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Last week, in my Travel Literature class, we talked about train experiences… and that got me thinking about my experiences with public transportation in general.

My first time on public transportation was in Korea… surprisingly… especially since I grew up in New York.  Maybe it’s because I grew up in a suburban part of NY?

Anyway, Korea makes me sleep for some reason- everywhere I go, everything I do, I feel sleepy.  Perhaps it was because I was so comfortable and happy (and ate extremely well).  I don’t really know.. but I do know that I sure slept really well in Korea… including in public. HAHA.

So, one of my most embarrassing sleeping moments ever was on the KTX from 광명 Gwangmyeong to 부산 Busan.  I was so sleepy and tired that I just didn’t have enough energy to play this checkerboard flicking game with my little host brother.  My host father suggested that we switch seats and that he would play with him- sounded like a fine idea to me.  My host father insisted that I watch the alien movie Paul on his laptop instead.  I told him that he didn’t have to set it up because I was just going to sleep and not watch it.  However… he kept telling me that it was a really great and funny movie and that it would help me stay awake.  Fine… so I let him play the movie.

I think I was about 5 minutes into the movie when I was out cold.  I don’t really remember falling asleep. O_o

BUT I do remember waking up…

When I woke up, the movie had 15 minutes or so left, the guy next to me (he was an American!) was leaning over and watching the movie (was he watching the entire time??), and I apparently slept on his shoulder the entire time.

DUDE- I was so embarrassed.  When I realized that I was sleeping on him, I sat up and looked at him hoping he would give me eye contact so I could apologize… but he just glanced at me and went back to watching the movie.  So awkward… omg I had to sit for the next 15 minutes waiting for him to finish the movie… and the worst part is… MY HOST FAMILY AND AUDRA WERE WATCHING THIS.  😦 When I looked over (they sat diagonally from me), my host dad was laughing!  And then after we got off the KTX, my host dad told me that I was so funny.

Man… I was entertainment for them…

This wasn’t the only time either-

Another time, Audra and I were going home from school and we took the usual bus.  Since our bus ride was pretty long, we usually sat in the back (if we were lucky enough to get seats) and napped.  Well, this one particular time, I nodded off for a couple of minutes and I guess my head rolled onto the shoulder of the man on my right.  When I came out of my brief nap, I looked up and the man was just staring at me.  I probably said a record amount of 죄송합니다 to him.  I was afraid that he’d be all pissy about it because he was wearing a pretty spiffy suit… and I just slept on it like a pillow.  But… he just smiled and laughed and said 괜찬아.  He was on the bus for a little bit longer… so we just sat there awkwardly.  I looked over at Audra to … I don’t know… try to ease the embarrassment?  But she was still napping.  After this little episode, I always either sat against a window or in those single seats…

I’m glad that I didn’t get a serious yelling from these people that I slept on… but I’ve learned to be more careful when napping in public!

(Boy do I wish I was napping on Yoochun’s shoulder!)

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