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The first day at Sogang… wasn’t really the first day.  We had to get tested for our levels at the Arupe Building.  Audra and I left at like 10:30 in the morning and got to Sogang University super early… our test wasn’t until 1:40 p.m.

When we first got to Sinchon Station… we had no idea which exit to take to get out or anything… we were so lost and it was hard trying not to look like a foreigner.  But good thing we found an American who helped us in the right direction to Sogang (we took a wrong exit!  … so we had to cross big streets…).  However, we kept walking straight and we weren’t sure if we were going in the right direction because we had been walking for awhile and still hadn’t seen the Sogang campus yet.  So I asked a Korean on the street… she looked at me like I was crazy and said it was right there.  Audra and I took like 2 steps and saw the big sign at the entrance- SOGANG UNIVERSITY.  Damn.  We felt like idiots that just made fools out of ourselves.  hahah- it was then that we started the whole thing where we pretended that every time we did something stupid, the Koreans would think “Stupid 외국인!”

So we walked around campus and explored Sogang University.  Sogang University is one of the top schools in Korea- ranked number 4 in the country right after the SKY schools.  AND, Park Chan-Wook is an alumni  of Sogang (omg… I was so excited to be at Sogang).

It wasn’t long before Shoshana showed up and we all decided to get some lunch before the exam.  We backtracked and found this cheap restaurant.  They ordered these spicy kimchi things and I ordered a simple bulgogi.

The level test was fairly quick and before we knew it, we were dismissed.  I was clearly a beginner- no doubt about it.

A bunch of us wanted to find the cheap shopping area, as we later found out is called “Edae” (named after the fact that Ewha Women’s University is right there!).  We knew that it was within walking distance, but we didn’t know that it was only 1 stop away from Sinchon (and that taking the subway would have been a much better option since the heat was sooooo unbearable!).  And so we walked all the way to Edae… it took forever… and it was really hot.  But thinking back, it was a nice opportunity to bond with some of my NSLI-Y peers.

For one, we went to Smoothie King to get smoothies since it was so hot.  We looked around for cheap coffee shops… but they’re all pretty expensive. 😦

It was also in this first week that I went to a Naengmyeon place in Edae with some NSLI-Y friends for lunch.  Yum.

The first week ended with some kimbap making with my Korean family.  My Korean parents decided to show Audra and me how to make kimbap.  It was a wonderful bonding and learning experience.

In all, the first week was a great week of building relationships with my NSLI-Y peers, my Korean family, Audra, and Sogang University- the school that I would be attending for the next 6 weeks.

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