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Thursday, April 21, 2011

We arrived back in Shanghai the next day and gave my cousin, who came to pick us up, a little surprise!  (My dad was in a wheelchair!)  Yup, they inquired about his situation and I mean yes it is unfortunate what happened to him, but hey, if you’re going to injure yourself, THAT is the way to injure yourself. 😉  First, we put our stuff down back at my aunt and uncle’s place and we went to Cheng Huang Miao- a famous shopping district in Shanghai.  We ate lunch and had mostly “xiao long bao.”  Again, it was a lot of food, but it was GOOD food.  I bought a pair of pants and my sister bought some collared shirts to wear to med school, ya know, to complete the professional look. 🙂  My mom also got a teapot made out of clay and for my sister and I each a framed cutout of our name and picture (cartoon of course). 

After that, we went to Pudong, since my family lives in Puxi.  We walked along the Huang Pu Jiang and saw the Oriental Pearl Tower- it looks mad short now that I’m taller.  And……… we had dinner at the lovely Banana Leaf- good Thai (?) food.  I thoroughly enjoyed EVERYTHING on the table haha. 

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