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With the conclusion of my Physics exam on Tuesday, Summer 2010 began.


The first half of my summer will officially begin this coming Monday.

For the first time in my life, I will have my very first job as a camp counselor.

The exciting part is meeting the kids and being able to interact with new people.

I need  a change in environment and this job is offering me this opportunity.

Where nothing exists but laughter and fun, I will be able to let myself go for 6 weeks.

Seems like everyone already has formed their own cliche, but I never expected any less.

I’ll just do my own thing and time will fly by.

Will the kids like me?  Am I doing the best that I can?  Have I become someone they can trust?

We’ll just have to find out Monday…


My last day at the camp will lead me right into South Korea.

How exciting it is to escape… somewhere far, far away.

Exotic excursions on foreign soil… digging depths into the past.

The people I am sick of being around, out of my sight.

Making new memories, friends.

What lies in Seoul, the Paris of South Korea?

Is something awaiting me there?


Indeed… summer has arrived.

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