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Monsters Inc.

I think I have created a monster.  And it ain’t cute.  I was afraid this would happen and this is the reason why I should just be selfish and mind my own business.  😦

My “friend”- let’s call her X- had self-esteem and social anxiety issues.  With what she went through last year (to my understanding at the time), I felt sorry for her and thought it was a good idea to be a friend to her and help her with those problems.  I had some pretty low times myself so I know how it felt and believed that I could use my experience and share what I learned with X.  Reasonable, right?

Bad idea.  I told X that she should be more confident in herself and that guys like confidence in a woman (X had no guys like her… ever… so she thought she was hideous).  I also told X to socialize more and just have fun because she is young and shouldn’t care so much about what others think.  As if that was not enough, she also had body image issues, so I would tell her that she’s beautiful and to love her body because she is very skinny (which she is) and if anything, to eat more.  Now, I had to constantly remind her of all these things- so multiply this advice by 10 or something.  I swear, I almost felt sick of saying the same thing over and over to her.  It just wasn’t absorbing in her brain or something.  Of course I turned out wrong, she absorbed it so much that it went to her head.

Recently, an event happened to her with a guy- it’s a long story but moral of the story is that she is now super flirtatious and throws herself at any decent looking guy, even if he’s taken.  On top of all that, she turned into some arrogant psycho.  She seriously believes she is better than everyone, including me, because a guy kissed her and gave her attention.

I am very, very regretful that I tried to help her because I have turned her into a monster.  And now I have to live with it!  I just don’t understand how her maturity level is at the middle-school stage where a brush of the elbow “means something” and there is a desire to be “the coolest kid” and part of the “popular crowd.”  Like… how old is X??  Right, she’s a college student.

Oh and she thinks she is hot stuff now and can seduce any hot guy she wants and will not settle for average guys.  The only thing X knows is video games and The Walking Dead, so she always uses that to lure the guys into a conversation.  And then she talks about how she doesn’t want a serious relationship.  That’s pretty much her tactic.  But once the guy makes one single move on her, she latches on to the guy like a leech.  It is very disgusting to watch this monster in action.

It is true that she is finally comfortable with herself, but she has turned into a different person who is looking down on those around her.  And that is a kick to my face because I actually tried to help her.  So I have been distancing myself from her because I will probably punch her in the face if I have a conversation with her.  But I have learned my lesson: just mind my own business and focus on myself.  -_-

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