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I moved back to school about 2 weeks ago (omg time flies) and I can already tell that this semester is going to drive me nuts- NUTS I TELL YOU.

The first week I moved back was filled with PA training from AM to PM.  Seriously… everyday was training, eat, sleep… training, eat, sleep… etc etc.  That was miserable- and then I had to help move-in freshman… let’s just say that move-in left bruises, body aches, cuts, and blisters.

This past Wednesday, THE FALL SEMESTER STARTED.  omg- I think it just hit me that I’m taking 18 units this semester.  And all my classes seem pretty hardcore- no joke.  I’ve been assigned so much reading already… and the semester just started… I’VE ONLY BEEN TO MY CLASSES ONCE EACH… and I have so much reading already.  I don’t know how I’m going to do this-

Plus, I just found out that I have an internship too- so… that means my schedule is super packed this semester.  I AIN’T LOOKIN’ FORWARD TO THIS.

Basically, I’ve realized that my semester boils down to nothing else but read, sleep, study, eat, shower, PA duties, and work.  Dude… what did I sign myself up for.  ((O_____O))

It’s probably going to get worse from here on… so better start crackin’ the books now than later, huh?

OH and I hope to continue blogging throughout the semester- but I feel like I won’t have enough time.

*sigh*  PEACE OUT, I’m going to go do some of those readings that I was assigned to do…

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This was my first summer break from college, which meant that for the first time, I don’t have work due when I go back to school.  You would think that a free summer would be fantastic, but to be honest it wasn’t that great.  I used to imagine ALL the things I could be doing instead of summer work, but I’ve realized that those only stay in the imagination…

So let’s go over what I DID do this summer… and I’m pretty sure you’ll come to the same conclusion: BORING.

  1. I tried catching up on some shows/dramas- I watched City Hunter, BIG, and Project Runway Korea Seasons 1+2… and then I started to get bored of sitting on my butt all day watching shows.  Let’s just say that sitting in front of a computer screen all day takes a toll on the brain and eyes…
  2. I applied for many, many jobs… and was offered nothing… why?  BECAUSE I DON’T GO TO COLLEGE CLOSE ENOUGH. yea… apparently these employers want college students from the island… and since I go to school all the way in Cali, they can offer me nothing, nada.  Dang…. this is discrimination against far away college students.
  3. Working towards getting my driver’s license!  I have my road test in less than 2 weeks and I’ve been practicing driving with my pops and my driving instructor.  I’ve been trying to polish my parallel parking but it’s so hard to get it perfect.  >.<  I really, really hope to pass my road test the first time around so that I can get my license and be off on my merry way.  Wish me luck yallllll~
  4. Fixing this blog- a word of advice to all you bloggers: NEVER ABANDON YOUR BLOG(S).  Seriously.  I’ve been working so hard to dust off this blog, so much garbage I needed to clean up around here.  And everything’s been putting me in a doozy ((O_O)).
  5. PA work.  I’m going to be a PA this upcoming school year so I’ve had to complete some tasks… not fun… planning this and that and that and this… dude, the freshman better like me and the events I put together for them.
  6. Eating lots of yummy food I can’t eat when I’m away at college.  Honestly, NY has the best, THE BEST food.  Eating in Cali is just not the same- not many options… I mean, come to NY and you will understand.  But this isn’t good- I’m eating good food and sitting on my butt all day.  Do you know what this equation equals?  PACKIN’ ON DA POUNDS.  I am going back to school and jogging every morning.  I need to get into better shape and I will stick to the plan… for real this time… because I put it in this blog~~ O_<
  7. Sleeping -_- Hey, at least I’m replenishing some energy I lost while I was at school.

I wish I traveled somewhere this summer.  I would have felt much more productive…

o god o god~~ bringing in the tears~~ missing Korea again.  *sigh*

I wonder when I’ll be able to visit Korea again- seriously, that place felt right.  I need to go back.

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Sometimes I really hate Facebook.  These days, I rarely put up any info about myself because it gives nosy people substance.  I’ll admit that sometimes I, myself, stalk around on people’s pages.  Who doesn’t?  But I mean I don’t obsess over other people’s lives.  I take what’s there and just glaze over it.  It’s those people who dare to pry that annoy me.  I won’t name names, but there’s this one person on there who keeps asking everyone what college acceptances they’ve received and have they decided on a college yet.  Seriously?  That’s really none of that person’s business.  If people want to share that, they’ll post it on Facebook.  And may I add, this has been going on for months.  This person is also ALWAYS the first person to like the status’ that state something about a college or an acceptance.

In fact, I barely know this person.  I’ve probably said 3 words at most to this person.  I haven’t seen this person in awhile.  And after months, this person asks me how I am and what colleges I heard from.  As you can imagine, I did not respond to this.  Since this post, it’s been about another 2 months and I see this person still stalking around.

I’m curious where other people will go as well, but I won’t hound them about it.  I’m curious where this person will go to college.  I’ve asked… and even this person doesn’t give a straight answer.  Damn straight this person knows that it’s a form of invasion of privacy.

Another reason I don’t like this question is probably because I don’t know the answer.  I’ve been asked several times by other people if I’ve decided where I want to go yet.  Honestly, I’m not sure and I don’t want to think about it, but it’s a question that I can’t escape.  I’m going to have to find an answer soon.  Real soon.

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Well, another decade has passed.  Today is the third day of 2011 and my post might be a little late for all the excitement.  But, I’d like to talk about 2011 because it is a big year for me.  For one, I am in the Class of 2011 and this coming fall, I will be starting college.

Though that is pretty exciting, let’s start from the beginning and work our way towards the fall.  So, I sent in my essay for the Japan Essay 2 days before the end of the old year.  I should expect some news as to whether or not I won anything in March or April.  I really hope I do win something (that $2000 first-place prize sounds sweet) because it would be nice to have something like that to contribute to my college fund.  My parents are complaining enough about sending me to San Diego.  There’s not only the tuition, which isn’t bad with my scholarship, but also plane tickets and products that I will have to buy in Cali.  So, I’m hoping my Japan essay will help my parents out a little bit.

Next up on my agenda is NSLI-Y.  I’m actually going to save my rant for the next post, so I’ll move on.

Fall of 2011, I will be beginning my freshman year at college.  As of right now, University of San Diego is looking pretty good as my college.  But I’ll have to call them and clarify some things before I make a decision.  O yea, and I’m going for the Honors Program at USD, I hope I get into that too.

Basically, I’m trying to say that 2011 is a huge year of changes for me.  I hope this year brings me much luck and fortune.  Opportunities are flying into my arms and I want to hold onto them and never let go.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to blog about my new experiences and adventures often… because 2011, here I come.  Here’s to a great year! -toast-

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It’s a funny thought that at this time of next year, I will be enrolled in college.  I’m surprised that 4 years flew by and I did not even notice.  I mean, I was constantly thinking “when is high school going to be OVER already???” but I never really kept track of the time.  And it’s not that I love or hate high school specifically, but I just want a new environment.  I’ve come across the good and the bad at my high school and I really desire for new people, a new setting, a new beginning.

Right now, I’m trying to enjoy my senior year.  After 3 years of working my toosh off, I think I deserve a break… like I’m going on my first field trip since the 5th grade!  wooo~ lol it’s crazy, but true~ hehehe

Any who, I cannot help but wonder where I am going to be at this time next year… am I going to be upstate?  in Kansas?  in Washington?  or Korea?  Who knows, and the mystery of it all attracts me.  I look forward to college so much because it is the time to be independent and learn about myself.  I bet my college years are going to fly by as well, but I hope to have fun… the kind of fun that sticks with you.

I am done with my college applications… now I just wait *tick tock tick tock*… this is the most painful part because the wait… is unbearable.  Worse than the stress of filling the apps out, waiting takes a toll on the mind because the thought of acceptance and rejection fill the mind.  I don’t expect too much, but I do hope to get at least 50% scholarship from each of the schools that I applied to.  It’s going to be nice to have choices to make a decision on, but I think that can also be a problem- what if I can’t choose?  O.O  O dear… it’s not even like this decision is miniscule… this decision will be long-term and will affect my future.  That pressure isn’t something I like to ponder about…

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