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Our second weekend was spent with our Korean family.  My samchon is in a Good Fathers Club, so Saturday, the club had a party of some sorts at the farm.  Thus, we went to the farm on Saturday with our family.  Audra and I spent our morning making mashed potatoes for the party… apparently Koreans have never heard of mashed potatoes before.  Only… we didn’t know that they prefer their potatoes sweetened… and not mashed.  Yea- our mashed potatoes were not a hit at the party… people tried it, but only Audra and I ate it in bulk. :3

And even though the farm is very natural and all… it was quite nasty out there.  Koreans don’t sweat- so I don’t think the heat was an issue for them.  But for foreigners like me and Audra, well, it was mad hot… and there was dirt everywhere… and I was wearing white shorts…  The kids were playing in the stream and bringing back water creatures and mud- it was really disgusting.  >.<

When it got unbearably hot, Audra and I went down to the stream too… but the dirt and silt got into my shoes and the water was not cleaning it!  My shoes… were also white… but they were brown by the time we left the farm.  It. was. so. disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There was this one nice kid out of all of the kids there- his name is Minsup.  He was 14 or something while all of the other kids were little children.  But he was like a big brother to all of them and he tried to talk to me and Audra even though there was a language barrier.  He was really awesome. 🙂  Audra and I joked later that we should take him to Edae, give him a make-over, and then bring him to Hongdae… he’d be so cool.  haha~


After we left the farm, we went to this gym/park place with all of the families.  This was slightly boring as well (probably because the heat knocked me senseless).

There were also these teenage boys somewhere off in the corner dancing… according to Audra, they were trying to learn a B2ST dance.  But- they weren’t very good… tsk tsk tsk…  I mean, I thought they were doing tai-chi at first!

Later that night, Jiwon’s family came over to our apartment for dinner.


The next day, a Nepal festival was scheduled but it was cancelled due to rain. 😦  So Audra and I wanted to go to Edae before our 4 p.m. show in Hongdae.  But Samchon decided to take us to Namdaemun instead… we weren’t quite excited for Namdaemun because we heard that it was all ahjumma clothing there… our thoughts were confirmed when we arrived in Namdaemun.  Samchon always thought we visited Edae too much, so he thought he would take us to another cheap shopping area.  I appreciated the thought… but Namdaemun was cheap for a reason- it was all ahjumma clothing!  AND the vendors were creepy… the male store owners were like shady pervs hiding in their stalls.  So Namdaemun was a major fail.

We went to lunch in Sinchon at the Nepal restaurant again.  Again, the food was lovely. 🙂

Finally, following lunch, we headed to Hongdae for a show called Dub.  There was a cool parking garage where you drove your car into this box elevator that moved your car down into the parking lot.  Anyway, I didn’t really understand what was going on in Dub, but it was something about crazy people in love (sounds like, I’m a Cyborg, But that’s OK!).  The music was really good too~  And during the show, my little sister, Doyeon was really cute… she sporadically yelled things and it was disruptive, but not disruptive at the same time because everyone thought it was cute.

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