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Every day in life, we are surprised by opportunities.  Opportunities come and go- sometimes they fly past us so fast that we don’t have the chance to grab them.  Other times, they keep presenting themselves as if it is our destiny to take them.  It is when they show up in our lives over and over again that we usually miss them.  It’s a huge mistake that we can never learn.

We constantly think and half of the time, we express our thoughts out loud.  The other half of the time, we keep it all in.  Some people like to say that we have a filter in our minds that separates what we say out loud and what we keep to ourselves.

What if we lose an opportunity because of our filter?  How much should we trust this filter that has been placed in our minds?  And most importantly, how many times have we lost an opportunity because of the things that we never said?

Words are a powerful tool- they bring us a range of emotions.  A string of words can change everything… the sad part is that we don’t always consider this when we are filtering.

We have a tendency to focus on the things that we did say and how we can take them back.  But we never really consider the things we never said.  We see it as a missed opportunity- but we repeatedly make the same mistake.  “If I had just said that, things would have turned out differently.”

Maybe not just opportunities.  Perhaps if we hadn’t held back and just said it, life would have taken a different course.  This is what I think-

In the past, I kept many things to myself.  The things that I never said grew into a huge pile.  It haunted me.  It made me wonder what would have changed if I had just said what I should have said.  The curiosity built up inside me and now… and now… when the filter works, I think about whether or not I should take the chance and see what happens if I say it.

“Life is a gamble” is a cliche, but cliche aside, it is very true.  We have to take risks and chances every day in life if we want to see everything that life has to offer us.  I admit that most times, I still hesitate.  I don’t know exactly what I am afraid of-

Today, I went for it.  I thought about saying it since last week but I never built up the courage to do so.  Today, I went for it.  I said it and don’t regret it.


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