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I like them older… and I ain’t ashamed of it!


While most of my friends like young idols like the guys from EXO, U-KISS, Big Bang, Infinite, SHINee, etc. (don’t get me wrong, I have my biases too), I find myself more attracted to the Korean industry’s … AHJUSSIS.  These guys were handsome in their heyday and still look great for their age, but are considered old for someone like me, who is inching towards the big 2-0.  Like I said, most people my age are into the young studs, so when I reveal my inner fangirl crushes on the ahjussis, I get shunned!  😦

Oh well, getting shunned doesn’t make me less attracted to them ahjussis- certain ahjussis, not just any old fart. 

So which ahjussis do I have a crush on?  I shall introduce you- but be warned, they are MINE.  내꺼야!


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My hair is starting to get long and quite shaggy.  I haven’t had it snipped since… awhile ago.  So, I think it is about time to get it trimmed and fixed so that I look less like a wild beast with a shaggy poofball of hair.  I found a few pics of hairstyles that I really like.  Here they are:

This one here is Goo Hye Sun.  I think her hair looks pretty nice.  It’s short, but not too short and it’s a carefree sort of look.  I like, I like!


Charlene Choi’s hairdo is one that I’ve been eyeing for awhile now.  It’s like perfect… only it doesn’t really have that extra oomf to it.  But nevertheless, I’m still highly considering this do.  I think it would be perfect with my face… but then again, that’s me talking about me, so I wouldn’t really know.


Horikita Maki… after her hair grew out from the boy cut she received when she played a boy in Hana Kimi Japan, it became a very choppy and cute cut.  The thing I like about this one is that it has an edge to it.  Yet, it’s not boyish, it’s still girlish.  Yea…

So, for now, I’m considering all three… maybe I’ll find more pics of hairstyles I like soon.  In the case that I do, I’ll post pics up here!  Stay tuned!

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