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A couple of days after I first arrived in South Korea, I went to Insadong- THE tourist shopping centre.  Insadong is a district of Seoul where many traditional shops are located.  If you’ve ever been to Chinatown or Flushing… it’s very similar.  Anyway, I remember that Insadong shopping was scheduled right after a visit to the Blue House Promotional Hall.  The day was not sunny and clear… rather, it was dark and muggy.  By the time we arrived in Insadong, it was raining already.  A couple of my friends and I ended up running into shops just to stay out of the bouts of heavy rainfall.  It was most certainly not the best time to enjoy the beauty of Insadong.  We had a time limit… be back at the bus at some time.  The rain was taking away from the fun.  Eventually, my group of friends scattered.  It was finally just me and my friend Shoshana.  The rain was lighter and time was almost up.  We decided that it was a good idea to head back to the bus slowly and take a peek into some shops if something caught our eyes.  As we headed toward the buses, a man called out to us.  Turning around, we saw a guy behind a little window of a street food vendor.  He was motioning for us to come over.  Now, we both knew that these people like to catch our attention and draw us over so that they could convince us to buy something.  Both of us quickly shook our head and said a polite “no thank you.”  The man was persistent.  He said, “No, no.  Come.  Don’t have to buy, just watch, okay?  We put on show.”  Shoshana was a little hesitant, but I felt bad for the poor guy.  So I went over.  Suddenly, he and two other guys started singing a rhyme of some sort in unison and they took this solidified honey and dunked it in flour.  With their magic skills, they stretched and stretched the honey until it was in thousands and thousands of skinny strands.  The entire time, they described what they were doing in a song… kind of like an a cappella.  I can still hear them saying, “wooooowwwww” and “in english, oh my god!”  hahaha~ As Shoshana and I enjoyed this spectacle, a bunch of other people from the program joined in to see this amazing show.  So many people were crowded around that little shop that the camera man (yes, there was a camera man for our trip) had to film some of this.  He even bought a box for 5000 won to share with the program people.  I was too busy watching the encore and buying myself a box.  🙂 That night, I tried this lovely treat, called kkultarae.  Yum.  It was not too sweet and crispy at the same time.  I wish I bought a box for my family to try, but it only lasts in the air for 2 weeks and the timing wasn’t right… it would not have been fresh if I bought it then.  I hope to go back this summer.  Now that I know what I am looking for, I will be sure to buy 3 boxes,  with each of the fillings, before I come back to America.  Well, that is, if I do go back this summer.

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