car- BAM! there is suddenly all this hard rain that pours down… and the day goes from sunny and bright to gloomy and dark.  Again, we see the use of rain at a turning point in a drama.  Isn’t it just slightly a coincidence that rain appears when Xin Yi loses the baby?  Hehehe…

Moving on, we have the dramatic rain scenes of Mischievous Kiss and It Started with a Kiss.  Even though Mischievous Kiss’ version was less emotional than ISWAK’s version of the scene, we can still say it was a rain scene, no?  I mean, the concept is the same, just the Koreans did a horrible job re-enacting that scene.  In general, the rain scene was used to move the plot forward, so that AT LAST, Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu or Oh Ha Ni and Baek Seung Jo, were together.  The true feelings are finally thrown on the table and they decide that they only belong with each other… mhmhm the typical love story.

Finally, my last example is Last Friends.  This one is not so much, but still, there is that one scene where Sousuke is waiting in the rain for Michiru to talk to him again… even though he beat the crap out of her.  Touched, Michiru approaches him in the rain and they get back together… and then begins the abuse all over again.  I guess you can say that this is a turning point in that Michiru chooses to go back to Sousuke again, and this sorta leads to Sousuke’s suicide and Michiru’s baby. 

Yea these examples are only from dramas, but don’t you see it too???????  haha~ rain is used as a romantic unifier!  Honestly, romance in the rain seems icky to me- soaking wet and cold, with your clothes sticking to you… that is not a romantic scene to me.  But hey, I guess if an umbrella is involved, then I guess rain is truly a romantic bonding moment. 🙂

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Love is one of the greatest emotions a person can experience.  Yet, it is also one of the worst emotions a person can suffer.

Take “The Peony Pavilion” as an example.  In its simplest outline, the opera is about a girl who is arranged to be married.  However, one night, she meets the love of her life in her dreams.  Her feeling of love for that man that she cannot be with overpowers her mind, and leads her to starvation.  Eventually, she dies.  Of course there is more to the story, but I cannot spoil everything here!  In fact… yesterday, I finished a book called Peony in Love by Lisa See.  The book parallels the opera, and with that said, I became fascinated with this disease known as “love sickness.”  Indeed, I had never heard of anything called “love sickness” before.  With more research, I had found that it is one of the more debatable terms in medicine.  What I mean is that some doctors do not consider “love sickness” an illness.  Others, on the other hand, feel that it is a mysterious kind of illness that is very powerful.  Aside from such disagreement and debate, I have found love sickness quite an interesting subject.  “The Peony Pavilion” was known to have harmed many young girls as they idolized Du Liniang and followed her footsteps in finding their way to true love and happiness.  So many centuries ago, and love sickness was a problem.  Is it still a problem today?

Today, love sickness is widely considered a non-medical term that describes the physical and mental symptoms of falling in love.  Some symptoms of love sickness include, but are not limited to:  hypomania, stress, OCD, and depression.  Since doctors do not take this illness seriously, there are not any statistics on love sickness and how it affects people and whatnot.  But, I like to think otherwise.  People do so many crazy things for love… this is what I call “love sickness.”

This, this… illness is under-diagnosed and more people are hurting themselves because of this fact!  Yes, a doctor can neither cure love sickness nor soothe it… but a doctor can make people aware of what they are experiencing… otherwise people just believe themselves to be going crazy over love.  In reality, it is just another emotion they are experiencing… and may I say, heavily.

Again, I must stress that love is a weird kind of emotion.  It has the ability to make people the happiest beings in the world, and it also has the power to turn people into monsters of pain and sadness.  Love has control over every single one of us.  Now that is scary.


First comes the terrible realization that the two of you are being separated.  For how long?  Who knows…

Second is your heart, beating so fast that you can barely catch your breath.  You feel your heart racing, pumping blood furiously… so rapidly that your chest is going to pop with pressure.

Third, tears well up in your eyes.  They don’t dare to drip from your face, but remain ever still, glazing your eyes with a sad wetness.

Fourth is withdrawal.  Words are caught up in your throat, leaving a lump so thick that you are not hungry.  You can barely swallow your own saliva.  Sleepless nights are spent journeying to find that One.  During the day, all you can do is isolate yourself because 1) no one will understand and 2) you need peace and quiet to figure out an alternate path to journey.

Fifth is the final step.  Dazed and confused without your other half, you wander like a sad maiden, on Earth and in Dreams.  For some, time is all it takes to lift them out of love sickness.  The illness never completely subsides, but you are able to move on.  Others, spend the rest of their life in this stage.

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After reading some other compilations of lists of reasons for Kyu’s hotness, I’ve decided to create my very own personal list of reasons for why I love him so much.  And of course there are more than 10 reasons why I love Kyu, but I’ll just give you a bite of why he’s mine (that’s right).

Top 10 Reasons Why I Am In Love With Cho Kyuhyun:

1. His voice- the first time I heard his voice was his solo in U (korean version).  oh my gah… his voice is to die for!  when he sings, it vibrates you like an opera singer’s voice vibrates glass~  he absolutely makes beautiful music, I can never get sick of it.  At the sound of kyu’s voice, I melt into a little puddle…

2. Awkward but cute- his presence is always so awkward… lol but it’s not weird or anything… I mean, most people can’t pull it off, but kyu can still manage to be cute even though whatever he says or does is soo soo awkward.

Lol… I just love how right after the awkward moment, he’ll just purse his lips together and smile.  It’s like what they always teach little kids to do when they are in a sticky spot: smile and act “kyute”!

3. The cute smile- I know I mentioned it briefly before, but I must make a separate listing for his smile!  The smile is enough to make you feel all giddy inside.  His smile is kind of like a “teeheehee” smile, like he knows a secret, but won’t tell it.  And he always has this smile on his face!  lol I could stare at his face all day, every day, and not get sick of it.  When I’m in a bad mood, I just search up a picture of Kyu and look at it- it makes things better for me 😀  Awww… looking at his smile makes me want to smile!  Lol, watch this video of him laughing at Zhou Mi- I know it’s not exactly high quality, but Kyu is so cute when he collapses from laughter…

4. His shyness- he’s so modest for a guy.  When you watch all those SuJu MVs or concerts, the other SuJu members have a tendency to bare some skin, such as their abs or their arms.  But the majority of Kyu is always covered up.  Once in awhile, he’ll hint at his arms by rolling up his sleeves, or wear a V-neck to show a little bit of his neck and collarbone area… the mystery is nevertheless very tempting lol… I love how he doesn’t bare it all for the world to see… it’s like sluts- they bare it all to the world so no one wants to look at them anymore.  But with Kyu, at least there is some mystery left in him… *drool*

5. When he pelvic thrusts… he puts every man to shame, including the hottest of the hottest.  This might sound weird as a reason to like someone, but if you have never seen Kyu pelvic thrust in his MVs, then you have no right to judge! 😉 It’s totally worth it to watch Kyu pelvic thrust.  Here is the epic Kyu pelvic thrust- it’s a Kyu cut from Bonamana…

6. His hair- it’s perfect… absolutely perfect… it’s so soft, fluffy, and light.  Usually, I hate guys with curly hair… it just always appeared kind of funny looking to me.  BUT… for Kyu, it’s incredibly adorable!  A light curl or straight hair (like he has now) is all cool with me.  If I ever have the chance to see him in person, I would love to twirl my finger in his curls…

<—– This is what I call “perfection.”

7. His skin… oh my gah… so, so smooth~  I’ve never seen such beautiful skin before!  Unlike how some people like the whole “tall, dark, and handsome” look, I love how he’s fair skinned.  It’s so pure-looking… That’s it!  He’s an Angel!  That would explain his smooth, fair, and beautiful skin!  If you think about it, he kind of glows too…

No one can beat Kyu’s angelic glow —–>

8. The nice Chinese accent he has- When Kyu speaks Chinese, I am floating on Cloud Nine.  As if it’s not hot enough when he speaks Korean, he’s super hot when he speaks a language I can understand~!  Oh, every time he speaks Chinese, I like to imagine he’s talking to me 😉

9. The feminine side- lol this one is super weird, I know… but every man has a girly side… it’s just that for other men, it’s odd behavior.  For Kyu, his girly side makes him extra cute!  His feminine side is what makes Kyu… Kyu. 😀  *sigh*

10. Kyu’s lips are absolutely irresistible.  Though they are fairly thin, I think it looks super hot on him.  Take notice that in his poses, his lips always look like they are slightly parted.  It’s like the photographer always takes a picture while he’s taking a breath. hahaha… Oh how I love Kyu…

Kyuhyun’s delicious lips *yum* ———->

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Family is a very important aspect of my life.  I’ve realized this concept in its entirety yesterday.  My mom, dad, and sister are the three most important people in my life.  What would I do without one of them?

Up until now, I’ve heard all that crap about cherishing your family and stuff because you won’t be able to get them back after they are gone and blah blah blah… But I never actually THOUGHT about all of that until recently.

Every day, every minute, every second that I spend with my family members is important because what will happen if an “accident” happens one day and I lose one of them… I’d regret…  I’d regret not being nice enough to them, not listening to them, not talking enough to them.  Regret… that’d be all I feel.  And it’s the worst feeling a person can experience.  Regret is not even something that we can just “move on from.”  People always say that they live with no regrets… they just move on and try to improve their future.  That’s a lie because no one can just “clear” their mind of such things.  Memories stay with you forever, even if you try to escape them.

Regret, such a powerful word, an emotion we cannot avoid or surpass.  Despite the fact that sometimes we fight with the people we love most, we cannot live as if they’ll always be there the next time we decide to finally talk to them.  We must treasure those we love… hold onto them like there’s no tomorrow.  It’s the only way to keep those that we love by our side and get the most out of life.

Unfortunately, death is inevitable.  It’ll come after our loved ones soon enough, and that is the terrifying aspect of “death” himself.

I once heard someone ask, “Would you rather live a fun and exciting, but short life, or a monotonous but long life?”  I didn’t quite take in the question then… I simply overlooked the question…  But now, I’ve realized the meaning in this question.  It has dawned on me that there is nothing good about a fun, exciting life.  Sure, you get to live your life to its fullest, but what’s the point if you have to leave this world so quickly…  Is it really worth it?  To me, a monotonous life appears to be more meaningful….  Sure, there is none of that fun and drama, but there’s nothing wrong with taking your time to view the beauties of life.  A simple, slow moving, and long life.  Isn’t that ideal for someone to spend the rest of their life with the people they love the most?

My only wish is to live a long, happy life.  Even if it’s simple and boring I don’t mind.  I’d rather live simply with the most natural lifestyle a person can live.  Being surrounded by the people I love and living healthy is all I’m worried about.  Simple… Simplicity is the key to happiness.

Will my wish be granted?

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As you all know, Valentines Day is coming closer as we speak.  Once again, lovebirds will celebrate … love… on February 14th (Sunday).  *sigh* And also yet again, this year I will once again be alone on this day.  Actually, no I lied.  Chinese New Year happens to fall on the same day as Valentines Day this year!  yay~ So this Valentines Day, I’ll actually be with my family for Chinese New Year fun (meaning food, red packets, and watching those New Years Gala shows on CCTV).  But that’s not the point… LOL

Anyways, this post is reserved for love and Valentine’s Day.  I’ll probably discuss Chinese New Year fun in a separate post, LOL, because the two have no relation to each other.

Yea, so Valentine’s Day.  I have yet to experience what love is… but I do know that love can make people healthy!  Hahaha apparently research has shown that love can cure almost any health problem (of course, this is only to some degree).  Plus, it can make people happier and live longer!  Wahhh~ I think you just got the secret to immortality… Kekekeke…

Umm… but seriously, ehem…, I truly hope lovers out there will enjoy their Valentine’s Day this year.  Take the time to be with the one you love.  Be romantic, happy, giddy, etc.  For 2 people to find each other and have chemistry is very rare… So enjoy the fact that you were lucky enough to find that person and take the day off to be with him or her.  Love is something that most people have a difficult time finding and sometimes when they do find it, it doesn’t last.  Cherish what you have… because love is pure and rare, like a jade stone… Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lovers~  I wish you the best of luck and happiness.

… And then there are those of you like me.  Alone and without that special someone this year for Valentine’s.  *sigh*  It’s okay though.  There are lots of stuff you can do to enjoy the day, even if you aren’t Chinese and don’t celebrate Chinese New Year LOL.  For example, love on Valentine’s Day isn’t only for lovers… The day celebrates love between family and friends as well!  So feel free to go out with your friends and have a girl bonding day (or if you’re a guy, some guy time).  Talk and reconnect with friends and family.  Share the love and be thankful of the love surrounding you.  Happy Valentine’s Day~!

Bai Bai~~~

Love, Kai li

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A beauty passes through the evening,

Leaving behind her essence, but no trail

Passing the day quietly grieving

With a face that turns sickly pale.

A mark of day carries on,

Smiling and shining as bright as can be

Ignorant of the beauty of dawn,

Something he will simply never see.

The beauty of dawn can never feel

The warm embrace of the mark of day.

It is just not real

For two opposites who are so far away.

The Sun and The Moon up in the sky,

Two forces separated by day and night.

It is the most curious thing why

The match can never be right.

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Red Wine

Love is a striking thing.  Many people fall in love for passion, no?  It’s not wrong, but it’s also not right.  The real question is, does passion last ’til death do you apart?


In the 21st century, divorce is a common thing.  What makes people divorce?  If they fell in love and decided to get married, then what would made them feel like they needed to be apart?  Didn’t they make a promise to each other to never part from the other?  These are the questions that run through my head as I see people divorcing left and right as if it’s just another part of life. *sigh* I’m curious to know if people can fall out of love, or rather, are they even falling in love in the first place???

You know what I’m talking about.  In school, on your way to work, sitting on the beach, you see two lovebirds lost in each other’s eyes and *ehem* PDA… And then imagine them 10 years from now, tired and sick of the other, signing divorce papers with a custody battle pending over 4 kids.

Seriously, this is happening like 100 times a day here in America!  What’s happening to this world?

Honestly, I think the cause of all of this is passion.  Young people (perhaps even old as well) are rushing to fall in love with their perfect one.  Especially in this century, lust and passion are everything.  It all goes back to how attractive the person is or how much you lust for them.  If you lust for the person enough, you will believe you have “fallen in love” in the spur of the moment.  Perhaps for a few years, you two will be happy and giddy with laughter and smiles.  But there’s a possibility of that passion fading.  What happens when the lust is taken out of the equation?  Divorce.  Fighting. Frowns. Panda eyes. Insomnia.

Now, this may not be something that you realize and no one’s at fault.  It’s just the way society is today.  I’ll even admit that I jump to such conclusions sometimes.  But here’s a different thought to feed on.  Should we go back to arranged marriages, where we don’t have a say in who we marry?  It seems that marriages today, the ones based on love and choice, don’t work out very well due to the fact that we rush into marriage with passion as the reason.  Many years ago, when marriages were based on “best fit” and no lust was involved, there were barely any divorces and complaints.  But that was at the cost of satisfaction, eh?

In the end, the choice is up to each and every one of you.  The trend right now is to marry for love.  But is that really the best option?  You decide.  Then again, marriage for convenience costs something too.  Whatever you decide to do, just remember that everything costs something.

"... 'til death do us apart ..."

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