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I wonder what is important to the opposite sex: visage or body.  Of course personality is the most important factor.  But what happens when there are two people with great characters, only one has an amazing body but an ugly face, and the other has a beautiful face but an out of shape body?  Once in awhile, you’ll get the person who has a great personality, beautiful features, and a toned body.  But let’s face it, not everyone is perfect and we all have flaws.

As a girl, I’m curious to know what a guy notices first… and I’m sure all you girls reading this are a little curious too.  Only, no one has ever posed this question out loud… right?  Let’s take a few examples here.

I purposely chose these two people and found pictures of close ups of their faces because they are women with truly beautiful faces.  But the question lies in whether or not these faces can compare with another girl’s amazing body.

I know these above pictures do not show her body completely, but I wanted to keep this post PG-13.  You should still be able to tell though because I tried to find pictures of Bianca that best represented her model body.  Now, I’m just wondering which appeals more to a guy, a girl’s beautiful face or a girl’s nice body.

Don’t ask me why I’m suddenly curious about this, because I do not know myself.  In fact, I was just thinking about the importance of body images these days and how some girls who are absolutely ugly (no offense) but have great bodies are able to find boyfriends!  It just baffles me.  I always thought that a nice face would matter more, but now I’m not sure…

What do you guys think?

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