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Friday, April 22, 2011

Our last day in Shanghai was spent with some distant family members in a small village outside of Shanghai, called Feng Jin Zheng.  It was small and very different from Shanghai, but I really enjoyed the village because the air was so fresh and clean.  Also, the scenery was beautiful~! I really loved everything about the village.

We met my uncle’s brother and his wife- we went on a boat ride throughout the village since there was water everywhere (similar to Venice).  But the water was dirty- it was very green and people were cleaning their mops in the water… yuck.

Ya so it was nice to meet them for the first time.  We went shopping in the area afterwards and I got 2 pairs of shoes and a pair of pants.  I ate frog because I thought it was chicken… but I realized that it was frog because when I flipped the meat over, it had legs……

Then we went to my Aunt’s house where we saw the dog again!  The dog was adorable, it posed for pictures and all… so cute!  Later that night, we had our last dinner before we left with the entire family.  The wine and milk drink they served was delicious!  The food was good as well, of course. 😉 

The next morning… we departed for New York. 😦

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Monday, April 18, 2011

This was one of the busiest days in the week… as well as one of the fattest days in the week.  Honestly, I never ate so much food in one day before. 

So, I woke up to a lovely breakfast made by my Xiao Jiu Ma.  She warmed up some Dou Jiang, or soy milk, and bought some bread from the nearby university cafeteria.  It was a light, but delicious breakfast meal.  After breakfast, my Xiao Jiu Jiu decided to take my father, my sister, and I on a walking tour of the university nearby and the park across the street. 

When we got back from our walk, my mom and Xiao Jiu Ma were ready to go for the exact same walk.  So my sister and I went for the walk all over again… Only this time, my mom and Xiao Jiu Ma were more talkative than my dad and Xiao Jiu Jiu. 

In the afternoon, we met up with the rest of my family at a restaurant in the Shanghai Normal University for lunch.  There was A LOT of food… and it was a pretty joyous experience because my entire family in Shanghai was there.  We hadn’t seen each other in nearly 10 years.  At lunch, my aunt and uncle also presented my sister and I with bracelets with our Chinese zodiacs on them.  Plus, it was the first time I met my cousin’s new wife. 

After lunch was over, we drove to a busy shopping area with a huge mall.  So we walked around in the mall and my aunt bought my mom, my sister, and I new shoes.  She also bought me 2 pairs of pants and my sister a nice shirt.  And can I note that it wasn’t long before that we had the big lunch?  Because after we bought some items, my aunt led us to … *gasp* a dessert center… my aunt and uncle, once again, showered us with all of these dessert treats.  Seriously??? I just ate…. but it was a nice gesture and the desserts did look yummy….

When we finished the desserts, we started walking out… or so I thought… well, let’s just say… we ended up at yet another restaurant.  It was time for dinner- yah. Basically, I ate non-stop that day.  I mean, really, I could not take anymore food that day.

After dinner was over, we went back home and my parents, my sister, and I had to grab our stuff quickly because we had to catch a train to Beijing at 9.  And so that was my first day in Shanghai…

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mom (left) and Dad (right) at Westin Hotel

The next morning, we checked out of Westin around 11:00 PM and made our way to the gate to prepare to leave for Shanghai at 4:20 PM.  It was kinda weird to have security check as we were leaving the hotel… lol.  But after that was over, we did a little duty free shopping in the airport. 

While duty free shopping, my parents bought me and my sister swatches.  I cannot begin to describe how happy I was to be able to own a swatch!  My sister chose a white one while I chose a purple one. 

I must say, I am very content with my swatch… so I’m going to advertise swatches here.  If you’re reading this and don’t have a swatch, go get yourself one!  It’s expensive, but totally worth it!  There’s nothing like a beautiful Swiss watch around your wrist.  It’s really flat too.  My watch looks like a bracelet when it’s on me.  The material of the band is also very comfortable… doesn’t cause a reaction on my skin- and my skin is very sensitive.  So- go swatches! 

Next up, after duty free shopping, we took a tram (that’s right, the airport had a tram!) to our gate… the walk would have been long.  It was still fairly early, so we grabbed breakfast near our gate: Taco Bell!  I had 3 tacos and orange juice.  Yum.

After breakfast… it was about 1:00 PM.  While my parents took a nap at the gate, my sister and I walked all the way to the first stop of the tram and took the tram all the way down to the last stop, which was near our gate.  The tram ride was short compared to our walk… but it was worth the walk!  Hehehehe. 

Soon enough, it was time to get on the plane.  Finally, we were on our way to Shanghai!  The plane ride was about 15 hours- talk about sitting for a long time.  My mom and I sat next to each other, while my dad was across the aisle and my sister in front of us.  Though my mom and I had middle seats, the fellows next to us were quite nice.  Both men constantly took stretching and bathroom breaks, so it was fairly easy for my mom and I to get out of our seats to stretch.  The food was also pretty good.  Many people tend to complain about plane food, but personally, I love plane food.  Even on my trip to South Korea, I enjoyed the plane food!  Bahahah~ But I still didn’t enjoy my ride on Delta.  Towards the beginning of the trip, I smelled soiled diaper and when I requested flight attendant service, no one came.  Also, there were no little screens to watch movies, only one big one in the front.  Sitting in the last row, I could not see a thing.  I tried to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, but I couldn’t see anything- too many heads in the way.  Plus, since I didn’t have a little screen, I could not navigate our trip to Shanghai.  Aish… And sleeping was painful.  So, again, I was pretty pissed at Delta Air.  I didn’t get quality service. 😦

When the plane finally landed in Shanghai, I was so excited.  AT LAST, I was back in Shanghai!  It was already about 7:00 PM Sunday in China.  Time to meet my maternal side of the family that I haven’t seen in roughly a decade…

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In roughly 2 weeks, I will be traveling to China.  I’m definitely excited for this trip because it will be the first MAJOR outing for my family TOGETHER in a long time.  I guess in recent years, each of our lives have just become busier and busier.  I don’t expect that we’ll be together as a family for awhile after this trip.  My sister will start doing some residency next year as she continues to go to medical school.  My dad will continue to work so that he can pay for my college expenses.  My mom will continue to stay at home and cook and clean.  And then there’s me.  I will be away at college.  I will be about 6 hours away from my parents, so I probably won’t see them as often as I would like (for obvious financial reasons).  Basically, next year, we will all be doing our own thing.

So, I intend on making the best of this trip.  My parents have already planned a trip to Beijing and we will be staying in Shanghai with my aunt, uncle, and grandma- another reason why I’m looking forward to this trip.  I have not seen my grandma, aunt, and uncle in years!  It’ll be wonderful… but I will look completely different from the last time they saw me… which was when I was 8.  Back then, I was a tiny stick with curly hair.  Now, I am much bigger and my hair is straight.  Plus, I will be 18.  That’s insane… 10 years have passed already?  Golly gosh.

But!  Of course, all positives have a negative.  In my case, the negative is that I will have to study for my AP exams while I am in China.  When I come back from China, I will have about a week before my exams.  Great.  For a change, I will be cramming for AP exams overseas. I won’t let AP studying ruin my trip though.

Plus, what sucks is China has limited internet access.  So I will have no facebook access… and I’m not even sure if I will be able to access -gasp- wordpress!  Even if wordpress is allowed in China, I won’t be able to get to a computer.  I guess I’ll update on events of the trip when I get back.  Or… after my AP exams.  -sigh- Well, actually, I’ll be done with APs within the first week… so I don’t imagine blogging will be SO difficult and delayed.  In fact, after my AP exams, I will take it easy for a couple of days… it’s my senior year, why stress when I’ve been working hard to get to where I am… and made it?

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