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Well, just about a week ago, I had a pee pee story… And just as I was getting over that event- another bathroom story came along today.

It’s safe to assume that I have the worst luck with bathrooms… seriously.

So today I went to check out this bakery that I’ve never been in before with my mom and sister.  While they were looking at the different types of bread available (not much btw- 😦 ), I decided to use the restroom.  The bathroom was nasty (as most bathrooms are in Flushing) so I was just trying to get out of there as fast as I could. 

When I’m all ready to leave the bathroom, the door doesn’t open.  At first I thought it was because I was holding too much toilet paper in my hands- okay the handle was wet and gross so I grabbed toilet paper to hold on to the handle to open the door- but then I realized that the door wasn’t nudging… at all.  I twisted the lock and handle at all angles and combinations but it just wasn’t moving- I started to imagine my life in that nasty little bathroom O_O

It was really scary because I did not want to be stuck in that bathroom forever, so I tried really hard to open the door.  But for some reason, no matter what I did, the little clickity part that sticks out on the side of the door when you turn the handle wasn’t retracting like it was supposed to when I turned the knob.  At some point, I started pacing thinking of ways to get out of the bathroom- but I couldn’t think of any.

That was when I dropped the toilet paper in my hands and started pulling on the door knob furiously.  I even started pounding on the door so that it was wiggling ferociously.  I thought that maybe, MAYBE someone outside would notice that I was stuck and help me get out of there.

One more powerful tug on the door opened it.  But the door kind of flew open from the power… And when I looked up, everyone in the bakery was just looking at me.  The ladies working in the bakery… were just standing behind the counter watching me- DUDE THEY SAW ME WIGGLING THE DOOR AND DIDN’T COME TO HELP.  THEY JUST STOOD THERE.  Why else would all of them gather at the counter and face the bathroom… and the people eating in the bakery obviously heard me pounding on the door too… they were sitting right outside the bathroom and they all watched as I opened the door… SO THEY ALL KNEW- JUST NO ONE WAS COMPETENT ENOUGH TO HELP ME.

Walking out of that bakery was like… walking the hall of shame.  SHAME.  But I felt no shame… no.  Those people in the bakery should have felt shame… they should STILL feel shame. 

My mom and my sister were outside waiting for me… they were wondering why it took so long for me to use the restroom.  I was like… “uh… I got locked in the bathroom.  Thanks for checking up on me… ya know… I could have been stuck in there forever…” 

Moral of the story: Always have a bathroom buddy… and a weapon to beat the people who see and hear you stuck in a bathroom but don’t help you.  Just kidding about the last part (but not really).

On a good note- after that eventful situation, I bought myself one of those neck cushion things that people wear on the plane (it’s a cute cat one!  I wanted the panda one… but it would get dirty easily), a cute Happy Bear umbrella (it resembles KKJ and Gil Da Ran’s umbrella from BIG- it’s the same green and the same shape and size), and one of those things you hang on your wall with pockets for miscellaneous items (so cute~).  I can’t wait to bring these back to school with me.  WOOP WOOP.

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This was my first summer break from college, which meant that for the first time, I don’t have work due when I go back to school.  You would think that a free summer would be fantastic, but to be honest it wasn’t that great.  I used to imagine ALL the things I could be doing instead of summer work, but I’ve realized that those only stay in the imagination…

So let’s go over what I DID do this summer… and I’m pretty sure you’ll come to the same conclusion: BORING.

  1. I tried catching up on some shows/dramas- I watched City Hunter, BIG, and Project Runway Korea Seasons 1+2… and then I started to get bored of sitting on my butt all day watching shows.  Let’s just say that sitting in front of a computer screen all day takes a toll on the brain and eyes…
  2. I applied for many, many jobs… and was offered nothing… why?  BECAUSE I DON’T GO TO COLLEGE CLOSE ENOUGH. yea… apparently these employers want college students from the island… and since I go to school all the way in Cali, they can offer me nothing, nada.  Dang…. this is discrimination against far away college students.
  3. Working towards getting my driver’s license!  I have my road test in less than 2 weeks and I’ve been practicing driving with my pops and my driving instructor.  I’ve been trying to polish my parallel parking but it’s so hard to get it perfect.  >.<  I really, really hope to pass my road test the first time around so that I can get my license and be off on my merry way.  Wish me luck yallllll~
  4. Fixing this blog- a word of advice to all you bloggers: NEVER ABANDON YOUR BLOG(S).  Seriously.  I’ve been working so hard to dust off this blog, so much garbage I needed to clean up around here.  And everything’s been putting me in a doozy ((O_O)).
  5. PA work.  I’m going to be a PA this upcoming school year so I’ve had to complete some tasks… not fun… planning this and that and that and this… dude, the freshman better like me and the events I put together for them.
  6. Eating lots of yummy food I can’t eat when I’m away at college.  Honestly, NY has the best, THE BEST food.  Eating in Cali is just not the same- not many options… I mean, come to NY and you will understand.  But this isn’t good- I’m eating good food and sitting on my butt all day.  Do you know what this equation equals?  PACKIN’ ON DA POUNDS.  I am going back to school and jogging every morning.  I need to get into better shape and I will stick to the plan… for real this time… because I put it in this blog~~ O_<
  7. Sleeping -_- Hey, at least I’m replenishing some energy I lost while I was at school.

I wish I traveled somewhere this summer.  I would have felt much more productive…

o god o god~~ bringing in the tears~~ missing Korea again.  *sigh*

I wonder when I’ll be able to visit Korea again- seriously, that place felt right.  I need to go back.

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