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If you could choose to be a master (or mistress) of any skill in the world, which skill would you pick?

Sword fighting.  Knife art.  Whatever you call it, I, hands down, would love to be a skilled swordsman (-woman).  I don’t know when or how it all started, but I’ve always thought the art of sword fighting was really interesting.

When I was little, I really wanted to learn fencing but my parents thought I was silly… in fact, they didn’t let me enroll in any sort of kung fu fighting class (taekwondo, karate, tricking, nunchucks, etc.).  I mean sword fighting is kind of manly and outdated but I think it could still be a very useful skill and tool to have for self-defense in today’s society.  Sword fighting is one of those things that work in any century (past , present, and future).

In modern society, we have more technologically advanced means of weapons- guns, germs, and steel (you get my reference? *wink wink*).  But I’ve always preferred swords because they can be used for almost anything.  In other words, it’s a practical sort of weapon.  For example, skilled swordsman can use swords to defend themselves, cut up food (such as steak), take off clothes, poke someone for entertainment or to get their attention (lightly of course), behead criminals (capital punishment), and hook something that is out of reach.  I’m sure if I get a little more creative I could think of some more uses of the sword.

It’s one thing to be a swordsman and another thing to be a skilled swordsman.  I want to be a skilled swordsman.  If any of you have seen Rooftop Prince, the swordsman who accompanies the Crown Prince to the modern world possesses the skill that I want.  He is one with the sword… and can do any sort of trick with his sword.  When he cut up the steak at Tae Yong’s house, he absolutely did magic.  😀

I wonder if there are sword fighting classes that I can sign up for.

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