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The future is an odd thing because we know nothing about it yet we always like to think about it.  It’s true that our present will most likely influence our future… but we never know when we are going to get a surprise thrown at us.

The decisions we make also impact our future.  But, again, we never know when we will get a surprise thrown at us.  The choices we make may take us on a completely different path.

Me?  I like to think about my future a lot… and when I say a lot, I mean every day.  The future has many meanings- tomorrow, next week, 2 years from now, 50 years and 64 days from now, etc.  And so I think I give my future a fair share of my time.  I’ve made many decisions, and with that, created many regrets.  However, thus far, I am okay.  But I wonder about the long term… where will I be in 20-30 years?

As you may know already, I sometimes regret going into accounting.  I find it really hard to believe that accounting is someone’s passion.  Let’s be real, we all go into accounting for different reasons- convenience, money, stability, etc.  BUT DEFINITELY NOT BECAUSE IT IS OUR TRUE PASSION.

And so I think about what I got myself into… at some point early this past year, I panicked because I imagined myself auditing for the rest of my life… sitting behind rolls of receipts, stacks of papers, and looking frumpy.

But then I came up with a plan- I call it the 3 STEP PLAN.  Now, don’t judge me, but I figured out a way to incorporate my passions into a stable life.  A surprise may come in the way (in fact, it probably will), but I anticipate this is the way things will flow unless … a surprise pops up out of nowhere.

Step 1: Get my CPA and work as an accountant (accumulate the $$$) until I have kids.

at this point, I move into step 2-

Step 2: Work as a fashion designer while raising my kids.  I will design clothes and open a boutique~ this should keep me busy while my kids are at school.

one day, my kids will grow up and my husband and I will retire… I have our retirement plan figured out-

Step 3: My husband and I will open a cute little bakery together in Seoul.  I love cute and sweet food~ so why not bake and design with none other than my husband?

My 3 step plan… cute, no?

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