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Finally, I am kicking off this blog for 2014.  I meant to start blogging a long time ago, but school priorities have been keeping me busy.  Lately, I’ve been thinking about confidence and standing up for ourselves, in light of a conflict I am in the midst of.

I have always been taught to stand tall and confident, and to fight for what I believe in, no matter how difficult the fight is, and especially if I have been treated unfairly.  And I practice what I learn.  However, most people, I have learned, give up in reality.  They claim they are high and mighty behind the scenes, but when it is showtime, they fall back into the shadows.  I have asked “why” so many times, only to get one of the following responses: “no one would listen to my side anyway”, “I am too busy to deal with it, karma will get them”, “I don’t really care anymore”, “I’m not affected by it”, and “there’s nothing to argue.”  It is like a rock hit these people and they suddenly forgot what they so strongly believed in.

I can partially understand.  Confidence and fighting back take a lot of effort and courage.  Back when I first practiced standing up for myself, I felt fear… fear of what?  Fear of retaliation, losing something, etc.  Over time, that fear went away.  What have I got to lose?  I am treated unfairly, and I will just let the other party get away with it?  I might as well just let them punch me in the face.  There is nothing to fear.  They have committed the wrong, and I am simply standing up for myself.  Am I wrong to point out the wrong?  No.  At the same time, I am aware that things change with different circumstances.  And to be honest, I hate the pyramid of power and dominance that has been ingrained into our society.  Sometimes, we are at a disadvantage because we fall into the bottom slice of this pyramid.  I’ll admit this much.

At the end of the day, I am still a fighter.  When there is a reason for me to stand up and make a point, I will.  I like to call this “justice.”  I have redefined the concept of justice for my own purposes because I don’t trust society’s form of justice anymore.  We live in a world where justice is bought by money, power is bought by money, everything is bought by money.  Having confidence and standing up for what I believe in is as much justice as I will get in this world, and I have accepted this.  Others apparently have a different perspective than me, but I encourage confidence in us all.  Stand up for yourself, please, don’t just sit there and let stones be thrown at you.

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